is it simple??? epi 16

Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur preciouse time. So lets begin the story.

Ragini start to go when sanskar come infront of her. And knelt down infront of her and hold her hand he is teary eyes.
Sanskar : ragini pls just one time pls listen me.
But ragini jerk his hand and run from their sanskar go behind her he was going behind her when a car come from his side and stop just beside him two goons come out from the van and start beating him. He also start fighting back. At another side ragini feel strange so she move back and saw them fighting and she run toward them. She reach their and Ragini also start beating the goons. Sanskar became sock to see her fighting like a trained fighter. He has his mouth open. Ragini come to him and close his mouth and said
Ragini : concentrate on goons not me.
Sanskar come back to senses. He also start fighting when a goon is about to hit sanskar when ragini come their and give a kick to that goon in mid of his legs. He just fall their but another goon hit her on her head by a stick and blood start coming from her head. ragini tie her head with her scarf to stop blood and sanskar see her and shout her name ragini and run toward her. When a goon told him that stay saway from ragini but he ignore that and he take her to hospital. In mean time all goon run from their by van. Sanskar take her to hospital. Dr. Check her and dress her wound.
Dr. : nthng to worry u had done gud that u tied ur wound. U can go home back. Just wait for few minute I’ll give u prescription.
Dr. Leave from their.
Sanskar go and sit beside her and hold her hand.
Sanskar : ragini pls forgive me just listen me once pls.
Ragini : ok tell me.

Sanskar tell her about all thing that how sana’s death happened how he misunderstood her father and stalk her.
Sanskar : ragini do belive me i just want justice for my bestiie sana. I never ever think of harm u not even in my bad dreams pls try to understand. Now tell me m i did anything wrong. I know i hurt u but at that time i dont have any other way.
He was in tears. Ragini cup her face and wipe his tears and hug him.
Ragini : no, sanskar u were not wrong. Now I’ll help u. Pls forgive me for not beliving u. And its not look gud when a strong person cry what will ur fan think that i beat u that much that u start cry.
Sanskar smile in tears.
Ragini : thats like my frend.
Sanskar : means u forgive me thaq ragini.
Ragini : u should thanx those goons. because of them i get this wound and come to hospital and listen ur talks.
Sanskar : I’ll not leave those bastered they harm u I’ll kill those idiot but yes they did one thing gud.
Ragini : not one but two.
Sanskar : two… how
Ragini : he make us equal na now we both have bandage on our head.
Saying this they both brust out in laghter.
Sanskar : u now when u ignore me na i feel like my life gone far from me. Don’t do this kind of thing again otherwise I’ll die.
Ragini : sshh don’t u dare speak this again.
Saying this she keep her finger on his lips. They had a cute eyelock. Than sanskar hold her hand and kiss her hand. Ragini get shy and stand to go when sanskar hold her from her waist and pull her toward him and make her look into his eyes
Sanskar : i wanna tell u smthng.
Ragini : what tell me.
Sanskar : ragini i love u.
Ragini : i love u too.
Sanskar hold her closer. he lean to kiss her and than their lips met ragini close her eyes and start moving her hand in his hair and sanskar start moving his hand on her back. And hold her more close and their kiss began to became a passionate one he start sucking her lower lips and ragini also take part in this kiss she is also kissing him with same passion. They come back to senses when they listen door opening sound.

@ sanskar place
Prince told saswat to drop neha to the secreat place as he wanna talk to sanskar. Saswat drope neha to that secreate place but he didn’t know that rajvir goons were following him as soon as he drop neha their and leave from their. Rajvir goons inform him about neha.
On call
Goon : sir we find where ur sister is? And now she is alone.
Rajvir : than what r u waiting for idiots get her here fast.
Goon : ok sir.
Goon take neha from their to rajvir house.
@rajvir house
Rajvir : so my dear sis u get successful to escape from here. I gave u much independence. More than needed. But not know.
He order his goon to take her and tied her to chair and keep their eyes on her and dont leave her alone. Goon follow his order.
After some hours.
Those goons come their who has attack on sanskar.
Goons : sir we attack on that boy but a girl come their and she also fought with him. They beat us very badly so for escaping i hit the girl on her head.
Rajvir : which girl.
Goon : that boy has take her name ragini.
Rajvir hold him by coller angrily.
Rajvir : what u harm my ragini u fool how dare u. U hit her on head right. now u have to bear consequenses of hurting her.
Saying this he start him beating very badly he beat him like hell. Blood start coming from his lips and nose. Than he leave him and say to another goon now take him from here. Now dont dare to touch her.

They depart from each other ragini blushes. Dr. Come in he give prescription to sansakar and they come out from hospital ragini is still blushing. She sit behind him he drop to her house.
Outside the ragini house.
He drop her and ragini start to toward her home when sanskar hold her hand and make her turn and say
Sanskar : thanq to understanding me and thanq for…
Ragini : no need of thax for understanding u because….
Sanskar : because what?
Ragini : nthng and second thanx for what.
Sanskar : for that gift which u give me in hospital.
Ragini blushes and start to go. This time sanskar hold her from back by her waist and said in ear.
Sanskar : ragini i want one more.
Ragini : no,
Sanskar : y
Ragini : its a public place.
Sanskar : so u will kiss me in private place.
Ragini : no sanskar now u should go home.
Sanskar : ragini wese i forgot to ask y u came to my house.
Ragini : i come their to …
Sanskar : to
Ragini : to say that
Sanskar : to say what
Ragini : nthng
And run from their and when she reach near her house door she turn and say I’ll tell u tommorow at collage. Now u go to home by. Gud nyt.

Sanskar : I’ll be waiting. By.
So frend this is diksha singnig off the another epi of is it simple??? Hope u like it.
anamica : i m glad u like it.
Meenakshi :i m glad u like it.
123 : i m glad u like it.
lovely : i m glad u like it.
123 : i m glad u like it.
Pammy : now no need of feeling bad for them and i m glad u like it.
poonam : i think ur wait is finished after reading it. And i m glad u like it.
Nusz : i love to know nusz u know my younger sis also like these couple she is crazy about arshi and rishabala And i m glad u like it.
Piya : i m glad u like it. And now i think u feel gud for them.
Ana : i m glad u like it but as i type it in phone so it is a bit hard to make it long but ill try for sure.
azure : i m glad u like it. And about that client not for now but as he was the root cause so ill not gonna spare him that easily and ill try my best for make it as gud as i can.
Chhahat : i m glad u like it.
PP : i m glad u like it and i try my best to make it more gud.
Venni : i m glad u like it.

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