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This is diksha trying to take your precious time. Hope u all like it. Lets start the story

Next day
Ragini get ready for clg. And went to breakfast table. Sanskar prince and saswat were already having their breakfast. Prince and sanskar were their at nyt as saswat has insisted them for stay their. Ragini had her breakfast and start leaving for clg when sanskar called her.
Sanskar : ragini wait i m also coming to clg we I’ll drop u.
Ragini : ok
They both went out. They reach near sanskar car. He open the door for ragini. But she close the door and say
Ragini : today we will go on my bike what say.
Sanskar : no way
Ragini : y frightened ha..

Sanskar : nthng like that sanskar never ever get frightened with any thing
Ragini : so lets go
Saying this she sit on the bike.
Sanskar : but I’ll drive it.
Ragini : no this is my bike I’ll drive it.
Sanskar : no this bike is mine. I’ll drive it.
Ragini : from when my bike became urs
Sanskar : from when u become mine.

Ragini : oh really
Sanskar : yes really its simple logic my sunshine when u r mine than everything belong to u is mine also.
Ragini : oh u and ur stupid logic. And what u say sunshine now when this happened
Sanskar : from when u enter in my life. U r just like a light which is very much needed for me who give brightness to my boring life. And u give me warmth like sun, warmth of feeling and emotion.
Ragini become emotional and hugged him and say
Ragini : i love u. U r really precious for me.

They relases the hug
Ragini : but dont u dare to think that ill let u drive my bike sit behind me ok
Sanskar : ok mam as u say ur wish my command
Saying this he sit behind her and she start driving the bike. When they start going sanskar start troubling her he start tickling her but of no use because she has worn the biker jacket so she didn’t feel tickled. than he get an idea he lean near her neck and keep his lip on her neck. And start kissing her. Ragini feel shiver in her body.
Ragini : s…an….sk…ar
Sanskar : hmm
Ragini : pl…s d….on..t tr…ou….bl..e me.

Sanskar : this is ur reward
Ragini : reward for what.
Sanskar : to make me understand how gud is sitting behind ur lover on bike. thanq my sunshine.
Ragini stops the bike
Sanskar : what happened

Ragini : u go from here alone by walking.
Sanskar : but we r near the clg than what the need of going by walking.
Ragini : u forgot our plan its needed for that.
Sanskar : ya i know ok by.
saying this he start going. Ragini hold his hand and went to him and hug him.
Ragini : i m scared what if i didn’t able to execute our plane perfectly.
Sanskar : i know u can do it. And u r the one who make us ready for it. And we r their for u so now u dont be tense.
Ragini : ok
Sanskar : see u at music class their is smthng spcl for u

Saying this he releases the hug cupped her face and give peck on her head. Than they both went to clg.
Ragini went in she saw rajvir near library and intentionaly bump with rajvir. He hold her by waist and he was staring at her countinuasly. and here ragini is feeling disgusting that she has to be with him. But than she think its for gud than ragini says
Ragini : thanq sir u save me.
Saying this she stands straight.
Rajvir (murmure) : its my plsr
Ragini : sir u said smthng
Rajvir : ya i said welcome so ragini their is a clg fest our clg will organised it so i need ur help.
Ragini : y not sir it will be my plsr to help u.
Rajvir : thanq
Ragini : ok sir i need to go for my class.
Saying this she went to her class.

@music class
sanskar enter in class. Students greet him and he too greet back.
Sanskar : so frends today i have a news for u as their are only two week left for music class so today we will choose five student whom i teach and than at last day i will choose a briliant student and give her training for singing. So r u ready?
Student : yes
Sanskar : so today u all will sing a romentic song. And than I’ll choose the 5 best singers.
All student sings the song. Sanskar choose 5 best singers and ragini is one of them.
Sanskar : so who r not selected dont be sad as u all r gud so now my turn to sing the song and it is for sunshine of my life.
He sing khuda bhi from ek paheli leela

Khuda bhi jab tumhe
mere paas dekhta hoga
Khuda bhi jab tumhe
mere paas dekhta hoga
Itni anmol cheez,
de di kaise sochta hoga
(Sanskar hold his guitar and start singing all students stand and start dancing around him. He was just looking at ragini)
Tu be-misaal hai,
teri kya misaal doon
Aasmaan se aayi hai,
yehi kehke taal doon
Phir bhi koi jo pooche,
kya hai tu kaisi hai
Haathon mein rang leke,
hawa mein uchhaal doon

( ragini come near him and stand beside him and say thanx to him without let anyone notice. Sanskar reminses the moment when they meet at garden and than their fight with goons)
Khuda bhi jab tumhe
mere paas dekhta hoga
Itni anmol cheez,
de di kaise sochta hoga
(He reminses their first kiss their todays bike moment their nok jhok he was lost in thought when ragini pinch him he come back to reality)
Sanskar so frend by have a gud day

After music class ragini went to rajvir for helping him or u can say for her plan.
Here rajvir was planing smthng
Rajvir : today for the first time u r not rude to me and even u r not with that sanskar so u deserve a gift for it. He was remiceing mrng moment. And he is smiling. U r really beautiful.
He come back to senses when he listen ragini voice she has kept her hand on his shoulder.
Ragini : sir do u need any help? How can i help u sir?
Rajvir move toward her and hold her hand he was surprise that ragini is talking to him because maximum time she say yes or no. And she let him hold her hand is it like that she get to know about him? He was thinking but next miment his doubt get clear when she remove her hand from his. She help him. Than she went to clg parking. Sanskar come their he was angry.
Ragini : sanskar

Sanskar : no responce
Ragini (hold his hand) : sanskar y u r angry? u know na its needed for our plan. pls don’t get angry.
Sanskar : yes i know but i can’t see u with that creep or anyone with u.
(Sanskar was their as because ragini had tell him that she is giing to rajvir and for her protection he is around her)
Ragini : oh… my sweet rockstar became jealouse. Ok now onward I’ll not let him touch me now happy.
Sanskar : ok
Than they saw rajvir coming toward them they sign each other and act as if they r fighting.
Rajvir saw them happy he is very happy he saw the packet which is in his hand.
Rajvir : thats gud that sanskar himself is getting away from u i dont need to do anything for seprating them. They themself getting away from each other.

So frends this is diksha signing off the next epi of is it simple??? Hope u all like it. And i know this time i m a bit late actually i had some health issues and i know that my frends will dont mind it.
Poonam : i m glad u like it and its gud just because of ur appreciation.
lovely : i m glad u like it and from next time ill try my best to not make u wait.
sss : i m glad u like it. And it is gud because of ur support. Yes ragini is on attack mode and lets see what will gonna happened. I always try to update soon but this time i had health issues.
Venni : i m glad u like it and this is gud just because of ur appreciation and ur comments.
PP : i m glad u like it and about plan lets see what will gonna happened. I m really happy u r liking my ideas.

nitu : i m glad u like it.
Piya : i m glad u like it.
Nusz : i m glad u like it. Mine fvrts are maine pyar kiya and bajrangi bhaijan. Actually if i say that i like his all movie it will be more correct. U tell me what is ur hobbies?
Chhahat: i m glad u like it and i m really happy that u r liking my ideas.

Credit to: diksha

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