is it simple??? epi 17


Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur precious time. So lets begin the story.

@ sanskar home
Sanskar went to his room. He sit at his bed and was just lost in ragini’s thoght. He had a bright smile on his face. Prince come to him.
Prince : sanskar
No responce
Prince : sanskar

Again no responce. He jerk him by shoulder.
Sanskar : hmmm what happened? Why r u doing like this?
Prince : where were u lost.
Sanskar : nthng u tell me smthng important.
Prince : what have u thought. What we will do?
Sanskar : i think we should make a plane with the help of mr.saswat he knows about rajvir and that girl neha also can help me but..
Prince : but what sanskar
Sanskar : i dont know y but i think i had saw that girl befor also. Let it be u sleep and after clg we all will think a gud plan for it.
Prince : ok

@rajvir place
Rajvir : its been almost one year of that girl sana death but i didn’t find out one thing who the hell is that person who inform that client about sana address as far as i know i never metion it to anyone. Because of that sana my sis is against me i should do smthing.
@ragini place
As soon as ragini enter in the house her mom saw her with bandage as she is a mother she panicked seeing her daughter like that.

Madhu : what is this ragini? How u get injured?
Ragini make sit her mom on sofa and hold her hand.
Ragini : mom i m fine. Its just a small wound which will heal in one or max two days so chill.
Saying this she left to her room she is smiling and lost in her new founded love thoughts.
Next day
Ragini is getting ready and she is just confused what she should wear. She has almost take all dresses and tried but she is not satisfied with that when her mom enter in her room. She is in a shock after seeing her room state. her bed is full of dresses and she is still in her bathrobe.
Madhu : what is this ragini? What have u done with this room?
Ragini : mom oh thank god u came mom tell me na what should i wore today i m confused
This is the second sock for her because ragini has never bother of her look. Than she give her a light orange long top and black jeans . Ragini get ready and went to collage.
@collage in parking area.

Sanskar was waiting for her in parking area and ragini come their and park her bike when she went toward collage sanskar pull her behind a nearby tree and close her mouth to stop her from shouting. They have a romentic eyelock. Ragini bite sanskar hand and he shout in pain.
Sanskar : ahh what is this ragini?
Ragini : ur punishment.

Sanskar : for what?
Ragini : for pulling me here. can’t u meet me like a normal person is it nessesry to give me a sock always?
Sanskar : what yr i m waiting for u almost from half hour and what will i get pain.
Ragini : than what u want?
sanskar hold her from waistand pull her close to him and lean toward her ears his hot breaths are falling on ragini neck which is giving her siver in her whole body.
Sanskar : the same gift which u gave me yesterday at hospital.
Ragini blushes. She lower her eyes.
Ragini : sanskar leave me i m getting late for my classes leave me.
Sanskar : no untill u give me my gift.

Ragini : ok I’ll firstly u leave me and close ur eyes.
Sanskar did the same ragini give a peck on his cheek and run from their. Sanskar open his eyes and saw her running toward clg. He hold his cheek.
Sanskar : not fare ragini but i know how to get my gift.
Saying this he also went to clg.
And than rajvir come out from behind a nearby car.
Rajvir : sanskar how dare u get close to my ragini u have to face its consequences be ready for it.
@ragini class.

Dean come in the class. Student greet him.
Dean : so student as u all know ur english proffesser is get retired so now today onward a new proffessor will teach u. So meet ur new proffessor mr. Veer pointing toward a man who entered in class.
Veer : thanx sir.

Dean : ok now i m leaving.
Saying this he leave and veer introduce him and than student introduce them. But veer is constantly looking at ragini.
After class.
Veer : so now be ready ragini to be mine and u sanskar u be ready for ur punishment to touching my ragini. Because ragini is mine only mine she is of rajvir and will be of rajvir.
After clg.

@ sanskar house
Sanskar ragini and prince were sitting in hall when saswat come their he is tensed.
Ragini : what happened papa
Saswat : beta that girl neha. She is missing.
Sanskar : what? But how?
Saswat : i dont know.
He was about to say smthng when his phone ring. He attened the call.
Saswat : who is this?
Caller : uncle i m neha.
Saswat put phone on speaker
Saswat : where r u?

neha tell him everything.
Neha : uncle i listen bhai talking to his goon he is behind another girl. Her name is ragini. She study in xyz collage and sanskar sir in teaching her music u pls find her otherwise may he will distroy her life also.
Ragini : neha can u pls send us ur bro pic? We didn’t saw ur bro so it will help us to identify him.
Neha : ok
She is about to say smthng when one of goon saw her talking on phone he took the phone and crush it.
Ragini : hello neha r u their.

Ragini : its seems call is disconnected.
They try again to call her but of no use.
saswat : beta neha is talking about ur clg only. And she take ur name is the girl she is talking about is u.
Sanskar : yes ragini, i to think uncle is right because in music class also only ur name is ragini. And that day those goon also say me to be away from u i think those goon were also send by that rajvir.

Ragini : is if she is talking about me than also they should be attentive to me not me from them.
Sanskar and saswat : ragini
Ragini : ok baba i will be aware. now chill.
Prince : now what we will do.
Ragini : i have an idea. And i think it will work .
Sanskar : which idea.
Ragini tell them the idea.
Sanskar saswat and Prince in unison : no ragini it may hurm u no.
Ragini : but try to understand.
Trio : no means no.
Ragini : ok than what will u all do?
Trio : we will think smthng.
Saswat : ok i should go now i have a case to handle by and prince u take ragini home with u.
Sanskar : I’ll drop her and uncle Prince will stay with me now.
Saswat : ok by.

He left than sanskar also take ragini to drop her at home.
In car
Sanskar was driving the car. He look at ragini he just get loat in her.Sanskar stop the car in mid.
Ragini : what happened sanskar y u stop the car.
Sanskar : ragini u know today u r looking really beautiful.
Ragini : so
Sanskar : so, i compliment u and u didn’t give me my gift.
Ragini : sanskar u r behaving as if u r a teenager.
Sanskar : yup i m.
Ragini : no
Sanskar : pls

Ragini : no
Sanskar : ok ur wish I’ll not force u. He said with a sad face.
Ragini : thanq and she kiss him on cheek.
Sanskar : i didn’t understand u girls.

Ragini : y
Sanskar : when i was asking for kiss u say no when i stop asking. u kiss me what is this.
Ragini : ohoo u look so cute when u were annoyed so i m just teasing u.
Sanskar : oh so u were teasing me.
Saying this he pull her toward him and he also lean to kiss her. Than they share a deep and passionate lip lock. After that sanskar drop her to her house and went back to his home.
So frend this is dikaha signing off the another epi of is it simple??? Hope u like it.
azure : i m glad u like it. And about how gud or bad is neha being with rajvir u will get to know about it as story proceed.
Lovely : i m glad u like it

snehahari : i m glad u like it.
Piya : i m glad u like it. And rajvir has taken his entry in their life.Chhahat : i m glad u like it.
sss : i m glad u like it. Hope i didnt make u wait more.
Nusz : i m glad u like it. And try to make it as gud as i can no actually i didnt watch tv much only sometime.
poonam : i m glad u like it.

sherin : i m glad u like it.
PP : i m glad u like it. And ill try to make it more gud. And no need of thanx yr.
Venni : i m glad u like it.
Joy : i m glad u like it and hope u like today scenes also.

Credit to: diksha

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