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Hey frends so i m your host for this story it is a story of two soul who become one they face problms and overpower them together so lets begin as every story their is a girl whoes beauty is not compersible and a boy who is equally handsome to the girl lets directly go when our hero and heroine met.

In heroine room
Our heroine and her frend is getting ready. Our heroine had worn a beautiful sky blue colour anarkali and she left her hair open.
Heroine : yr tell me how m i looking.
Frends : ohoo ragini how many time u ask? U r looking awsome.
Ragini : ok, r u ready? Anshi
Mini : yupp let’s go. I m really excited for the concert.
Ragini : me too yr i m fan of armaan malik he is too gud. ( me too is a grate fan of him)
They both go
They reach at concert place they park the car. ragini come out of car her phone rings she attend the call she tell her frend to lock the car and go. Her frend go. After attending the call she start to go but stop and find that her scarf (dupatta) get stuck in the car door. ( uff this scarf always get stuck somewhere)
She call her frend and tell her to bring the car key. And she start trying to pull her scarf out when a boy come to her and say its not gonna help u miss. ragini see upward and She was amazed to see armaan their. ( so first meeting of hero and heroine with the background tune tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam)
Armaan : where is ur car key miss use that otherwise ur stole will get torn.
Ragini : wo actually mini i mean my frend has taken the key i had call her but she didn’t came yet so I’m trying to pull it our but as u say it didn’t of any use. She make a cute pouty face.
Armaan adore her childish look. Arman PA come and call armaan.( aa gaya kabab me haddi)
PA : sir let’s go u have to get ready for concert.
Armaan : ya let’s go.
He move toward ragini
Armaan : so miss what is ur name?
Ragini : myself ragini sharma.
Armaan : so miss ragini, i have to go bye and pls don’t torn ur stole.
And giggle.
Ragini too giggle. Armaan went from their. Than her frend mini came and open the door. Ragini tell her about her meeting with armaan.

They were going toward concert hall. And ragini is talking only about armaan like he is too cute,he is too down to earth, he is handsome, he is adorable and so on.
Here at armaan side he was getting ready and thinking about ragini when a sweet smile come on his face. ( dono taraf aag h barabar lagi hui just that situation is going on but slowly slowly)
Here at stage host come and annonce for armaan entry.
Host : so, here we present our younger singing superstar mr armaan.
Armaan came on stage and firstly he sing main hu hero tera
Ragini was lost in armaan voice suddenly she feel someone has put his hand on her shoulder she move toward him and find her frend who is the organiser of the event.
Frend : ragini i need ur help.
Ragini : help, ok tell me. I’ll definetly help u if i can.
Frend : ok u came aside pls
Ragini move toward mini and told her whole thing mini says ok u go no Problm I’ll manage u go. Ragini went with his frend.
Frend : ragini actually in next song a girl was going to sing and dance but she had a minor accident and at last moment we need a girl and i know u can do this pls help me yr.
Ragini : but i had never sing in front of that much people.
Frend : ok ragini ur wish ill not force u for this but if u will help me it will be a big favour on me as i has invested a big amount for this show. Pls yr
Ragini : ok
Frend : ok u come here and get ready.
Here at stage armaan has complete first song know its turn of next song.
Armaan : so guys its turn of next song lets begin.

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai,
kab se hai
Sar pe hai
Kab se hai
Light get deem and spot light fall on Armaan and he start the song. Ragini come on stage in a beautiful pink colour short dress and done her hair in a pony.
Mujhe aadat bana lo ik buri
Kehna ye tumse hai
Spot light fall on ragini armaan look at her for a moment he get froze. Here ragini start singing and armaan came back to reality
Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai,
kab se hai
Sar pe hai,
kab se hai
Armaan go near ragini as he has observe that she is nervouse he assure her through her eyes and hold her hand.
Jism ke samandar mein
Ik lehar jo thehri hai
Ussme thodi harqat hone do
Ragini start singing she went to in her dreamland. She almost forget everyone else. She saw armaan and herself dancing in a place where whole area is covered with snow and their is snow fall happening. ( a beautiful dream u know)
Ho shayari sunati inn
Doh nasheeli aankhon ko
Mujhko paas aake padne do
Ishq ki barison me dub lo
Khawiso me aao na
Ragini hold armaan hand and than armaan pull her toward him and ragini hit her chest she put her both hand on his shoulders and they move on music.
Tumhe apna banane ka junun
Sar pe hai
Kab se hai
Sar pe hai
Kab sai hai
She came out of her dream land and armaan complete his song.
They both go back stage.
Ragini’s frend came near her and thanx her for her help ragini went to change her dress. Here armaan come he was talking on phone he went to changing room here ragini is already in changing room. She was tieing the dori of her suite when armaan enter in room while talking on phone ragini saw him through the mirror firstly she thought she is hallaucinating but when she listen his voice she immedietly shout aaaaahhhh and than she move toward him. Here armaan show her he also shout and cut the call. He come toward her and move toward her she move backward armaan come close to her ragini stop because of dressing table she got freeze for that moment and armaan come near her its look like he is about to hug her and his hand are at her back and when she feel his touch and her eyes become big but in next moment she realise that he tied his suite dori and than he move backward.
Armaan : sorry i didn’t knew that u r here. ( in most of time in this situation hero heroine fight but here it is diffrent from other)
Ragini : wo actually its my falt too because i forget to lock the door. Its ok and thanx for the help.
She went out.

@ragini place
Ragini is on her bed she is thinking about armaan and the moment which she spend with him. She took out armaan photo and says
Ragini : u r so awsome u r so cute and polite like u look and ur voice just mesmerising i still feel that all that was a beautiful dream of my life. Which becomes true.
@armaan side
Armaan come after being fresh and went on his bed and turn on the fm. He was listening some song when they talk about armaan’s concert as soon as he listen about it he reminces about ragini and their moment.
Armaan : such a nice day it was and that girl what her name was ummm ya ragini simply beautiful just like her nam a sweet smile come on his face he is lost in her thought.
( day were passing)
Here ragini’s crush is slowly devloping in love and armaan didn’t able to forget her and he want to meet her again than he became busy in his work. And here ragini joined a channel as a reporter.
After some day ragini went to a live press meet which was held in a confrence hall which occupy a hall and two rooms. their she saw armaan she was so happy to see him. Armaan didn’t notice her. After the press meet ragini was their for somework and armaan went for his recording which was going on in nearby studio. When its start raining heavily and because of her work ragini get late now she was not founding any vehical to go back. She was standing on a bus stand and trying to call at her home some boys came and start eve teasing her

so frends this is diksha singning off the ss. hope u all gonna like it.

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