simple love story (ss) epi 6

hii frends this is diksha with the ff called “simple love story” thanx for your appreciation. hope u all r liking the ff. let’s start the epi.

armaan call ragini but as usual she was disconnecting the call. after so many calls she answer his call.
ragini : hello sir y r u calling me?
maan : ragini i wanna meet u.
ragini : but i don’t
armaan : ragini pls, pls give me last chance. i promise after this I’ll never call u or disturbe u if u dont wanna talk to me.
ragini : ok but today i m not free i have my office work.
armaan : ok ragini we can meet after your office.
ragini : ok tell me the address
armaan : I’ll msg u the address.

ragini : ok.
armaan : thanq, thanq so much ragini for giving me a chance.
after call armaan send her msg. he call her at his farmhouse
after her office.

@armaan farm house
ragini came inside. she was sock to see the view infront of her. she saw armaan with a girl they were really close to each other. she hear them talking.
girl : tell me when we are going to marrie.
armaan : marriage who said to you that i m gonna marrie you. you are not even of my class.
girl : armaan you cheated me how dare u do that with me.
girl went out from their crying and at that time ragini enter and slapt armaan.
ragini : how dare u cheat any girl? i never thought that you will be like this. i never that you will be like this. you played with an innocent girl’s feeling.
saying so she start to go at that time armaan hold her hand and pull her she bump with his front. he hold her by her shoulder. she push him. at that time he call that girl. ragini became sock to saw that girl.
armaan : ragini no need of being sock.
he says to girl.
armaan : now tell her the whole truth.
girl : mam the thing you saw its all was just an act which i had done on armaan sir request. their is nthng between us.
armaan : now you may go. and thanx for helping me.
ragini has bow her head she is guilty for misunderstand him and slapt him. after girl left the place.
ragini : i am sorry armaan i misunderstood u and slapt you pls forgive me. but why did you do so?
armaan : ragini its ok i know its happened because i myself has gone through the same situation. when i misunderstood you. i did all this just to make you understand that in these time of situation our mind just stop working. its just happened.
he knelt infront of her and hold his ears and ask sorry from her.
ragini also knelt down and remove his hand from his ears.
ragini : i forgave you pls you also accept my apolgy.
armaan : its ok. ragini you wait here.
armaan come down he again knelt infront of her and bring out a box from his pocket and says

armaan : ragini i know i had done a mistake by mistrusting you maybe i don’t deserve you but i love you so much i can’t imagine my life without you. will u be mine only mine will u give me place in your life and heart. i wanna be grow old with you. will you be mine “only mine “. i love u. i love u till infinity will u complete our “simple love story”.
ragini made him stand and nod in yes. armaan pull the ring from box and made her wear ring. they hug each other passionatly. they broke their hug when they hear ring of ragini’s phone. ragini attened the phone. after the call.
ragini : armaan i have to go home its late.
armaan : ok let me drop you.
ragini : ok

they sat on armaan bike. ragini didn’t hold him.
armaan : ragini hold me otherwise you may fall
ragini : no its ok
when suddenly a dog come infront of their bike and armaan applied break immedieatly because of which ragini bump with him and hug him.
armaan : r u ok? sorry dog come infront of bike.
ragini : its ok.

after that they were going when its start raining. ragini start enjyoing the rain and armaan was watching her from the side mirror. they reached home. when they reached home ragini call inside as he was drenched in rain. they went inside ragini gave him towel and give him her fathers dress. they came in hall ragini came their with caffe. they were drinking the caffe when light gone. than ragini lights the candle.
they were looking at eachother.they had a long romentic eyelock. jab tak song from ms dhoni the untold story play in bg.
Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Main beinteha main bhar na doon
jab tak main duaaoon sa
sau dafa tujhe padh na loon
haan mere paas tum raho
jaane ki baat na karo
mere sath tum raho

jaane ki baat na karo

after drinking the coffe armaan stand up and move toward ragini and forward his hand. ragini also give her both hand. she keep her both hands on armaan shoulder and armaan hold her from waiste. they were moving with rythme.

Tum aa gaye baazuon mein mere
Sau savere liye
sau savere liye
haan baadalon se utara gaya
tumko mere liye
sirf mere liye

armaan twirl her and than hold her from behind. he lean toward her neck. he was inhaling her scent he lean more closer to her neck and start kissing her neck romentically.

jab tak meri ungliyan
tere baalon se kuch keh na le
jab tak teri lehar mein
khwahishein meri beh na le
haan mere paas tum raho
jaane ki baat na karo
mere sath tum raho
jaane ki baat na karo

than armaan twirl her and than pull her closer to him their front was touching each other. than he lean toward her lips and ragini also move close to him they kiss each other they were kissing each other passionatley. they broke the kiss because of lacking of oxygen.
than armaan leave from their.

so frends this diksha ending the ff. hope you all had liked this ff. thanx for you support and appreciation.

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