Hello everyone ….. today I tried to write something on our heavenly couple SWASAN. Guys its my very first SS as well as very first try…..so please don’t mind if I have done some mistakes……
And yes no proof writing, now enough of me …..Let’s get started…

SANSKAAR- He was a police officer earlier but something happened which changed him.
SWARA- she is a perfect example of beauty with brain. She is a doctor by profession.
Other characters are same as the show.

A marriage is going on…two couples are sitting, one is happy and the other couple is lost somewhere….marriage completed… they were about to go suddenly,
GROOM: stay away stay away …….someone please pour water on this fire…..please and he fainted
All started murmuring something … seeing this bride came and said
BRIDE: you all can leave…thank you for coming here
Hearing this everyone left the place and the bride without even caring about the groom left to her room and stared crying…….

Done… now u all decide should I continue or not and yaah I will be happy with 10 comments also…and one more thing I will be definitely regular …till then bye bye take care ..

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  1. Awesome…nice prologue…waiting for next.!!

    1. Hellyfan

      thank you soo much dear.. will post soon

  2. awesome ???????

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u soo much dear

  3. Moon

    Interesting yaar do continue

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u so much dear… will continue

  4. Plzz continue

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u zoya… will definetely continue

  5. Plss continue dear and the story line is really very interesting.

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u pooja….. will continue

  6. Independent

    I think its not that simple

    1. Hellyfan

      haha ya.. u r right its not that simple …… btw thank u soo much dear this comment means a lot

  7. Soujanya


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      thank u soujanya dear

  8. Mica

    awesome one…

    1. Hellyfan

      oh my god .. i never thought even u will comment and praise this….. thank u dii it means a lot

  9. Interesting…plzz continue?

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u sam. will definitely continue

  10. Good dear continue

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      thank u chaitu dear

  11. Interesting

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      thank u soo much mahi

  12. Neptune

    hey dear..it’s really awesome ..btw are you new here..if so then welcome to swsaan family dear..even am a crazy swasanian…

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u soo much neptune…. it means a lot dear….yaah i m new in writing section but not in reading section….u welcomed me earlier also ….ummm when i joined the site.. i guess u forgot but its ok…. thank u once again

  13. Seems interesting..would love to read further..continue soon..tc..

    1. Hellyfan

      thanks kumu.. will post soon

  14. NDSG


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      thank u NDSG…..

  15. Rabia0032

    Nice yaar…now post soon…and welcome

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u my new friend.. haha i mean rabia dear ..will post soon

  16. well nyc dear

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u soo much sus

  17. Àwesome one dear……continue soon Loved your story…..waiting eagerly for next part

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u amisha dear… will post soon

  18. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear

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      thank u dear anuann….

  19. Phoniex


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      thank u soo much dear

  20. awesome dear pls continue

  21. its interesting

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      thank u dear

  22. post soon dear……

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      thank u mac.. will post soon

  23. its interesting dear hellyfan… btw can i know ur real name…

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u soo much joy.. and yaah u can know my name…
      i m simran

  24. Gayathri.visu

    Interesting…. Please continue!

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u dear will continue

  25. Mars

    Omgg sweeto its awesome I loved it. Plzz plzzz continue soon and welcome to writing section. May u write more and more. My blessings are always with you hihihi kidding….
    Post soon I m waiting….
    Take care

    1. Hellyfan

      awww…… thank u soo much dii ….u know what di i was just waiting for ur comment… seriously i was about to msg u personally that please read my first ss….. but then thought no no she have a lot to do …but now my wish came true … i m really very happy that u gave me ur blessings and thank u soo much once again dii……..

      1. Mars

        Ohhhh so sweet of youu .
        Actually I was busy in writing so didn’t get time to read. But I have to read this as its by you.
        My blessings are with you I m feeling very big lolll.
        And your os request also will fulfil soon I m cooking story in my mind.hihihi
        Continue this story soon
        All the best.

  26. interesting

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u kat…..

  27. Anniya

    Superb one kiddo, well it’s not simple as title it seems interesting continue soon

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u anniya dii … this comment in my very first ss means alot… thank u once again and yaah i will post the next part tomorrow

  28. Pramudi

    Do continue.

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u soo much pramudi.. will post soon

  29. Go ahead

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      thank u tanii will post soon

  30. awesome ??

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      thanks stg…..will post soon

  31. nice dear…

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      thank u veena dear

  32. Pnap

    it’s really interesting
    plzzzzzzzzzz do continue

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u soo much pnap….. will post soon

  33. Harshita

    Firstly welcome to our swasan family dear……

    About the story…….Hmm…..very nice plot…..update next soon

    1. Hellyfan

      thank u soo much ……..
      harshita will post soon dear

  34. interesting

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      thank u seebu…

  35. nice story line intresting continue post soon

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      thank u soo much anu… will post soon dear

  36. Simi

    Amazing dear.. Continue soon ☺️

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      thank u simi dear..

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