simple love story (ss) epi 4

hii frends this is diksha again with ss called “simple love story (ss)” hope u r liking it and i m really thankful of yours for ur support and appreciation. and about “love : beautiful or dangerouse” i have started to write its next epi I’ll post that to as soon as possible. so enough of my talk lets start the epi.

@ interview place
ragini was waiting for armaan to come and she was watching at her wrist watch after each minute.
ragini(in mind) : uff y today this time has not going its just 5 minute but seems like i m waiting for him since 5 hours. is it because i m too much exited to meet him?
after 10 minutes armaan enter their and when he enter ragini standup from her place and forwad her hand.
ragini : hii mr. armaan malik. i m ragini from xyz channel and thanx for accepting our request.
armaan shake hand with her.
armaan : hii miss ragini. its my plsr to give interview for your channel. pls take ur seat.
they had a eyelock
ragini (in mind) : yr when he will stop looking this much handsome uff. he is too hot to handle and this white shirt and black denims are looking awsome on him.
armaan (in mind) : oh god i didn’t know that ragini is coming for interview. i m such a fool that i refused for dayout if i didn’t had done that atleast i had get a day to spend with her. but thank god i said yes for iv atleast i get a chance to meet her. today also she is looking breathtaking and this formal dress is looking gud on her.
they come back to sense when cameraman says ragini we should start the interview.
ragini : ya u r right so mr. armaan should i start the iv?
armaan : yes y not.
ragini sign cameraman to start.
ragini : so frend i m ragini ur host and frends as per your wishes today we r with our favourite and younger singer mr. armaan malik.who had win so much of awards and whoes songs are famouse specially in youth.
so mr. armaan as we know u start ur singing carrer in bollywood at age of 18. how was your experience in ur first recording?
armaan : as u say miss ragini i had started my carrer at 18 by the film jai ho its just a amazing experience i was nervouse and exited too at my first recording. but my father and brother gave me a gud support.
ragini : mr. armaan u had sung so much fantastic song u had made so much fan how it feels to u?
armaan : its feel amazing that so much people love your work and when people support u and appreciate u it feel amazing. and i m blessed to have so much fans its their kindness that they like my work.
ragini : you had sing so much song which one is close to your heart?
armaan : my all song is my fvrt whether it is main hu hero tera, main rahu ya na rahu.
ragini : armaan now we will show u some pic of yours and u have to tell us about that pic.
armaan : ok
ragini show him some pic and he tell about them
ragini : sir will u pls sing a song for ur fan. and a small request from ur this fan will u pls dance. because we have shown u singing but not dancing.
armaan : ok but u have to dance with me.
armaan forward his hand to her and ragini give her hand to him.
armaan start singing.
ankhon ke panno pe
mene likha tha sau dafa
lafjo me jo ishq tha
hua na hontho se byan
khud se naraz hu
ya beawaz hu
meri khamoshiyan hai zabaan
dil hai ye sochta
fir bhi nahi pata
kis haq se kahu bta
ki mein hu hero tera
ki mein hu hero tera

(ragini keep her hands on armaan shoulder and armaan hold her by her waist. they both feel each others touch they feel as if current passes through their bodies. they move with rythm and stare at each other eyes they are lost in each other they come really close to each other.but than they realise what they were doing they get seprated. they composes themselves)

ragini : armaan thanx for accepting my request and do you have any message for your fan.
armaan : I’ll just say keep loving me and my song guys and take care of your selves love u all guyess.
ragini : so guys we were with the talented award winning and younger singer armaan. i m ragini with cameraman arun tripathi.
cameraman went from their.
(hey frends i know this iv part is a bit idiotic so don’t mind. and its all my imagination)
ragini : thanx sir i should leave know take care.
armaan : ragini, may we meet as a frends outside.
ragini : why not it will be my plsr.
they exchange no. to each other.
after this iv they meet many time they became close to each other but both of them can’t able to tell their feeling to each other.

@ armaan home
armaan came home after his concert and was talking with ragini photo when amal came in his room and hear all thing.
armaan (to ragini photo) : ragini now a day its really became difficult to spend even a day without seeing u and talking to u. i love u ragini but i have not currage to say this to u i am scared what will be ur reaction after knowing this. and i dont want to loose u as a frend too.
amal (by changing his voice) : oh armaan y didn’t u tell me all this u know i love u too.
armaan : really ragini.
amal : yes armaan.
armaan : hey wait how can a pic talk and secondly its not even voice of ragini armaan u r becoming mad in love.
amal : yes armaan we both r becoming mad in love.
than armaan get shocked and he move and saw amal who is trying to stop his laugh. seeing armaan face he start laughing holding his stomach.
armaan : u amal what is this? why u r talking like this?
saying this he throw a pillow on him and standup seeing this amal start running and armaan chase him after sometime they got tired. and sit on sofa.
amal : what about u bhai from when u start hideing thing that to this much big thing that u love someone. pls let me see my bhabhi’s pic.
armaan give his phone to him and he saw her pic.
amal : bhai not a big deal that u fall for her. my bhabhi is really beautiful. but y didn’t u propose her.
armaan : i feared what if she say no my heart will break in thousand piecies and i don’t want to loose her frendship too.
amal : bro from when u start fearing and pls propose her what if someone propose her and she accepet her than what will u feel?
armaan : no this can’t happened u r right I’ll propose her.

next day
@ a hotel
armaan had come to meet his frend when he saw ragini with a man. he went toward her. he went to near him he was socked to listen something. her eyes are red listening him he went from their being heartbroken. he was driving his car very rashely he stop his car near a beach and sat their at a rock.
fb shown
ragini (while encircling her hand on a man neck) : hey darling why r u going apart from me u only call me for ur entrtainment.
man : yes janemn
he also hold her by waist and pull her toward him.
ragini : darling let’s dont be late and start our work.
man : y u have to go to another people?
ragini : u r smart
man : y u look from a gud family.ragini : i also have some dream for which i have to do this. and pls don’t say as if u r a saint.
saying this she went to bed and sit their and look at the man seduactively and call him through her eyes.
fb ends.
armaan : y god y, y this happened with me? i didn’t thought that ragini could be like this. i didn’t think this it even in my dream that u will be like that.
aftr sometime he went to his home

so frends this is diksha ending this epi of ss called “simple love story (ss)” hope u all will like this. and once again a big thanx for ur appreciation.

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