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This is diksha trying to take your precious time. Hope u all like it. Lets start the story

Sanskar and ragini are acting as if they are fighting on some topic. After that ragini sign sanskar to leave sanskar went from their he hide behind a tree. Ragini went to her bike and show as if her bike is not working. Rajvir come to her.
Rajvir : any problm miss ragini
Ragini : wo actually sir my bike is not starting.
Rajvir : let me see
He start the bike.
Rajvir : ur problm is solved.
Ragini : thanq sir.
Saying this she sat on bike and wear her helmate
Ragini : sir gift and all for ur gf who is that lucky girl.
Ragini said pointing toward the gift
Rajvir : no nthng like that ragini i m single and about gift its for u.
Ragini : for me why?
Rajvir : u help me that’s why so ur gift.
Ragini : no sir its not needed
Rajvir : ragini pls
Ragini : ok sir as u say
Ragini take the gift. And leave from their after that rajvir leave and than sanskar also leave from their.
Day were passing ragini make rajvir belive that she love him and their is nthng between ragini and sanskar. She went with him many places whenever she go with rajvir their is always someone either sanskar or prince around them.
After one week
@ a hotel room
Sanskar,Prince, saswat and ragini were talking about the plane
Sanskar : that rajvir is such a creep he is always around ragini
Prince : it is gud for our plane yr.
Saswat : what is the benifite of all this he still didn’t prpose u what if he didn’t do in future too.
Ragini : than i will do that papa it is a important phase of our plane.
Because after this only we can get info about him and sana murder.
@ a place
Their is darkness all around we can just see a shadow of person. In dim light of the phone which the person is holding that person is caressing phone.
Person : sanskar i love u alot not from now from the very first moment when i show u first time with sana that sana she always roam around her. I can’t even able to talk to u and when i tell her about my feeling she take it in fun and tell me that i m not of ur type idiot she make fun of my feeling how could she thats y i purposly tell that client that sana is a call girl….
Suddenly she listen some sound and hide the phone.
@rajvir place
Rajvir : tommorow is function in clg and after that I’ll prpose u and i know u will accept it and than we will become one u will become mine only mine. I love u ragini i love u so much.
A person (its have a girly voice) : did u really think that they splits? maybe this is their plane. Maybe they are acting like this qe should not take risk.
Rajvir : than what should we do now? How we will get to know about this.
Person : i have a plane I’ll get info about it. So u chill. After that u will get ur ragini and I’ll get my sanskar.
@ hotel
Ragini : I’ll wait for his prposal for next two days. And if he didn’t prpose me than i have to do that because after that only i can get info about him.
Saswat : u r right acha now i should leave i have some work in office.
And he left the place.
Prince : i should also leave i have also some work regarding the ngo ok by.
And he also left.
Sanskar : so
Ragini : so what
Sanskar : now we r alone all left so…
He said naughtily
Ragini : u r right all left so i should also leave the place.
She said teasingly and turn to leave.
When sanskar come infront of her and lock the gate
Ragini : let me go sanskar
Sanskar stand in between the way and move where ragini move when ragini move he move to right side and when she move to left he too did the same they r doing like this for almost ten minutes
Ragini : sanskar
Sanskar : ragini
Ragini : let me go na baba
Sanskar : no
he hold ragini from waist and pick her up and twirl her they both fell on bed. Sanskar hold her wrist and pull her she fall on top of him her one hand his on his chest and her hair is around her face. Sanskar tuck her hairs at back of her ears and hold her from waist and rolls now sanskar is on top.
Ragini : let me go na
Sanskar : no “abhi na jao chod ke ki dil abhi bhara nahi” not leave me now that i want to see u more.
Ragini : oho someone is becoming poet not bad.
Sanskar : “mein shayr to nahi magar e hassi dekha jabse tujhko mjhko shayri aa gayi” i m not poet but from when i see u i get to know shayri.
Ragini : stop it yr. And let me go.
Sanskar : on one condition u have to come on a date with me ok
Ragini : ok done now may i leave.
Sanskar : yes u can go if i have control than ill never let u go far from me.
Ragini : really u r too sweet.
Sanskar : ok but that doesnt means u will eat me by thinking me a sweet
Ragini : thats not gud sanskar i m giving u compliment and u r talking like this
Sanskar : i was joking my sunshine.
Ragini : i know
Saying this she give a peck on her cheek.
Sanskar (making a cute childish sad face) : thats no fair
Ragini : what is not fair.
Sanskar : u always kiss me on cheek why u give punishment to my lips they are also kissable
Saying this he move to opposite side.
Ragini make him turn and pull him toward her and keep her hands on his shoulder than keep her one hand on his back head and pull him and place her soft lips on his lips and kiss him firstly he was numb for some second than he also respond and start kissing. Firstly it was a soft kiss than it became a passionate one or u can say a bit wild he bite her lips they are lost in each other they come back to senses by call on ragini’s phone.
Ragini pick the call. Sanskar start irritating her. Ragini was talking on phone and sanskar is making weird sounds from behind like ahhh… ummm……leave me……. baby u r really wild…….m….. ragini close his mouth with her hand and than finished the call quickly.
Ragini : what is this sanskar y u r making this type of sound its gud that it was a wrong no. Otherwise what will they gonna think.
Sanskar : what about him he broke my precious moment.
Ragini : ohh my sweet love
She pull his cheek
Sanskar : ok baba lets go I’ll drop u at ur home and tommorow is a big day.
He drop her at home. Than they leave.
So frends this is diksha singning off the next epi of is it simple??? I hope u all r liking it.
snehahari : i m glad u like it.
Nistha : i m glad u like it. I’ll try to give more gud scenes.
lovely : i m glad u like it.
poonam : i m glad u like it.
Rp : i m glad u like it.
Sreeju : i m glad u like it. Ill try to give more scenes.
Venni : i m glad u like it.
Piya : i m glad u like it.
Nusz : i m glad u like it. Actually i dont use skype r u on fb?
sss : i m glad u like it .and ill try nest to gibe u such more epi. I m a bit fine so i’ll try to update as soon as possible.
Priya : i m glad u like it.
PP : i m glad u like it.i’ll try to give more scenes like this and i m happy to see ur concern now i m a bit fine.
Ana : i m glad u like it.

Credit to: diksha

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