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Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur precious time. So lets begin the story.

Next day
She invite prince at her home.

@ evng
Prince come to their house. They talk for a while. Than she take him to balcony to show him her painting and their sanskar come. And Prince and sanskar both of them are shock to saw each other their. Ragini saw sanskar their and introduce them to each other. But she understand that they know each other. Because of their facial expression.
Ragini : its seems u both know each other. U both talk I’ll be back after few minute with caffe and snacks.
And she leave from their. Both of them hug each other very tightly as if they leave each other the other person will run away. After some time they release the hug. They both have tears in their eyes.

Sanskar : where was u from last one year? U know that how much sana and i miss u? U know how much things happened in our lives? Where was u dam it where was u. U know from how much thing sana has to gone through after u leave us. saying this he broke down.
Prince : i m sorry buddy. I m really sorry i have to leave u both in middle but i have some reason for it.
Sanskar : what reason Prince what reason tell me .i wanna know what is the reason because of which u have to left ur frends. What is that much important to u because of which u have to left ur bestiie and ur love. For Which reason u cant even come to ur love our sana’s last retual. Tell me tell me Prince.

Prince held sanskar coller : what r u telling sanskar its can’t happened sana can’t leave me.and he broke down.
Sanskar : it is true she is no more.and u know the reason of her death her culrprit are still free.
Both of them hear footstep sound.
And they composes themselves. Ragini come their. They give them snacks and caffe and chit chat for a while.
Ragini : how did u both know each other?
sanskar and prince : we both r frend actually best frend.
Ragini : oh.
Prince : so miss beautiful know u have to prepare dinnr for us.
Ragini : y? Are u staying here?
sanskar : yes.
Ragini : cool than tell me what u wanna eat. I’ll prepare for u.
Sanskar and prince stay in same room. They talk for a long. And they both cry their heart out. Sanskar tell prince about sana death and about the stalker. And his plan and about ragini too. Prince tell him that he went away from them because he had a disease his survival chances were less. So he left them. Because he didn’t have currage to tell them and he can’t saw them crying for him. And prince also joine him his plan. Two day went and ragini became gud frend of Prince and sanskar both.after two days.

@ragsan place
Ragini was sitting in balconey and listening her fvrt songs and sometime singing along with song.when sanskar come their. And sit on another chair.
Sanskar : so u like singing?
Ragini : yes,
Sanskar : u have gud voice but u didnt have gud control on ur breathe u should focuse on ur breathe while singing.
Ragini : thanx I’ll try. Are u free today?
Sanskar : not completly but y u r asking?
Ragini : wo actually i want to go somewhere. But i don’t know much places here. And i dont now much people here so i thought If u r free than we can go somewhere.
Sanskar : ok but now i have some work but we can go somewhere in evng. What say.
Ragini (sadly): ok.
Saying this she went to her room. Sanskar come behind her.
Sanskar : what happened ragini are u angry with me.
Ragini : no y will I angry with u?
Sanskar : but u look like.
Ragini : nthng like that i m just missing my family that’s it. And i know how to cheer up myself. So u dont worry.
Sanskar try to talk to her but she avoid him and than ragini’s phone ring. she attend the call without seeing the no.

On phone
Ragini : hii who are u.
Caller : that’s not cool miss beautiful u forgot ur frend very soon. I m hurt.
Ragini : prince u.
Prince : yupp hey r u free.
Ragini : yupp y.
Prince : i thought to take u out. Will u come with me.
Ragini : y not I’ll definetly come.
Prince : that’s cool be ready. I’ll come to pick u in 1 hour be ready.
Ragini : ok.
Call ended.
Ragini get ready in a white knee length dress. With light makeup and red lipstick. Prince come their. He was talking to sanskar. They both are mesmerised to see her.
Than ragini come to prince and say lets leave now. Than they went from their. Ragini and prince went to some place.

@ night 8:00 pm
Prince get call from sanskar. He was driving so he stop his car aside. And come out from car.
On call
Prince : yes sanskar
Sanskar : prince i wanna discuss about the plan. Where r u?
Prince : about what.
Sanskar : about ragini i don’t wanna hurt u. She is not at fault. its not her fault so y she has to go through all this.
Prince : i m with ragini. We r going to restroant. U come their than we will go together to ur home and than we will discuss about it.
Sanskar : ok bro I’ll come their but firstly u tell me the address man.
Prince give him the address than they end the call. Prince went back to car and they went to restroant.

@saswat place
Saswat can’t able to clear the pic but he get to know the name of them prince and sanskar. He get a letter which says.
” i know u had understand that y i m doing this with u and ur daughter. u r the one who close the case u froud they bribed u and u, what u did u sold ur honesty, ur humanity, ur work everything.” After reading the letter
Saswat : no i didnt do anything wrong. i know u don’t want to hurm my daughter u just want justice for ur frend. i had to get to know about u. Only after that i will able to tell u the full truth behind sana’s death. I never sold myself i never help them.

They both have dinner. But sanskar didnt arrived their. after dinner.
Ragini : lets go.
Prince in mind : now what should i do. This sanskar didn’t come yet. He was just thinking about what to do when a host announce for dance. And people went their and dance.
Prince : miss beautiful i am thinking to dance with u will u give me the plessure of dancing with u.
Ragini : but i don’t know dancing much.
Prince : I’ll be their so don’t worry.
Ragini : ok.

Than they go toward stage and joine other couple. And here sanskar enter in hotel.
So frend this is diksha singning off the another episode of is it simple??? Hope u all like it.
sonya : i think u got ur answer in this epi hope u like it.
Sindhu rm : i think u got ur answer lovely : i think u got ur answer
Dhara : i m glad u like it
Azure : miss u and ur comment and i m glad u like it
Swati : i m glad u like it. And prince naruala of bb9 is prince in this ff.
Joy : i m glad u like it and hope u get ur answer.
piya : i m glad u like it.
Nikki : i m glad u like it.
himanahi : i m glad u like it.
Nusz : i m glad u like it and it will be grate if u can help me.

Credit to: diksha

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  1. so what does saswat do? is he a police man or a lawyer? so sanskar was the stalker after all….wonder if he will feel jealous seeing ragu with prince….nice epi dear.

  2. Don’t make prince fall for ragini.plzz

  3. oh my god
    i always think sanskaar is the stalker
    but now its disclose too
    i also want to know the whole truth about sana too
    hope sankaar’s misunderstanding get clear
    but how will ragini react after knowing the truth ?

    thanks dear
    got my answer about the stalker

  4. yes i got my answer lovely episode

  5. Im silent reader of ur ff
    it was awesome &interesting

  6. Its little bit confusing abt stalker .. bt m excited for ur nxt episode .. n hope my ans.. will b there on the next episode ..

  7. Yes I got my ans and awesome part. Pls post soon. Excited to know what happens!!

  8. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) my time to watch you aha

    But if you want to change the dp. You should email them~Nusz

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