is it simple??? epi 7


Hii, my frends this is diksha trying to take ur time. So lets begin the story.
When the caretaker come toward him. Sanskar saw him and says.
Sanskar : hii uncle thank god u come. I m here searching for u only.
Caretaker : beta come inside
After going inside he introduce ragini to sanskar and says
Caretaker : meet she is ragini. Friend’s daughter of the landlord of this place
And than introduce sanskar to ragini as his son’s frend.than they both say hii to each other.
Sanskar : uncle in which room I’ll stay.
Caretaker show him the room which is just beside of ragini. And both room have same balcony.sanskar went to his room. He get fresh and take rest.

@saswat place
he get a pic of that boy. But problm is that in that pic their were two boys with the girl. (One is sanskar and second is Prince). Now saswat is confuse that who can do this. Actually the pic was some what blured so he didn’t able to saw their face clearly. Than he gave that pic to the computer expert to make it clear.

@ stalker place.
Stalker was seeing the similar pic as saswat have. He look toward the pic and say if we were together than it woludn’t be happened. Today is our frendship anniversry and sana’s b’day too we used to celebrate this day together but now neither i have our frendship nor sana. But i’ll celebrate it with the children who are like us.

@ evng in Delhi
We saw a boy who is giving gift to children and playing with them. And a small boy come from behind and pull his shirt and say Prince bhaiya where is my gift. Prince move toward him and knelt down infront of small boy and pull his cheek and say.
Prince : my small frend want his gift. He took one gift out and give that to small boy.
Boy give a peck on his cheek and than Prince bid by to all. And went to his car sit inside and took his phone out and see his wallpaper which is sana’s pic he kissed it and say
Prince : happy b’day my love. I always loved u and will love u only.

@ ragsan place.
Sanskar come out in balcony. Ragini is also their she was reading a book. He went toward her sit beside her on chair. Ragini feel someone prensence so she see toward him and say.
Ragini : hii sanskar
Sanskar : hii what r u doing.
Ragini : reading book acha may i ask u smthng?
Sanskar : yes but what u wanna know
Ragini : i was a bit curious as i know u r celebrity u can afford a hotel than y here.
Sanskar : their is two reason for that first one is i dont like staying in hotel. And second one when people know about my presence their they come their and disturb me and i want peace befor my concert thats it.
Ragini : oh like that. R u going somewhere.
Sanskar : yupp for my concert which is for orphans.
Ragini : ok.
Than caretaker come toward him. And say
Caretaker : beta sanskar if u didn’t have any problm than y dont u take ragini with u. She come here befor two days but she never go any where.
Sanskar : ok uncle
He move toward ragini and say
Sanskar : ragini if u wanna come u go and get ready we will leave after half hour.
After half hour
Both get ready and went for the concert

Sanskar : ragini i have to go for change my dress and be ready. So u wait here .
Ragini : ok
Their were some children. So ragini was seeing them. a child was about to fell so she went toward him. She and a person save the child at a time. She look toward him to say thanx him. Than she found he is prince.
She look toward the child.
Ragini : r u alright. U didn’t get hurt na.
Child : i m ok di.
Ragini than move toward prince.
Ragini : hii Prince . Nice to see u again.
Prince : hii ragini. Nice to meet u too
Ragini : u r such a gud person.
Prince : same here, miss beautiful. So frends
Ragini : hmm ok frends. U here for concert.
Prince : yes.

Than they both here announcement of starting of concert. Their all light go off and spot light fell on sanskar. Seeing him Prince is sock and happy too sanskar start singing.
Yar milte hai pyar milte hai
Hamko yarro nasib se
Ek duje ki adate bante
dil ko chute karib se

(Both prince and sanskar reminsies
their mischieve their game which they play together their fight. Their fun moment and all.)

Har hassi pe aansuon pe dete jo pehra
Ek din kyu chale hain jate chod ke tanha
Yeh dosti…..
milti nasib se
Yeh dosti….
milti nasib se
Yeh dosti….
milti nasib se
Yeh dosti…. najuk hain narm hain
Yeh dosti….
yaaro ka karm hain


(Both prince and sanskar reminsies thir moment with sana and each other. How they live together in orphanage how they study together and how they move from their and head toward their carrer.)

Dosti Ankh se chalak ti hain
Jab Ban ke Paani
Har kisi bund me jhalkti hain
Koyi kahaani
Zindgi ke rasto pe hote kitne male
Dosto ke khone ka bhi hota hain phir khel
Yeh dosti….
karti hain ankh num
Yeh dosti….
deti hain khub gum
Yeh dosti….
milti hain nasib se
Yeh dosti….
khilti hain nasib se
Hota kya fasla pucha karta hu main khudse
dur hain log jo sach main hain kya dur mujse
Dil ki jebo main hain sikee jiski batton ke
Pass hain wo phir kahi bhi betha hu chupke
Yeh dosti….
tute bhi ruthke
Yeh dosti…. banti bhi tutke
Yeh dosti….
banti nasib se
Yeh dosti…. chalti nasib se.

(They remincies how they get seprated and sana’s death her last retual sanskar and prince both have tears in their eyes they both were crying. But they wipes their tear. Befor anyone can able to saw them.)
Ragini notice sanskar tears. After that concert end.than ragini and prince went outside.
Prince : ok ragini now i have to leave. If u want i can drop u at ur place.
Ragini : no actually i come with someone. I m waiting for him. U go by.
Prince : not cool ragini. Atleast give me ur no.
Ragini give her no. And they bid by to each other.
Here @prince side.
Prince : i saw him, i saw him after a long. but i don’t have a gut to face him.
Here @concert place
after sometime sanskar come their And says.
Sanskar : ragini lets go home back.
Ragini : sanskar may i ask u smthng.
Sanskar : ok but firstly u sit in car we can talk through journey.
Ragini sit in car. They start the car.
Ragini : now may i ask my question.
Sanskar : how many question u ask? Ok ask what u wanna know.
Ragini : y were u crying while singing? Seeqqà If u don’t wanna answer me its ur wish i saw u crying so i think to ask u
Sanskar : i was missing my frend. They are not with me now thats why.
Ragini : its ok. Its happened if u r missing ur frend thats ok. Lets me and u became frend. So frend.
Sanskar : ok frend. Acha know let me concentrat on driving.
Ragini : ok.
Than they reach home say gud nyt to each other and went to their in room.

@stalker place.
I celebrate ur b’day. And made a new frend i know she is daughter of that saswat but she is gud. I just feel gud with her.
After that he slept.

So frend this is diksha singning off another epi of is it simple??? Hope u all r liking it and the song is dedicated to my frend of TU and my bestiies too.
Sindhu rm : i m glad u like it.
Lovely : i m glad u like it. And i’ll try my best to take ur intrest till the end.
Swati : maybe u’ll get to know about it as story proceed.
Rakhi : i m glad u like it. And i’ll try my best to take ur intrest till the end.
Dhara : i m glad u like it.
Joy : i m glad u like it. And i’ll try my best to take ur intrest till the end. And i m glad to have a nice frend like u
Divya : i m glad u like it.
Nusz : i m glad u like it my frend about dp i try it serval time but i m not able to uplaode it.
Rafee : i m glad u like it.
Piya : i m glad u like it. And i’ll try my best to take ur intrest till the end.

Credit to: diksha

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