is it simple??? epi 13


Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur precious time so lets begin the story
@ ragini place
Prince was searching saswat room for getting info about sana when he saw the same bag which saswat was sawing. He was sock to see something in it. He drop the bag in sock and sit on floor. He was in a great sock he pick the pictures he was seeing every pic with a sock her expression is changing sock to anger. Just than saswat come in room after seeing him He loose his temper. And hold his coller.
Prince : u blo*dy bastered how could u? How could u do this with my sana. Because of u she left me.
Saswat : leave me Prince. Firstly u listen me.
Prince : what u wanna tell me. U wanna tell me how u blackmail her through this pic or how u closed the case?
Saswaat : prince listen me first if u feel i have done anything wrong. U can do watever u wanna do with me.
Prince : ok tell me.
Saswat : today when i get to know ur name i understand that u r sana’s frend i was just searching for a chance to talk to u when i see u entering in my room i send madhu to ragini room.
Prince : i don’t wanna listen all this tell me about sana.
Prince was in full anger.
Saswat : as u know someone is stalking her she come to police station to file a FIR about it. She was very tense.

Sana : sir i wanna file a FIR.
Saswat : first u take a sit and tell me about which u wanna file a FIR.
Sana : sir, a boy is stalking me everywhere he is sending me my pic and msgs every hours. He is sending me gift.
Saswat : ok do u have any doubt on anyone.
Sana : no sir i don’t know.
Saswat : ok beta u saw me the msgs.
Sana saw him the msgs and gifts (which is same kind of dress and bracelete which sanskar has send to ragini). And other gifts.
Saswar : ok beta u go I’ll investigate about him.
Fb ends. in present.

Prince : than what happened.
Saswat : i had search about the stalker i search all no. By which he us sending msgs And i use as many sources as i can and i found about the name of that basterd and get to know that he is very rich. And u know this kind of people have too much sources. I am searching for a strong proofe to arrest him. At that time sana came to me.
He was about to tell him further. When they hear madhu voice they composes themselves and arrange the thing back in bag. Madhu come in.
Prince : gud nyt uncle. We will talk later u sleep.
Saswat : ok beta gud nyt.
Prince : gud nyt aunty.
Madhu : gud nyt Beta if u need any help do tell me don’t hesitat.
Prince : ok aunty.
And he left from their.

Next day
Ragini went to collage. Attened all the classes. After that she was going to home when sanskar come in front of him.
Ragini : what is this sanskar? U scared me. Who come like this infront of anyone.
Sanskar : yesteday i come from back u hit me so, today i come from front.
Ragini : what the hell. And y u came.
Sanskar : where r u going? U forgot about our caffe.
Ragini : we will go tommorow. today i wanna go home and spend time with Prince.
sanskar : prince at ur home how.
Ragini tell him about prince coming at home.
Sansakr : Prince is at ur home na. U can spend time with him anytime. Now come with me.
Ragini again try to say no. Actually she was enjoying troubling him. But very next moment she was surprise by sanskar act. Sanskar pick her in his arm and took her to his car and take her to his home. after reaching their.sanskar come out from car and open the gate for her.
Sanskar : now come out.
Ragini : where r we? Y u take me here?
Sanskar : u ask so many question. We r at my home now come out.
Ragini : but y we r here? We r suppose to go for caffe.
Sanskar : u will not come like this. it look like u like to come in my arm.
Saying this he pick her again and took her in. While going in.
Sanskar : we came here because i can’t go at random place like this so we will take coffe here now no more question.
Saying this he make her stand. They were in the garden infront of a house not so big. But still beautiful.
Sanskar : now sit.
Ragini take the sit and a servant come their. Sanskar order to take the coffe for them. Servant come with coffe. Sanskar say him not to disturb him. Ragini take a sip.
Ragini : taste gud
Sanskar : i know. How is my house.
Ragini : its beautiful.
Sanskar : thanq.

They were talking on random things they r laughing when sanskar notice some hair were disturbing her. He lean close to her he was staring at her with lot of affection. He tuck her hair back of her ear ragini stop laughing and look at her they have a romentic and intense eyelock. sanskar cupped her face and start caressing her cheek. Ragini close her eyes and was just feeling her touch they were just lost in each other. Sanskar than rub her lips softly with his thumb. She open her eyes. Than he lean to kiss her when ragini phone rings. They composes them selves they were feeling awkward.
Ragini pick the call its from her frend. She talk to her and cut the call.
ragini : sanskar, drop me to the collage. I have to go now.
Sanskar drop her the collage he come back to his home. And ragini come to her home. They both went to room and reminces what they did today.
Ragini and sanskar : what happened to me why i m feeling like this? Y i lost my senses in front of him/her? Y i m attract toward his/her? What r we going to do.
Ragini : y i didn’t stop him?
Sanskar : y i couldn’t stop my self to get close to her. i have to stop myself to getting attracted toward her.
They slept thinking about each other.

@ ff new entry place.
He was talking with someone on phone.
Person : what u know about her?
Caller : sir, her name is ragini. She is daughter of a police officer name saswat.
Person : u have anypic of her.
Caller : i get one pic of her.
Person : send me the pic fast.
He disconnect the call. After sometime his phone beeps. He open the pic he is just amazed to see her
Person : ur name suits u just fit on a beautiful girl like u. And u r fearless just like me. We will make a gud couple. Now wait for me babe. I m coming to u.

So frend this is diksha singning off the next epi of is it simple??? Hope u like it.
lovely : i m glad u like it.
Nusz : i m glad u like it. About the story i dont know how much long it will go but ill try to make it as gud as i can. I love ragsan too they r my fvrt telly actors.
PP : i m glad u like it and try my best to keep it gud till the end.
Piya : i m gald u like it. About the twists which will come because of new entry u will get to know about it further.
Venni : i m glad u like it.
Akriti : i m glad u like it.
Joy : i m glad u like it. And i m really happy u like the dream sequece.

Credit to: diksha

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