simple love story (ss) epi 2


hii frends this is diksha with the next epi of simple love story (ss) hope you’ll gonna like it. so lets go to the story.

some boys were eve teasing ragini. she ignore them as they they are 4 boys and she is alone. so she start walking fast and she took out his phone and try to call at her home but they are out of coverage area. it start raining heavily. she start walking more fast. than boys run toward her and came infront of ragini and tried to misbehave with her at that moment ragini take out the paper spray and spry it in their eyes. and run from their and hide behind a tree. they search for her for sometimes but when they are unable to find her they goes. she come out from behind the trees but for her bad luck those boys come again and surrounded her she tried to escape but fail. but her luck that a car came at that moment. the car stop near them. and a boy come out of the car.
car boy : leave from here otherwise it will gonna worst day for u all.
boy1 : oh we all get frightened.

boy 2 : u back off u r alone and we r four u can’t win over us.
car boy : u wait I’ll call police.
he take out his phone when they hear police pcr siren
car boy : i think police is coming thats gud now see. listening the sigren they all run from their.
ragini move toward the car boy and she is surprised to see armaan. she hug him tightly. armaan get shock than after some time he reciprocate. after few minute they broke the hug.
ragini : sorry and thanq so much for your help.

armaan : plsr is all mine.
ragini : ok now i should leave. its a plsr meeting u again.
armaan : ok how u will go to ur home? is someone is coming to pick u?
ragini : no, but I’ll manage.
armaan : if u don’t mind I’ll drop u because their are many people like those boys its not safe to go alone.
ragini : no, I’ll manage. it will cause u problm.
armaan : no nthng like that u sit I’ll drop u.
ragini sit in car armaan drop her to home.

outside the ragini home.
ragini : thanq so much for help. come inside for caffe.
armaan : no thanx i should leave.
ragini : ok gud night.
armaan : gud night
armaan was starting his car but its not starting. ragini was stil their.
ragini : is their any problm
armaan : actually my car is not starting.
ragini : oh than u came inside

armaan : but it may cause u problm
ragini : no, nthng like that. come inside.
armaan come inside. ragini rings the bell but no one is opening the door so she call her mom.
on call
ragini : hello mom
mom : yes beta

ragini : mom, y u r not opening door.
mom : beta i had tell u that me and ur father will go out gfor two days for his business work u forgot.
ragini : oh ya mom ok by gud night.
mom : gud night.
ragini use the spare key and ragini and armaan went inside. she give him towel and give him a shirt and jeans of his father. and show him guest room to change after changing.
ragini : what u will take tea or caffe.
armaan : coffe.

after 5 minute ragini come with coffe.
they sat on soffa. their was silence for sometime. ragini broke it.
ragini : are u comfertable here.
armaan : yes miss …

ragini : hii myself ragini. frends
armaan : frends (and he shake hand with ragini) i m feeling like i had shown u somewhere.
ragini : yes we met at ur concert i had sung a song with u.
ragini was a bit dissapointed after knowing that armaan didn’t remember her.
ragini : sir, come and have dinner.
armaan : no its ok I am not feeling hungry.
ragini : but ur face and hands are saying smthng else.
armaan : what, what they r saying?
ragini : they r saying u r hungry.

armaan : and how u can say that?
ragini : because u r holding ur stomach and a bit tense. normally people do like this in two condition whether they are hungry or having constipetion 2nd case is not applyed in u because at that condition anybody has asked for washroom till now. so 1st optin apply on u as simple as that.

armaan : i must say u r a dangerouse combination of god beauty with brain.
ragini : thanx for the complement. now come to dining room
they went their ragini serve the food.
ragini sat beside armaan. as soon as they start having food light went.
armaan : ragini are u their. i have phobia of darkness.
ragini : wait sir I’ll bring and light the candle.

armaan hold ragini’s hand
armaan : u don’t go from here pls pls ragini.
ragini hold his hand and try to make him understand but all in vain. than ragini switch on the flash light of her phone. and they have their dinner in phone flash light. after sometime light came.

in ragini room
ragini went to her room took out the armaan pic and hug it. and start jumping on her bed. than sit lay down on bed and look at the picture of armaan
ragini : armaan uff how cute u r? u r very sweet and down to earth. i love u i love u alot. i know this story will be an incomplete story but what to do this heart he never listen me its just wanna love u. u know whenever i saw u even i listen about u it start beating fast. i dont know whether i will be able to tell u or not but a thing which never gonna change is that i love u armaan i love u. u r my first love
after some time she slept.

next day

armaan left from their. he went to his home.
@armaan home
armaan went to his room. he get fresh and lay down on bed. he was seeing smthng in phone and smiling. at that time armaan brother came in his room.
amal : so bro again lost in ur new founded love.
armaan : amal stop it yr.

amal : i didn’t understand that how u fell in love with a girl in a look and with her voice.
armaan : u will understand when u will fell in love.
amal : ya ya we will see bro where were u bro last night?
armaan : my car broke down so i spend last night in my frends house.

so frend this is diksha signing off the 2nd epi of simple love story. hope u all gonna like it.

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