is it simple??? epi 22

Hii frends this is diksha taking ur precious time. Hope u liked this is ff. Lets start.
Here sanskar open his eyes he find himself in a hospital. He than start searching for ragini he ask about her to receptionist she tell him that he is the only one who is addmitted. Some people find him unconciouse on road and addmitted him here. He did payment and went to police station but didn’t find saswat here. He try to call ragini and saswat but their phone is not rechable than he call prince but his phone is also unreachable than he think of going the place where they fell unconciouse. He went their he find a note which says

“Stop searching that girl otherwise she will be in the same position as ur dear frend was. And closed that case only than u will get that girl.” He was sock as well as angry.
@Prince side
He went back to home he was missing sana when he went to sana house. He was seeing sana’s pic at that time he notice a pic whose glass is missing. He touch that pic he felt as if smthng was behind her. He pick out that pick he find a memory card their. He insert that in his phone and play he find only a video in that he play it. He was sock to saw the video. he immedietly call sanskar.
Prince : hii sanskar where r u?
Sanskar : i m going to clg.
Prince : u come to home their is smthng really important which i wanna tell u.
Sanskar : ok
@ a dark place

Saswat open his eyes and find that he is tied to a chair. And than he hear goons talking.
G1 : he is police officer if we got caugtch than we will be in problm.
G2 : don’t take tension mam will free us. She has very gud aprroche. So don’t worry.
G1 : let’s go outside it is very dark here.
G2 : but u remember mam word she will kill us if he ran away from here.
G1 : don’t be tense yr we had tied him and than this godown have only one door and small windows so if by chance he got free he will come from these way and we will again catch him.
Goons went outside. Here saswat free himself he went outside and asusual he has to fight with goon they were fighting as saswat was a marsalartist he overpower them than he arrest and take them to police station. And ask about the main culprit.
Saswat : tell me the name of person who had hired u got dam it.
He beat them
Goon : ok her name is……
@sanskar home
Sanskar : what is that important thing yr.
Prince : i get to know who is the main culprit? Who is that person who murdered my love my sana.
Sanskar : who tell me?
Prince : the culprit is……

@ a room
Ragini open her eyes she find herself in a room her hands were tied at behind and legs were tied. Than only she take out the pocket knife which she keep for safety reason and free her hand and than she cut the rope of legs. She search for exit when she hear a voice.
Voice : so awake hmm searching for exit but poor u, u will not gonna find it.
Ragini : who the blo*dy hell r u?
Voice : oh poor baby forgot me. Ok I’ll give u hint. We met in train remember save me save me!
Ragini : neha!
Neha : yes me. Dear now u relax here because no one will gonna come to free u here So relax.
Ragini : y the hell u r doing all this
Neha : because u came inbetween me and my sanskar first that sana and know u. As i killed her I’ll kill u too
Ragini : what u love sanskar?
Neha : yes i love him i love him from our clg day we were in same class but he never noticed me because of that neha so i make a plan and kill her and now its ur turn. But I’ll not kill u because my bro love u so he will make u his.
Ragini : u will not able to do so.

Beha : lets see
@ sanskar home
Prince : her name is neha is neha she is the main culrprite but how we will find about her location.
Sanskar : lets go to police station than we will think what should we do next?
@police station
Goon : neha her name is neha sir.

Saswat was sock he leave the cell and went to his cabin and was thinking what to do next.
And at that time sanskar and Prince come to his sanskar tell him about ragini kidnapping and prince show him the video. In video sana has made a confession. It says
” i know prince whenever u will come here u will gonna find it. Because it is ur fvrt pic. I know u will be missing me and crying for me in lonliness but live happily i wanna tell u smthng. Today i get to know whatever wrong is happening with me neha my frend is behind it. She is sister of the famouse buasinesman rajvir. Firstly she tell that client that i m a pr*stitute as she know he is a important client of rajvir and than he intentionaly bump with me and when i slap him it hurt his ego and he send goons behind me. Remember our first meeting those goons are of that client only, than the client threat rajvir that if he didn’t send me to him than he will cancel the deal so rajvir send the stalker behind me. Today i listen her talk with that client when i went to meet her she was threatning him that she has recorded his talks with the goons when he send them behind me so now he has to kill me. I ran from their and making this recording”
Saswat : now we should free ragini from them.
Sanskar : they had said that we should close the case.

Saswat : give me the no. From which they had call I’ll find the last location maybe we will get to know about him.
Sanskar give him the no. They get their last location and they went their. But they didn’t find smthng than they went toward rajvir house.
@ rajvir place
Rajvir : i must say my little sis is grown up and she is very smart. I get to know when
Fb shown
She was talking on phone with a goons to clear the proof from sana rooms and at that time rajvir enter and saw her talking. Than he get to know all plan for sana.
Fb ends
Know as we decided I’ll take my ragini and u go to ur sanskar. I m going to her and than I’ll take her to australia.
Neha: ok bro u go.
Rajvir went to ragini place. Here sanskar saswat and Prince come to rajvir bonglow. Servant tell neha that rockstar sanskar has come to meet her with two men. Listening sanskar name she said
Neha : take them to hall and told them i m coming in two minute.
And she start doing makeup.
@ragini side
Rajvir come to ragini she try to exit when he held ragini wrist and pull her
Ragini : what the hell
And she try to free her hand and here door get close again rajvir leave her wrist actually the door get open or close by remote which is with rajvir.
Ragini : rajvir u here so u r with ur sis y u kidnape me.
Rajvir : ragini u know about me.
Ragini : yes i know about ur reality and u know i hate u because of u a innocent girl has to attempt suicide. U cheap moron.
Rajvir hold her and say

Rajvir : what u say u hate me. How can u do so u should love me actually u have to love me.
Saying this he hold her from her shoulder and try to being close with her ragini push him
Ragini : dare u came near me and u will goona face the hell.

So frends me diksha pathak signing off the next epi of is it simple??? Hope u all r liking it give ur suggestion and complains are also welcome and as now i m fine will update the next part soon b…by

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