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Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur preciouse time. So lets begin the story.

Next day
@ragini place
All r haveing breakfast.
Saswat : beta how’s ur collage and music class going.
Ragini : all is going gud papa.
Saswat : Prince y U r not eating smthnng?
Prince : nthng like that uncle i m full.
Saswat : ok than lets leave u told me that u wanna go somewhere come I’ll drop u.
Prince : ok uncle by ragini by aunty.
They left from their and they went to neha and pick her and they left for sanskar home.

@ sanskar place
They went in.
Sanskar : u take ur seat.
They all sit.
Prince : now u tell me uncle what happened that day.
Saswat : at that day she come to me. She was really tense.
Fb start
Saswat : what happened beta?
Sana : sir the stalker his name is rajvir he come to my home. And threat me if i don’t do as he say he will refame me.
Saswat : what kind of work he want u to do.
Sana : he want…..he want me to…..he want me to no uncle i can’t even tell u. He is just a cheap fellow.
Saswat : do tell me otherwise how can i able to help u?
Sana : he want me to spend a nyt with his so called client to entertain them and she start crying. When i say no to him. He saw me this pic and said if i dont do as he say he will viral this on net and deafame me as a call girl. She start crying her tears were unstoppable.
Fb end

Prince anger is now beyond the limit he tighten his clench and punch on table.
Prince : how bad person i m? When she need me the most i m not with her i m not gud person i m not worth for calling a human also
Sanskar go to him and console him. And make her sit.
Sanskar : than y she attempt suicide and what was that i saw u with a bag and listen u to talking with some person to closing case.
Saswat : I’ll tell u first about sana’s suicide. I myself don’t know why she attempt suicide.she was a strong girl.
Neha : i know y sana did so?
Prince, sanskar and saswat trio in unison : y she did that do tell us.
Neha : actually rajvir is my brother. He has arranged a party for the meeting and sana is their with me. Me and sana are clg frend. One of bro’s client misbehave with her and sana slap him hard. And that client has signed the big deal with bro’s company. He said to my bro if he will not get him sana he will cancel the deal. So my bro send a man to sana and she say no to him and than he hired a agent who start stalking him and for threatning her he start sending those pic and gifts just to realised her that they r around her. But when after that also she didn’t break the make her fake photos in bad condition and my Bro threat her that if she will not do as he was saying he will viral her pics and defame her than she come to u saswat uncle but when she reach back at home that client go to her and try to misbehave with her and to protect her dignity she did that. I tried earlier to save her but my bro he had keep me as a captive in our house.
Sanskar : and what about closing case mr. Saswat?
Saswat : as i have not enough proofe and my official heads were pressurising me to close the case. So, i have to close the And about the bag it has all proofs about sana case. When u had saw me at that time i was talking with my lawyer frend about it case. But y u stalk my daughter mr. Sanskar.
Sanskar : i thought u r with rajvir so make u understand how its feel when ur close one gone through something like that its kill u inside and i want to know about sana’s case through her too.
Saswat : how it will gonna happened?
Sanskar : i thought when u will she those gift u will panic and go to that basterd rajvir.
Saswat : so…

He was about to say smthng when they heard a loud voice. They look toward the direction of voice they all are sock to see ragini their in shock and the sound is from one of the nearer vase which fell down from the table.
Ragini went to sanskar and hold his coller she is teary eyes but her eyes are reflecting her anger too.
Ragini : so u r the one who is stalking me. Thats gud i came here. I came here to ask about ur well being but what i found out. I found that whom i belive whom i thought as my frend is the man who was stalking me because of whom i was littrealy in dippression. Saying this she run from their.
Sanskar move toward other and say
Sanskar : u people don’t take tension I’ll make her understand i know where she will go.
Saying this he also left the place.

@rajvir place
Rajvir was talking on phone
Rajvir : so tell me what info u get about her.
Caller : i saw her going out from that sanskar place.
Rajvir : i have to do smthng of this sanskar.
Caller : and one more thing sir i saw ur sister also at sanskar place.
Rajvir : what?? What is she doing their? U do one thing leave ragini now just go behind neha and when u find where she is and when she is alone call me. First i will see her than other.
Caller : ok
They dissconnect the call.
Than he took out ragini pic and say
Rajvir : what is this babe y r u behind that fool. Hmm no problm when u will see me and my status u will definetly come to me. Just some day than I’ll talk to u not this pic. U will be in my hand but for now i have to be happy with ur pic only but for not much time babe.

@ garden
The same garden where sanskar and ragini had fight. Ragini is sitting on grass and crying she is still in shock “pyar h ya saza is playing in bg”
Pyaar hai ya saza,
Aye mere dil bata
Toot-ta kyon nahi,
Dard ka silsila
(Ragini was reminscing sanskar saying that he is the stalker and the things from which she has gone through. She was litreally broken from inside here sanskar is driving his car.)
Iss pyaar mein hon,
Kaise kaise imtehaan
Ye pyaar likhe,
kaisi kaisi daastaan
Ya Rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar Dilbar pe hona,
Dilbar pe ho na koi asar Ho..
Ya Rabba de de koi jaanbhi agar Dilbar pe ho na,
Dilbar pe ho na koi asar
(Sanskar was also reminscing his and ragini moment and how she react after knowing he is a stalker)
Ragini pov
how can it possible. The person whom i love. Yes love i realised it when i hear about sanskar accident for a moment i feel as if my heartbeat and my breath is stopped. I went to sanskar home for confess my love but what i get to know that he is the person who is stalking me he is the one who is mentally harrasing me. How can it possible.
Her chains of thoght breake when she feel someone hand on her shoulder she look at him. He is non other than sanskar. She jerk his hand and stand and start to go but sanskar hold her hand. And stop her to go. And make her look toward him.
Sanskar : ragini just listen me once.
Ragini : what should i listen mr. Sanskar what should i? Tell me.
Sanskar : ragini just listen me for once if u feel i m wrong give me the punishment u wanna give. But atleast listen me once.
Ragini : no i will not.
And she start to leave.

So frend this is diksha signing off the another part of is it simple??? Hope u like it.
Pammy : i m glad u like the epi and my idea too.
lovely : i m glad u like it.
poonam : i m glad u like it.
Nusz : i m really glad u like it. I’ll try to keep it intresting till the end. No actually not. Do u like any tellywood couple.
Venni : i m glad u like it.
PP : i m glad u like it and my ideas too just belive me i myself is curious to know what is gonna happened next.

Credit to: diksha

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