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Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur precious time. I think their is smthng wrong in my writing that ur comment decrease in half but never mind I’ll try my best to increase it again. So lets begin the story
At nyt
Ragini come back to home. She had her dinnr with family. Today she was a bit relax because she didn’t get any disturbing msgs.but her happiness didn’t stand for much time.when she move toward her room her phone beeps. Msg say
“So my jaan u miss me or not. I know u miss me. I missed u too. Now be a gud girl and sleep and be ready for ur another gift I’ll send it tommorow gud nyt ”
Ragini is now so much angry she went to her father.
Ragini : papa that stalker is going beyond his limit we should do smthng.

Saswat : i had got some clue about it i am trying to finding about him. Know u relax.
Ragini : papa he msg again and said that he will send me a gift again.
Saswat : ok u go I’ll find a solution for it.
Rgini move toward her room. When saswat call her.
Saswat : beta its been a long time that we had gone for a walk at midnight and had icecream together. What says.
Ragini : papa i m not in a moode
Saswat : i didn’t know that my daughter is like this who will let a idiot control her life.
Ragini : hmm papa u r right lets go.
And they both went for a midnight walk and had icecream she is know somewhat happy. But her happiness went away when she saw a girl in same dress which stalker had gifted her. She went lost in her thought and didn’t noticed that she is moving toward car. And here the driver is blowing horn regulary actually he is driving a bit speedly its took a time to stop the car and he slightly hit her.and she is injured minorly and she had a injury on her head too.the driver come out from the car. He ask sorry from them and took ragini and saswat to the hospital. Their Dr. Dress her wounds.

The car boy : i m really sorry its my mistake i m driving the car in speed.
Ragini : no its ok and thanx for your help mr.
The car boy : prince (prince from bb9 you all get to know about his role after some episode.)
Ragini : i m ragini and thanx for help and sorry because of me u had to face problm.
Prince : no miss. Ragini its ok and its my pleassure to help a beautiful girl like u.
Saswat : hmm this is not gud prince u r flirting with my daughter in front of me.
Prince : no uncle its just that i m trying to light up her moode. She is looking tense so.
Ragini and saswat : its a nice meeting u Prince. Now we should move.
And they leave.
Next day
Saswat and ragini had their breakfast.
Saswat : beta i think u should go out from here for some days.
Ragini : but what about that stalker.
Saswat : i had a plan a perfect one.
He tell her the plan. Which is muted we just listen last word that were and maybe because of it we will get to know about the stalker too.
Ragini left for collage.

Ragini went to collage. While entring the collage she bump with someone when she saw him she was sock to see him. She says
Ragini : mr. Sanskar u.
She started to move. When sankar hold her hand to stop her. She got angry sanskar understand that she is angry. He leave her hand. And says
Sanskar : i m sorry miss.
Ragini : ragini and sorry for what for insulting me at thàt day or for today.
Sanskar : for both pls forgive me
Ragini : its ok
Sanskar : really u forgave me

Ragini : yes, y r u asking like this should i don’t forgive u.
Sanskar : no nthng like that actually u r a girl. And without any drama u forgive me so.
Ragini : what, what did u mean by that i m a girl and i forgive easily. What do u mean that we girl do drama.
Sanskar : no nthng like that. I mean i m glad u forgive me.
Ragini : ok now may i leave.
Sanskar : no
Ragini : what

Sanskar : i mean yes offcourse u can go.
After ragini left. Sanskar what is this y u always do smthing idiotic when u meet her. And he also left.
Ragini went to collage and talk to her frend riya that she will be on leave for one week. And they talk for a long than they attend the classes. Than she get a gift. It was a bracelete.
She went to her home
@nyt @ ragini home
Ragini show the bracelete to her father.
Saswat : u give this to me and u pack ur stuff.u have to go early mrng tomorrow.
Ragini : ok papa.

Saswat : i am thinking to cook dinner tonight what say
Ragini : ok papa i’ll help u
Ragini’s mom (madhu) : thats not fare
Ragini : what not fare mom.
Madhu : i cook regularly but u didn’t help me and when ur father cook food u always help him thats not fare. maybe i had a son who will support me.
Ragini : aww my mom.
Saswat : if it is like that. We can plan for it what say
Madhu : chii have some shame ragini is here. And is it ur age about talking about this thing.
Saswat : i dont think ragini have any problm with it. what say ragini.
Ragini : no i dont have any problm.

Saswat : see and what is the relation of this with my age and i m not that old. And i m talking about to plan ragini marriage than our son in law will be our son.
Madhu : oh u r talking about this.
Saswat : so what u think he smile mischiveously and immititate her chii have some shame madhu u r thinking about that.
Madhu felt embarassed and say : what i say? u both go and cook food. Dont waste the time and she left.
And saswat and ragini giggle.than they both cook food than they had their food and slept.
@stalker place
He get to know about ragini going out.
Stalker : what u thought mr.saswat u will send ur daughter away without my knowledge it is impossible. He call someone and say him to follow them and keep his eyes on their every moment.

So frend this is diksha signing off the next episode of is it simple??? Ans at my last episode i had reply all comment but it seems because of some issue its didnt publish completely.
I m really glad to have ur appreciation and comment.

lol : u will know about as story proceed.
Nuszat (t!b!h!)~(nusz) : i m glad that u find it intresting. It is ragsan.I’ll be glad to have a new comenter or i say a frend.
Azure : i m glad that u like it. And about ur question u will found ur all answer as story prceed.
Lovely : i m glad u like it. And u’ll find it that who is behind ragini.
Ragsan : i m glad u like it. And its all ur support who give me inspration.
Rakhi : i m really glad u like it

Credit to: diksha

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