is it simple??? epi 14

Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur preciouse time. So lets begin the story.
Next day
@ragini place
Ragini wake up in the mrng get ready for collage. She went to dinning table. Prince and saswat were having breakfast.
Ragini : mom i m going by. By papa by prince.
Saswat : take care beta.
Price : by ragini see u at evening.
Madhu : wait beta i m also coming. U drop me to market.
Ragini : ok ma come fast.
Madhu and ragini left from their.
Saswat : Prince u didn’t tell me about sanskar.
Prince was sock after listening it.
Saswat : don’t be sock yes i know about sanskar.
Prince : how do u know about him?
Saswat : i m a police officer. I send her Delhi just to know who is stalking her. I know that stalker will definetly go their and that caretaker is an officer. He listen ur and sanskar talks and inform me about it.
Prince : so u knew about us.
Saswat : prince as u know we didn’t able to talk here so y dont we talk at sanskar house.
Prince : ok I’ll talk to him about it.
Saswat : ok i m leaving for my work. Madhu will come in sometime than u can go wherever u wanna go ok take care.
Saswat also left. After that prince call sanskar and tell him all thing.
Sanskar : ok u take him to my house tommorow as tommorow i m free. Because collage is close and i didn’t have another work.
@ collage
Ragini reached collage and stop her bike. She park her bike and start moving toward collage. When sanskar also come their.
Sanskar : hii ragini
Ragini : hii sanskar.
Saying this she start to leave because she is feeling awkward because of yesterday. And same with sanskar so he didn’t call her again. Ragini atteneded her classes. She was in library. When her frend tell her about sanskar accident. Listening which she run to medical room. But she found that so much people was around medical room. And no one is allowed to go in. So she think of something and go from their to library and when she reach infront of librarian and act as she is feeling dizzy and fall on floor. Librarian with the help of student take her to medical room. They clear thr crowd from the entrance and lay her at bed. And go from their only librarian in their. dr. Check her and say.
Dr. : nthng serious maybe because of heatstrock its happened let her rest for sometime she will be ok u can go mam.
Librarian go from their. Than dr. Go to sanskar.
Dr. : take care of urself i have somework. I m leaving.
Saying this he leave. And as soon as dr. Leave the place ragini go to sanskar. She see bandage on his head.
Ragini : how its happened sanskar. How u get hurt? How ur accident happened? Saying this he cupped his face and they had eyelock. They composes themselves.
Sanskar hold her hand he ask her worriedly
Sanskar : firstly u tell me. what happened to u? R u fine now?
Ragini : ya i m fine. Actually nthng happened to me i just act as i have fits.
Sanskar(shockingly) : what and y?
Ragini (making a cute face with a pout) : wo actually. When i hear about ur accident. I came here to meet u but no one let me in. So i get this idea.
Sanskar (shock) : what just to meet me u did this? I didn’t know u can do something like this. But so sweet of u just to meeting me u did this.
Ragini : now u tell me.
Sanskar : when i m going back to home i saw a kid who is in mid of road and acar is about to hit him so in case of saving him i fall on a stone so get hitted on head nthng else.
Ragini : u r so gud. For saving a kid u did this but from next time befor doing any stunt like this just have some precaution i mean take care of ur safety too ok.
Sanskar : ok wese i didn’t know that u r a gud actor too.
Ragini : hmm for the people whome i love i pull some stunt like this. And i love u so i did this.
Sanskar feel happy listening it. And ragini realised what she say.
Ragini : i mean u r my frend na so i love u as a frend.
Sanskar : ok now we should leave.
They leave from their. And they both reach at thei home.
@ police station
The same girl whome ragini has save come to saswat.
Girl : sir i wanna meet mr. Saswat.
Saswat : i m saswat. Take a seat. Tell me what u wanna say. And what is ur name.
Girl : sir my name is neha. I wanna tell u about sana case which u had handle. But sir some goons r behind me. Pls take me to a safe place. (U can assume Alya (Krissann Barretto). Of kyy )
Saswat : ok.
He call someone and talk for a while. Than went to neha.
Saswat : beta i have arranged a place for u.
He take her to a place.
Saswat : u can live here. I had arrange all thing for u which is essential. I’ll come tommorow and take ur statemwnt know i sholud leave u take care. And if u need aomething do call me ok take this phone i had feed my no. In it.
He give her a phone and leave from their.
@ragini place
Ragini is sitting in her room and thinking about sanskar. when prince come their.
Prince : hey ragini. This is not fare u didn’t take me to anyplace.
Ragini : i m sorry prince we will go tommorow and ya i forgot to tell u about sanskar u know he is taking music classes in our collage. Tommorow we will go to his house than we will roam around what say.
Prince : tommorow not possible i have some work. Next time now i should leave gud nyt.
@prince room
Saswat come to his room. And tell him about the neha.
Prince : i think we should take her too to sanskar house. I’ll talk to sanskar about it. U go to ur room and sleep gud nyt
Prince call sanskar.
Here sanskar ia lost in ragini thought.
Prince : sanskar i wanna tell u smthng.
Sanskar : ya tell me.
Prince tell him about saswat and tell him that saswat know about him and about neha too.
Sanskar : ok u do one work take that girl too here and than we will think what should we do.
They disconnect the call.
@ff new entry place.
He was shouting on his goons.
Person : what the hell. U all r such a waste u can’t even take care of a girl sear for her. Without her don’t u all dare to saw ur dissgusting face to me bunch of fools.
Goons leave from their.
Than that person call someone.
On call
Person : i m rajvir rathore. U did my work or not.( u can assume rajvir as cabir aka ayaz ahmed of kyy)
Caller : sir i had find about her. She is student in xyz clg. She is a singer and now a day she is roaming around the youth sensation sanskar. Her father is a police officer the same officer who handle sana’s case.
Rajvir : get me the info about that sanskar and find about he have any relation with my ragini. And i wanna know each and every thing about her got that.
Caller : ok sir.
They dissconnect the call.
Rajvir : ragini, babe be ready i m coming to u.

This is diksha singning off the next epi of is it simple??? Hope u r liking my crazy ideas.
Venni : i m glad u like it. And ill try to make it more gud.
PP : i m glad u like it. And ill try to make it more gud. And i post it as soon as possible.
ina : i m glad u like it.
lovely : i m glad u like it.
Joy : and i m glad u like it. And yes he like her too and he is a danger one.
azure : yupp new stalker and yes danger one and about saving ragini u will get to know who will save whom as u say she is strong enough to face problm and i m glad u like it.
piya : yupp new stalker but danger one and i m glad u like it. I’ll try to make them more gud.
Nistha : i m glad u like it.
ammy : i m glad u like it and i upload it as soon as i can.
Ridha : i m glad u like it.
Nusz : yupp i like them too but somewhat my fvrt is ragsan. And i m glad u like it.

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