is it simple??? epi 9

This is diksha trying to take ur precious time. So lets begin the story.

Prince and ragini went to dance floor and sanskar enter in the restrorant. And zehnaseed from hasee to fasee play. And the moment this song play sanskar became tense and prince is just standing at the floor like a statue as if he is lost somewhere. He is just froze their. Here sanskar went toward host and tell him something and host went somewhere and light went off sanskar went to Prince and ask him to go home back and he went to his car.
@ Prince car
Prince was sit in the car he took out the phone and play a recording which he recorded when sana was singing the zehnaseeb song and lost in thought of sana.
Sana was singing the song zehnaseeb.
Prince : yr u stop singing this song. This is 20th time u r singing it. I m just bore of ur song.
Sana : u keep ur mouth shut. If u dont want listen this song u close ur ears ok. Because I’ll sing this only this is my fvrt song.
Prince : y will i close my ear u close ur mouth.
Sana : u close ur ear.
Prince : no u.
Sana : u
Prince : u
Sana :u
and she took a pillow from the couch and throw it on prince than Prince throw it back to her and took another pillow and start hitting her and than sana took another pillow and start hitting him they both start hitting each other with pillow. And this lead to a pillow fight which and when pillow got torn and their all around cotton which fall on them and looking at each other they start laughing.
Fb end
He drive his car to his house.
@ restroant
Sanskar went to dance floor take the hand mike and spotlight fall on him.
Sanskar : have a great nyt Delhi. hii ladies and gentelman sorry for the intruption. Hope u know me so lets make the nyt a bit more intresting. So here i present a song for u. So r u ready??
Crowd : yeh.
They are shouting sanskar sanskar.
Sanskar start singing
Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Subah Hai
Tu Hi Din Hai Mera
Tu Hi Mera Rab Hai
Jahaan Hai

(He wear the mike and throw the hand mike toward the host and than start going toward ragini)
Tu Hi Meri Duniya
Tu Waqt Mere Liye
Main Hoon Tera Lamha
Kaise Rahega Bhala
Hoke Tu Mujhse Judaa..
(He hold her hand but ragini start going. He pull her toward him that her back touch his chest he encircled his hand on her waist and start moving with rythm)
Aankhon Se Padhke
Tujhe Dil Pe Maine Likha
Tu Ban Gaya Hai
Mere Jeene Ki Ek Wajah
Teri Hasi
Teri Adaa
Auron Se Hai Bilkul Judaa…
(He make her turn keep her hand on his shoulder and his hand to her waist and move and he remind their fight on first meeting and a smile come on his face.)
Aankhen Teri Shabnami
Chehra Tera Aaina
Tu Hai Udaasi Bhari
Koi Haseen Dastaan
Dil Mein Hai Kya
Kuchh Toh Bata
Kyon Hai Bhala
Khud Se Khafa…
(He than hold her one hand and keep his one hand on his back and twirl her than hold her from back and atart moving again with rythm again and say sorry to her softly in her ears. For which she look atraight to his eyes which lead to a eyelock a cute one.)
Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai
Subah Hai
Tu Hi Din Hai Mera
Tu Hi Mera Rab Hai
Jahaan Hai
Tu Hi Meri Duniya
Tu Waqt Mere Liye

Main Hoon Tera Lamha
Kaise Rahega Bhala Hoke Tu Mujhse Judaa
(Than he again twirl her and than hold her in famouse rk pose (u all know like when girl was about to fall and boy hold her at time) she stand straight and start moving he finish the song and follow her)
Outside the restorant
Sanskar : ragini! Ragini! Where are u going stop na
Ragini stop and move toward him : yes sanskar
Sanskar : y u left the place? and y r u ignoring me? Tell me.
he hold her hand. And make her turn toward him.
Ragini : i m not ignoring u sanskar its just its just that
Sanskar : its just that what ragini?

Ragini : wo i was worried about hmmm….. prince ya i was worried about prince. he left the place all of a sudden and he was almost freeze on the stage what happened to him?
Sanskar : nothing wo ya he has urgent work which he remembered when he went to stage. Now lets go.
Ragini : ok
And she follow him. They sat in car all over the way their is a pin drop silent in car. They reach their home. Ragini say gud nyt to him. Than they both went to their room.
@ragini room
Ragini : what had happened to me? Why i m behaving like a child? He has some work so he say no to me than y i m angry on him? I never do this to anyone. Prince also left me in restorant but i m not feeling sad and angry on him. Than y its diffrent with sanskar. I should behave normally to him tommorow is my last day in Delhi. This tour was a memorable tour fo

r me. Because of this tour i had made gud frend Prince and sanskar. While taking sanskar name she had a bright smile on her face. She slept on her bed holding a pillow.
@sanskar room
He call Prince.
Sanskar : bro r u fine? Should i came at ur place?
Prince : ya i m fine and no need of coming their u take rest. And sorry yr because of me u have to face problm. We can’t even able to discusse about plan.
Sanskar : its ok bro u sleep and take care of urself bro. We will talk about plan afterward.By
They hung up the call
Sanskar : what had happened to me? Why i dance with her at restorant? I an simply sing the song y i like dancing with her? But y she is behaving like this I’ll say sorry to her tommorow? But y should i? I m not at falt. But she was looking beautiful today. No my ragini always look beautiful. Sanskar what u say my ragini and when this happened. He also smile while taking her name. I should stop thinking about her, her father is the reason of sana’s death. But that was not her fault. But i should stop thinking about her. She is just ur frend. Thinking all this he also sleep.
So this is diksha singning off the next epi of is it simple??? Hope u like it. I know i am bad at explaining dance move. So forgive me for that.
Azure : saswat is police officer i had mention it in start itself. About jealousy hope u get the answer. And yes sanskar is the stalker. And i m glad u like it.
Lovely : i m glad u like it.
Dhara : about prince and ragini love angel it will disclose as story proceeds hope u r liking it.
sonya : ya u was right sanskar is the stalker and yes missunderstanding will got clear as story proceed i m glad u like it.
Sindhu rm : i m glad u like it.

PP : i m glad u like it
Aish : i m glad u like it and u comment too.
himanahi : hope ur confusion got clear and i m glad u like it.
Joy : i m glad u like it and pls forgive for being late actually i have to type the hole epi again. Because my younger bro deleted the first one.
Nusz : i m glad u like it. And i already email TU about it.

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  2. I am angry on you??You’d said that we are friends and asking for forgiveness also?? This part is really nice. Let’s set what happens in the story now

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