simple love story (ss) epi 5

hii frends this is diksha with ff called “simple love story ” hope u all r liking it. a big thanx for your appreciation. i know last episode was socking for you and hope you all had like it. let’s start the epi.

Armaan came back to his home. his eyes are red and tears are continueosly flowing from his eyes. he was fully broken all those scenes are coming in front of his eyes repeatedly. he was trying his best to control his emotion but he is not able to do so. his phone start ringing his phone showing “my life” calling but now on this moment this is realising him of his heartbreak. he is not able to think anything else. his phone is ringing again and again. he keep aside his phone and went on his bed he himself didn’t realise when he slept. that night is very crucial for him.

next day

@ ragini side
ragini was sitting in her room. her hand was bandaged.
ragini : what happened to armaan i m calling his from last night but he is neither taking my calls nor replaying my msgs. is he fine? i should call him once again she again start calling him. after about 20 calls he answers the call.
ragini : armaan why were you not picking my call from yesterday. is everything fine?
armaan : nthng i was busy in work thats why i didn’t answers your calls.
ragini : ok can we meet today i am getting bore at home because today is i m at leave.
armaan (after few minutes) : ok meet me at xyz cafe. in one hours ok
ragini : ok than bye

@xyz cafe
ragini was waiting for armaan about 10 minutes. armaan come at cafe.
as soon as ragini saw armaan ragini got worried to see armaan pale face and his red eyes.
ragini : what happened to you why your eyes are red and face is pale are u ok?
she touches her forhead to check if he had feveror not.
armaan : nthng i had told u na i was working late thats why?
ragini : oh i m sorry because of me u didn’t able to rest. you go and take rest ok.
saying so she stand and hold his hand to go out. armaan frees his hand.
armaan : nthng i m ok. you sit.
ragini where were you yesterday.
ragini : busy in office work.
armaan : r u sure? i thought u were entertaining someone.
ragini get confused.
ragini : i didn’t get you.
this time armaan stand and holds her hand and take her from their to his car.
ragini frees her hand
ragini : what happened armaan.
armaan : ragini don’t act like you don’t know anything. yesterday i had saw you at hotel that to with that man whome you are entertaining. and what are you saying yes that you too had dream. i never ever thought that a girl like you can be like this you just pretened to be gud infront of people like us and your reality come out in that type of man right.
ragini bcame shock she stand their quite as if she got freeze tears start forming in her eyes listening his words.
armaan : now dont start your act. i just come today to tell you that now onward don’t try to meet me. i don’t want anytype of relationship with a characterless girl like you. who can do this type of cheap work just for her so called dreams.
ragini : really armaan your trust on me was that much weak. your thinking about me is like this. befor saying all this atelast you just think we know each other around a month. and still you think i m a characterless girl like really. now i am ashamed of myself that i love a person whose trust is that much weak.
armaan : word like trust and love don’t suite you what you said you love me i think this is your new trick to trap me. but forget about this.
saying so armaan went to his home and ragini went to her home back. here ragini was weeping at her home.

@armaan home
armaan went to his room. he was really angered and hurt his eyes are red he pick his guiter and start playing it. naina song from khoobsurat plays in bg. after sometime he left the guiter and switche on the tv. he was changing the tv channel when he saw the same man on tv.
“our brave reporter done a sting opreation in which they disclosed about a big group of drug suppliers and his head in this sting opreation our reporter got hurt ” here is the video clip of sting opreation.
the video is of same room in which ragini was with man and after sweing the video he understand she was on this string opreation and he misunderstoode her.
he caal ragini but she didn’t pick his call. and after some call she blacklist his number. he tried many ways to ask forgiveness from her but all are of no use. he send her flowers, sorry card and letters he even try to meet her but she ignore him.
some week passes.

@ragini office.
ragini was working in her office when a peon come and tell her that her sir is calling her in his cabin she went to their.
ragini : sir may i come in.
sir : ya come ragini. ragini meet mr. armaan you already know him.
ragini move toward him and she is shock to see him their.
ragini : yes sir who don’t know him.
sir : ragini u remember about the dayout video of armaan. now he is ready for that and you r going to shoot with him.
ragini : but sir i m already working on another project and i m not free for this week. any other person can shoot this.
sir : ok I’ll see.
armaan : no
sir : means
armaan : i mean to say i too have some work for next week i m busy too. so next week we will shoot.
sir : ragini now you will only shoot with armaan its done.
ragini : ok sir as u say.
ragini left the cabin and armaan too.

@ragini cabin
why he was here? what the hell he think of him self? whenever he want he can insult me and whenever he want he can ask sorry.
in this week ragini was ignoring him and armaan is trying his best to gain his forgivness.
after one week.
ragini shoot dayout video with him. after shooting ragini was going with her team.
armaan : ragini wait i want to talk with you.
ragini : yes sir says anything went wrong in video.
armaan : ragini i want to talk smthng persnol.
she again ignore him and start lefting the place.
armaan hold her hand ragini frees her hand.
ragini : i think sir we don’t have any kind of relationship. and sir how can you talk with a characterless girl.
saying so she left the place.

@night @ armaan room
armaan was somewhat losing his hope of gaining forgiveness from ragini. than he think of last try. and he decide that if she didn’t forgave him know than he will not disturbe her.

so frends this is diksha signing off this epi of simple love story. i hope u all like this also.

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