is it simple??? epi 6

Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur precious lets begin the story.
Next day
Ragni is ready with her stuff. A girl come out from the ragini house who is in burkha. When she sit in car she pick her veil she is ragini. They had toward station. Two persons are following them. She went inside the train after some time she went to washroom. And come back she went to shimla by train and she comeout from the train. But when she pick her veil again the person who were following her are shock to saw her because she was not ragini. She is riya ragini’s frend. They call the stalker.
On call

Person : sir we follow her but she is not that girl she another one.
Stalker : what the hell u r talking about u fools what were u doing u can’t even do a work properly tell me clearly what happen their.
Person tell him everything.
Stalker : u all are idiots. Leave it know i have to do something tell me where she move frome her seat.
Person : she move from her seat befor Delhi to use washroom.
Stalker : ok I’ll do something u move from their u guyes are good for nthng.
He cut the call. And say intelligant move saswat but i m not a fool i’ll get info about her on any way.she went to her seat befor Delhi that means she will be in Delhi only.he call someone and ask him to get info about all people whom saswat know in Delhi.
Here at Delhi station. Our ragini is talking on phone with saswat.
Ragini : hello papa i reached safely here. And know i m going to taxi stand.
Saswat : beta i had call care taker of my frend house. he will come to take u show no need of taking taxi. And u will live their only ok.
Ragini : ok papa but how I’ll identify him?
Saswat : beta I’ll send his pic to u so u dont take tension.
Ragini : ok papa.

She get the pic after sometime she find the care taker and they move toward their house. He saw her room. She went to her room and She adjust her thing and get fresh. And than she took a cup cafe and sit in balcony on a chair.and thinking about how she reached their.
Fb shows
When she went to collage and meet her frend riya.
Ragini : riya i want ur help.

Riya : ya tell me. I’ll definetly help u if i can.
Ragini tell her every thing about stalker.and than tell her that u will go in the same train compartment u will be in just befor of my compartment. I will be in burkha and come to u than we will exchange our seat and u will wear the burkha than. U will go to the shimla. And their will be a officer for ur security.
Riya : ok I’ll definetly help u my janemn.
Ragini : yr how many time I’ll tell u dont call me that.
Riya : ok my janemn.
Fb ends.
Ragini : u r really a great frend riya. I m really thankful to u. Just because of u i get some peace of mind. And papa will be able to find that stalker.
2 days went here ragini is somewhat fine.
And their saswat is trying to find about the stalker. He search about sana (bestiie of stalker or u say the photo girl) and her relative. He get to know about that she has a frend with whom she share all thing and he is the one who completed her last retual he is trying to know more about him. But in vain. But he is still trying.

And here the stalker get all people info whom saswat know in Delhi.there are 3 frends of saswat and 2 frends of madhu. He was searching every place of them. At last he get to know about her.
After 2 days.
@Delhi in mrng
Ragini is standing in the balcony of the house its became her fvrt place in this 2 days she sit their for long some time she read novel or some time do painting or sometime just relax their with her fvrt songs and her cafe. Than she move toward the canvas and start doing her painting when the caretaker come their and say.
Cartaker : mam i want permission from u.
Ragini :how many time i should tell u uncle dont call me like that. And permission for what.
Caretaker : ok beta wo my sons frend is coming here for some work if u dont have a problm can he stay here.
Ragini : its ok uncle. Y should i have a problm. He can stay here.
Caretaker : thanq beta.

Ragini : uncle no need of thanq.
Caretaker : beta he will come today evng.
Ragini : ok uncle.
@stalker place
Stalker : ragini u had enjoy ur holidays much know i m coming their to start my work again. But i don’t know y whenever i hurt u my soul always tell me i m doing wrong but what can i do. I didn’t have any other option. But its ok i m just some step away. After that i’ll ask sorry to u for hurting u and u also will be free fom this torture . I know how much it hurt a girl because i had seen my bestiie in this condition thats y i wanna put all this in a end fast. Here saswat is searching about me. I intetionly send those gift to u. By which he will get to know about me. and he is on the way my one more step and saswat u will pay for ur deeds.
@evng in Delhi.
Ragini was walking in the house of garden when she saw a person asking some address. And shouting on phone. She went toward him and tap on his shoulder.and when he move toward her.she says

Ragini : u! here
Person : u miss hmmm ya i remember ragini.
Ragini : yes mr sanskar. U here how?
Sanskar : actually i was searching this address he saw her his phone.
Ragini : oh so u r uncle’s son’s frend.
Sanskar : what?
She was about to explain when the caretaker come toward them.

So frend this is diksha singning off the next epi of is it simple??? Hope u all r likng this. I think know we r frend so u all can forgive me for my silly mistakes.
Rafeee : i m glad thats u read it and like it.
Swathi : i m glad u like it.
Sindhu rm : i m glad u like it.
Ragsan : i m glad u like it. Prince character in my story u will get to know him about 1 or 2 epi.and in real his full bame is prince naruala winner of bb9, splitsvilla and roadies. And now he is a gang leader in rodies.

Mahima : i m glad u comment and like it. And its ok whenever u feel like comment than u do. Its totaly on ur wish
Joy : i m glad u like it. As i hope we r frend so no need of sorry.
Venni : i m glad u like it.
Lovely : i m glad u like it.
Jenisha : i m glad u like it. And about who is behind ragini u will get to know about it as story proceed.

Rasha : about stalker u will get to know about him and the pic is of sana frend of stalker and u can assume her as ada khan shesa of nagin
Nusz : i m glad u like it and yes i’ll call u as nusz only.
Ridha : i m glad u like it and about comment its ok its ur wish to comment.

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