is it simple??? epi 23

Hii frends this is diksha taking ur precious time. Hope u liked this is ff. Lets start.

Rajvir : because of this attitude only i love u.
Saying this he again try to force himself on her. Now ragini give me a tight slap because of which his lip start bleeding now he got angry and hold her and about to slap him when she hold his hand and turn it to his back and say
Ragini : never think that a girl is week never ever in ur dream also understand.
Now rajvir turn her and turn her hand and say
Rajvir : u now i love wild cats and u look more beautiful when u get angry.
Now ragini give him a kick on her weak point because of which he leave her and bend ragini turn rajvir stand straight befor rajvir can do anything ragini hold his both hand at his back and pin him to wall his face is facing wall and ragini tied his hand and than make him turn and give a kick on his knee and he came on his knee and ragini tie his legs. Than she take out the remote and phone from his pocket and go out and close the door. She call sanskar and says
Ragini : hii sanskar i m free from the kidnapper where are u?
Sanskar : we r at rajvir palace u came here.
Ragini went toward rajvir palace.
@rajvir palace.
Neha come down.
Neha : hii sanskar, prince and namaste saswat uncle u here anything serious.
Prince : u fake fellow stop ur drama we know that u r the one who killed my sana how dare u do so? Why the hell u killed her.
Neha : so u all know reality thats gud now i will not have to do the goodie angel drama ya i had done that?
Prince is know hell angry he went to her and stragulate her neck. Sanskar come inbetween and depart them
Prince (shout) : leave me bro I’ll kill her. blo*dy b*t*h she kill my sana my love.
Neha : how dare u touch me
she call her goon and theur start the fight between the goons and sanskar prince and saswat. Here come our ragini she saw all of them fighting and she see a man who was about to hit her dad she ran their and give him a kick on his mouth he directly land on earth their neha tried to run ragini went to her and hold her wrist and gave neha a tight slap her five finger get printed on her mouth here the trio men also came after fight. They take neha to police station and put her in cell than they went to rajvir and arrest him also. Rajvir accept his crime than a lady inspector investigate neha but she take her gun and put gun on that police officer and come out she ask for police jeep key she take it and came out she sat is jeep and start that and push the the inspector and go away saswat run outside and he start his car and follow her.
They were passing the bridge when sashwat fire bullet on the tyre of jeep and jeep get punctered and jeep went a bit out of cntrl than he fired another bullet on second tyre and that tyre also get punctered and jeep stopped. Sashwat also stopped the car. Neha come out from jeep. And tried to run but sashwat catches her. She push him and jump into river. Shaswat also junp but couldn’t able to find her than he call divers but they also didn’t able to find her. Sashwat went back to home.
After 2 weeks
Rajvir has get his punishment and Prince is handling a ngo and start working as a manager of sanskar. Sashwat and madhu get to know about sanslar and ragini love and they decide to get them engage now and after ragini completing her clg they will get them married. Ragini and sanskar are preparing for concert.
@the concert day.
In their green room. Ragini and sanskar is getting ready. Ragini is a bit nervous as it is her first public appearance.
Ragini : sanskar what if i didn’t did well. I m really nervous. Will i be able to do it gud?
Sanskar hug her from behind and says.
Sanskar : ragini nthng will gonna wrong. And u r very strong girl maybe its ur fist perfomance but u r ready for it. And i m with u. And do u belive me?
Ragini : yes.
Sabskar turn her and kiss her on forhead.
Sanskar : so
Sanskar give a naughty smile and came close to her. Ragini go backward.
Ragini : so what
Sanskar pin her to wall and block her way
Sanskar : I
Sanskar come forward and pull her toward him and hold her by waist. Ragini breath heavily.
Ragini : sanskar we should go.
Sansakar : ssshhhhhh.
Ragini : sanskar
Than they hear announcment for their promance.
Sanskar : i m leaving u know but I’ll complete our talk afterward.
On stage odience are hooting and taking sanskar name. Prince saswat and madhu are also came for concert. Sanskar sing some song and at last song light again get deem and than a spot light fall on sanskar and he sing
Na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi
Tujhse hoke juda sun zara
Sanskar take his guitar and close his eyes and start playing it. He remind the moment when he first time dash with ragini
Bin tere mujhse naraaz tha dil
Tu mila hai toh hai keh raha
He remember the moment when he get to know about sana death when he used to cry or take his anger through his music than he remember when they meet in delhi
Main toh tere rang mein rang chuka hoon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi sab tera
The spot light fall on ragini and she move toward sanskar with the spot light she come and touch his shoulder he hold her hand and twirl her.
Main toh tere dhang mein
Dhal chuki hoon
Bas teri bann chuki hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi
Sab tera, Sab tera..
Sab tera, Sab tera..
Now ragini start singing she was a bit nervouse sanskar come from behind and hug her and say in her ear ragini just relax u just think u r singing for ur spcl person.
Phir dil ke raasto pe
Teri aahat jo hui
Har dhadkan jashn mein hai
Yeh inayat jo hui (x2)
Ragini close her eyes and just look toward sanskar and reminces when she hear his voice and automatically went toward him
Main toh tujhe mil ke jee utthi hoon
Teri dhadkan mein chupi hun
Mera mujh mein kuch nahin
Sab tera, Sab tera..
Sab tera, Sab tera..
Ragini hold sanskar hand and interwined their finger and look toward him she was singing when suddenly they listen gun shot sound and people start going out from their and than they saw neha their holding a gun she move toward ragini ain her gun at ragini and fire the bullet but at right time sanskar pull her toward him and hug her tightly and here security arrest neha they were taking out when she fell down and some white liquide come out of neha mouth saswat check her nurves and breath and says she is dead.

So frend this diksha signing off the next epi of is it simple??? Hope u r liking it. I m glad ur liking it

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