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Hii frends this is diksha with next part of is it simple??.so lets strat the story
A boy is shown playing a piano.he had worn a white shirt with black jeans.he was playing a sad tone.sunddenly he stop playing piano.he had his eyes close.tears were rolling down from his eyes as if he was remembring something, something very bad. suddenly a man come and say
Man : sir your work has done.
The boy wipe his tear and turn toward man
Boy : thats gud. U may leave.
Boy took out his phone and he was seeing some pic this pics are of ragini.
Boy : i m sorry miss ragini i dont wanna hurt u. But it is neccessry to teach ur father a lesson. Just because of him i lost my most important thing.
@ragini home @breakfast table

Ragini’s father : ragini ur mom told me every thing last night. U tell me was those picture was sending by same no.
Ragini : yes papa.
Ragini’s dad : give me that no. I will find out all details of it. And from today two officer will go with u.
Ragini : what is this papa? I’ll go alone. I am not a coward. And if u are tense about my safety i’ll not go alone anywhere. I’ll go with my frends only.
Ragini’father : but beta
Ragini : no if and but papa i can handle it and u know i am a gud marshal artist’s student. I know how to defend my self. Now i m going by.
Ragini’s father : ok by and take care beta.
@ collage
Ragini went to collage and saw there was some prprations was going on.ragini to her frend
Ragini : what is this going on riya.
Riya : u don’t know?
Ragini : no
Riya : ya i forgot u went yesterday home early na. Their is concert of famous youth sensation sanskar.
Ragini : oh i see.

Riya : u r not excited for it? U know how gud singer he is? And handsome too.
Ragini : i dont now and i m not intrested. I have some work in library by.
And she go toward library.
Host : hii teacher and students as u know we are here for concert of youth sensation sanskar. So lets welcome mr sanskar.
And here took our hero a grand entry with his guitar in his hand.he has worn a light blue shirt has left his buttons open which is revealing his some musculine body with a black jeans.and start singing.
I love you all
Dosto naa koyee manjil hai,
naa koyee saathee hai
Phir bhee nikal pada hu
ghar se
Shayad jisakee talaash hai,
vohee saathee hai wohee manjil hai

O o jaane jaana,
dhunde tujhe divaana
Sapano me roj aaye,
aa jindagee me aanaa
O o jaane jaana,

dhunde tujhe divaana
Sapano me roj aaye,
aa jindagee me aanaa sanam
He is playing his guitar and dancing as well.listening his voice ragini came out of library and went toward concert hall.
(Meraa khwaab mere khayalo kee raani Kisee din banegee hamaaree kahaanee) – (2)
Hai meree bekhudee
yeh kasam maine lee
Pyaar me ek din
meree jaan tujhe hai paana
Sapano me roj aaye
aa jindagee me aanaa
O o jaane jaana, dhunde tujhe divaana
Sapano me roj aaye,
aa jindagee me aanaa sanam

(Kisee khubsurat paree jaisee hogee Mujhe kya pata dilruba kaisee hogee) – (2)
Here our ragini come into hall.sanskar came down from stage and point toward crowd
Sochta hu tujhe chahta hu tujhe
Dil meraa keh raha saare faasle mitaana
(O o jaane jaana, dhunde tujhe divaana
Sapano me roj aaye,
aa jindagee me aanaa
O o jaane jaana, dhunde tujhe divaana
Sapano me roj aaye, aa jindagee me aanaa sanam) – (2)
Aa jindagee me aanaa sanam

And song end and hole hall is fill with clapping sound and crowd is shouting once more.
Suddenly ragini phone beep she look toward her phone.its again her photo with a message.
“Looking very beautiful in this dress. Enjoying concert without me. Not gud and u told ur father about me.but it will not gonna change anything my jaan.”
She became tense and run toward her bike but she collide with someone.she look toward him he is non other than sanskar.she start shouting at him and here our sanskar is just staring at her senslessly.
Ragini shake him.and said
Ragini : what the hell y are u staring at me like this.
Sanskar : beautiful.
Ragini : what??
Sanskar : nthng i m sorry i was in hurry.
Ragini : whatever

And she left from their.
Sanskar to himself what a girl.beautiful.sanskar what is happening to u know stop thinking and go to ur home.and he also left the place.
This is diksha singning off the epi 2.may u like this also.and forgive me for my mistakes.and thanq for ur beautiful comment and a big thanx to silent readers too.
Rakhi : thanx for your appreciation and comment
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Credit to: diksha

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