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Hii frends this is diksha. I know i m late but what to do my health is not so gud so I’m not able to upadte. i m thinking to end this ff so maybe 3 or 4 more part will be updated. But with abig twist So now no more bak bak lets start the story.

@Ragini place
Ragini is getting ready for collage. She has worn pink colour long suit. She had light makeup. She get a call. She check the phone it is from sanskar.
Sanskar : hii, my sunshine.
Ragini : where r u?
Sanskar : outside of ur house. Come fast yr i m missing u so much.
Ragini : ok coming in 2 minutes.
Ragini is going out when her mother says
Madhu : ragini have ur breakfast beta.
Ragini : i m not feeling hungry. I m late for clg. today is clg function and i am handling that so i m going.
Madhu : ok but atleast have some juice.
Ragini : ok mom
Saying this she drink one glass juice and go outside. She went near sanskar he is on bike.
Sanskar : what is this yr? Y u r so late?
Ragini : what can i do ur would be mother in law stop for me to have breakfast.
Sanskar : what, my would be mother in law from where she come?
Ragini playfully slept him on shoulder
Ragini : u r such a dumbhead.

Than sanskar realise what it means. Her eyes twinkle with mischives. He hold her from waist and pull her and make her sit in his lapes. He place his lips on her nape and start rubbing his nose their and inhaling her scent.
Ragini : s…..a….n……s……k….a……r
Sanskar : hmmm ragini
Ragini : s…a…n…s….k….a…..r …p…l..s d..o..nt.. d….o.. t…h…i…s
Sanskar : y what happened? I m ur would be yr.
Ragini : pls leave me
Sanskar : no
Ragini : pls
Sanskar : no
Than ragini think of smthng and said
Ragini : papa u.
Sanskar : wo uncle wo.
He move and find no one their he move toward ragini.
Sanskar : not fair yr.
Ragini : sanskar I m getting late for collage.
Sanskar : today u r not going clg.
Ragini : than where r we going.
Sanskar : ur would be’s fvrt place to spend some quality time from when this rajvir came na.i dont even get time to spend with u.
Ragini : ok.

She sit on bike they both are going when their bike got puncterd
Ragini : what happened to this bike now
Sanskar : because of ur weight this bike got puncture.
Ragini : haww sanskare u call me fat wait I’ll tell u saying this she start chasing her they both are running around the bike the got tired.
Sanskar : offo now stop chasing me and let me check on gps a mechanic shop around here.
Ragini : ohoo rockstar have brain too than do fast na.
Sanskar has turn on the gps but its taking time so he take ragini phone and take his phone in his pocket.they r lookimg toward the phone when they feel a weird smell and they feel dizzy.

@ police station
Saswat get a phone call.
Saswat : hello, this is xyz police station, inspectr saswat speaking.
Caller : uncle i m neha sir i m at xyz place pls come here i somehow manage to escaped from rajvir pls come fast
Saswat : ok beta u just wait their i m coming.
He take out the car and was driving here at neha side neha is hiding behind a car and two goon are jist standing in front of the car. Goons heard the sound of a vehical they hide at other side saswat come out and shout neha and come toward the goon’s side he come forward and goon hit him with irone rod he fell down
And than goon show neha and they took her too with him

@ Prince side.
Prince went to photo shop which is located out of station he went inside the shop.
Prince : bhaiya i want to ask u smthng
Shopkeeper : yes sir.
Prince : will u can moph this picture.
he gave a photo.
Shopkeeper : kya krna h sir.
Prince : oh u know na its trend of six pack so pls do this for me.
Shopkeeper : ok sir u wait for 10 minute.
Prince : sir do u remember 1 year befor my one friend came to moph the pic u had done it really good it was like real one. Pls do it like that only.
Shopkeeper : sir it will also look like real.
Prince : how much charge u have taken from him.
Shopkeeper : From whom sir.
Prince show him one of the moph pic of sana.
Prince : who had came to moph this pic
Shopkeeper : oh that mam she has given us 3000 for only 5 pic
Prince : ok didnt u remember her name.
Shopkeeper : no sir. Ur pic is ready u can take it now.
Prince : how much
Shopkeeper : sir 25 rs/-
Prince give him money and start to go back.

So frend this is diksha with signing the next epi of is it simple. I know this time i m so much late and lovely i had completed ur request i m really happy to found that u were waiting for this ff.
Snehahari : i m glad u liked it
Cutiie : this is ragsan ff hope u like it.
lovely : i m really glad u like it.
Spp : i m glad u like it. I m really glad i m taking care of me but its look like my illness love me more but dont need to tense i will kick it out.
Venni : i m glad u like it.
Nami : i m glad u like it.
Piya : i m glad u like it. Dont take tension yr ill go nowhere untill i complete my ff.
Nusz : missed u too my frend i m glad u like it. I know i m late der se aye pr aa gaye
Joy : i m glad u like it. And i know i m late but what to do my health is not ao gud
sss : i m glad u like it.dont take tension they will not gonna seprate they will face every thing together u will get to know about girl in maybe the

next epi. And i know i m late.

Credit to: diksha

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    Awesome Superb
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    This episode rocked Hun xx.

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