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Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur precious time. So lets begin the story.

Next day
Ragini got ready and have her breakfast she was leaving for collage when saswat call her.
Saswat : ragini wait i wanna talk to u? U wait than I’ll drop u to clg.
Ragini : ok papa.
After sometime saswat and she leave to her clg in saswat car
Saswat : ragini u know that rajvir is behind u. Pls be careful beta.
Ragini : papa I’ll be. U don’t take tension than i have phone if i feel anything wrong I’ll call u ok.
Saswat : hmm ragini i wanna ask u smthng.
Ragini : yes papa from when u need permision for asking me smthng.
Saswat : its about sanskar.
Ragini (nervously) : hmm papa say
Saswat : ragini, is their smthng between u two.
Ragini : hmm papa wo
Saswat : thats means yes. So u love him.
Ragini nods her head in yes.
Saswat : and sanskar did he too love u.
She again nods in agreement.
He drop her to clg and leave than she went to attened the classes.
@english class.
Rajvir enter in class he take the class after the class. He stop ragini outside the class.
Rajvir : u r ragini right u r one of gud student.
Ragini : thanx sir.
Rajvir : i need ur help as u know i m new here i dont know much about here will u pls help me. And introduce me to clg gs and ags. And as i am seeing culture department and dean tell me u look after of that apartment will u help me in that also.
Ragini : ok sir but now i have classes if u dont mind I’ll make u meet gs and ags tommorow and tell u about cultural department too.
Rajvir : ok
And he forward his hand and ragini hesitantly shook hand with him and than left for the classes.
Rajvir was just looking at his hand.
Rajvir : this is my first step toward u now that day is not far when u came to me and u will became mine only.
In music class
Sanskar was teaching student when ragini entered in class.
Ragini : may i come in sir.
Sanskar look at her his face is sawing that how eagerly he was waiting for her arrival. After seeing her his face is glowing and he has a wide smile on his face. but he is upset with her as she didn’t meet him in parking at their usual place.
Sanskar : ya come in miss late ragini became angry while going in class she intetinaly hit his leg with her heels. Sanskar shout in pain holding his foot. Ragini move toward him and smirk.
Rafini : ohh i m sorry sir i didnt do it intentionaly pls forgive me.
Sanskar : ok take ur seat.
After classes she is standing near the gate as she has not taken her bike today. When sanskar come their in his car and as always pull her in car And close the gate. Ragini composes herself and saw sanskar their she start beating him playfully. Sanskar hold her hand and kiss her hands. Ragini shys.
Ragini : what is this sanskar? Why can’t u behave like a normal person?
Sanskar : how can i? Afterall i m a rockstar and today i cant able to spend time with u. So it is a small punishment for that.
He make a cute innocent face. Ragini hug him and than she pull her cheek.
Ragini : u r looking so cute. And u were missing me, so sweet.
Sanskar : what so sweet today why u hit me with ur sandle in class.
Ragini : y u call me miss late entry. That was ur punishment.
Sanskar : than u also deserve a punishment saying this he come close to her. she closes her eyes she go near her. her heart start beating fast. He go close to her and put seatbelt on her. She open her eyes
Ragini : u were putting seatbelt i thought.
Sanskar : what u thought?
He smile naughtily.
Ragini : nthng
Sanskar : oh u thought ill gonna kiss u. Naughty girl.
Ragini shys and blush.
Sanskar : wese i dont mind if u wanna kiss me u can i really dont mind.
Sanskar winks at her.
Ragini : no nthng like that.
Sanskar : ok but don’t pull my cheek yr i m not a small baby and pls don’t call me cute its for girl u can call me handsome, hot, smart and intelligent.
Ragini : ohk i will not pull ur cheek. And i also miss u so much but u only said na no meeting in clg. And u know u r too cute.
Sanskar : again cute.
Ragini : ok tell me u here? y?
Sanskar : wo ur father has call me he said to drop u to ur house as u didn’t take ur bike today. So, i m at ur service mam.
He drop her to her house.
Outside the ragini place in car
Sanskar : i m not in moode to let u go. Don’t go na.
Ragini : sanskar, i have to go. We will meet tommorow
Sanskar : and untill that time what i will do.
Ragini pull him and give him a kiss on his cheek and sanskar kiss her on forehead and say
Sanskar : take care and I’ll gonna miss u by.
Ragini went out from car and say by to him.
When saswat come their he call sanskar inside.
Saswat : sanskar i wanna talk about that rajvir. What have u thought what should we do next as we r not able to find or contact her.
Sanskar : sir did u find that from where she call u.
Saswat : i told my officer they were trying.
Sanskar : we should first know about rajvir his comtacts and how he look too.
Saswat : ok
Days were passing here ragini and sanskar love is increasing day by day. And rajvir always try to find anyway to talk with ragini they r also become frend. Saswat is trying to know about him. He get almost all info about him which he can.
One week later.
Saswat call everyone at his house as madhu was gone to her brother house. They all were sitting in hall. Ragini gave them snacks and caffe.
Saswat : i got that rajvir photo.
Sanskar : where it is saw us.
Saswat : a constable will come with photo.
At that time someone knock at door. Ragini open the door and took the pic. She hand it over to saswat. They all see that.
Sanskar : his face is somewhat familier to me i had sawn him somewhere.
Than ragini took the photo she is sock to see the photo.
Ragini : veer.
Saswat : no he is rajvir.
Ragini : no, papa he is my english proffeser rajvir.
Sanskar : yes ragini u r right i had also saw him in collage sometime.
Ragini : why he is their as proffessor.
Prince : ragini he is behind u. He just wanna know about u by this.
Ragini : yes, Prince u r right so this is the reason y he always try to know about me. And always call me for silly reason.
Sanskar : ragini, u should not talk to him now onward and I’ll talk to collage authority to resticate him.
Ragini after sometime.
Ragini : sanskar i have an idea
Ragini tell them the idea
Sanskar : but it is riskey.
Ragini : ok than u have anyother idea? No than and if we leave this like this than also their is risk.
Trion : ok than we will do it.
So, frend this is diksha singing off the another epi of is it simple??? Hope u like it.
sss : i m glad u like it. And being scenes gud ut just all because of ur comment which give me a boost to do so.u will get to know about his plane soon. Yup sanskar and ragini both will defeat him for sure. And i always try to update as soon as possible.
lovely : i m glad u like it.
snehahari : i m glad u like it.
PP : ok its ur wish and u r right ur comments always give a boost to me and i m glad u like it. And yes veer is rajvir.
azure : yup he is disguise about what will gonna happened next we will see u know sometime u give me some really gud ideas through ur comment. And i m glad u like it.
Chhahat : i m glad u like it. And ill try to make it more gud.
Venni : i m glad u like it. Ur comments r the resone of it that its going gud.
Joy : i m really glad u like it.yes rajvir is disguise. Lets see what he is upto.
Ana : i m glad u like it.
Megha : i m glad that u gonna read it. And hope u like it also. I’ll be more glad to find ur precious comment.
Nusz : i m glad u enjoyed it. And I’ll try to make it as gud as i can. My fvrt actor is salman khan and akshay kumar and actress deepika padukon and what about u.
Piya : yupp rajvir is not completely the reason of sana’s death and i m glad u like it.
Ridha : i m glad u like it.
poonam : i m glad u like it and ur comments r the reason who appreceat me to make it as cute as i can.

Credit to: diksha

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