is it simple??? epi 12

Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur precious time so lets begin the story

Person : oh my little sis become that much big that she start threatning her bro.
He hold her hand took her to the room and lock her.
He go toward goons and says keep ur eyes on her ok. Than he get a call
On call
Caller : boss i m ronie wo police caught us while we were catching ur sis.
Person : u bastered give the call to officer.
He talk the officer. And says u will get ur money come to my bunglow.Than the officer left them after some time goons come to his bunglow.

Person : how the hell u got caught
Goons tell him everything.
Person : the girl seems intresting and u fool got beaten by a girl. U all r just waste of money and time. Do u know about her anything else.
Goon : no sir, but that police officer have info about her she had file the complaints. He can tell u.
Person : u all leave from here.
@sanskar place
Sanskar : its been only one day but i m feeling lonely. But y i m feeling so. After sana death i m habbitutal of this lonliness. Maybe i had stay with her for more than one week thats y? But what about yesterday dream.
Dream sequence

Ragini has worn a beautiful green backless gown long earrings red lipstic and open hair at one side. Sanskar has worn a red shirt and blue denim. He has some hair on front of his face with a beautiful smile on his lips. Bolna songs romentic tune is playing in bg.
They are standing near the bank river and watching the sunset. Ragini is resting her head on sunskar shoulder and they were holding each other hands and has their fingers interwined they were walking when its start raining. They both get drenched. Than sanskar look at her than he hold her from her waist and pull her toward him and she keep her hand on his chest. They both come closer to each other. he was about to kiss her. They have just some distance.
Dream sequence end.

I was about to kiss her but i fell from the bed if i haven’t fell i would have kiss her but. Hey sanskar what were u thinking he brushes his hand in his hair. Just than prince come their
Prince : man now we should left for airport.
Sanskar : ok
They left for airport.
@ragini place
Ragini was going for collage with a bright smile.
Ragini : mom i m going.
Madhu : ok be careful while driving by.

Saswat : ragini u were telling me about ur music classes. When they r starting.
Ragini : from tommorow papa. Now i m going.
@collage after classes
Ragini was sitting in library for making notes but she is not able to concentrat on that she is missing sanskar badly. So she thought to go back to her home.
@ “ff new entry’s” place
Police officer come to him and took the money bag from the person.
Police officer : sir if u have anyother work to me do remember me.
Person : who said ur work is finished i want all info of that girl.

Next day
@ragini place
Ragini is about to go when she hear sound near the door of his father talking to someone. She went to door and she was surprised to see prince their.
Prince to saswat : ok sir sorry to disturb u
He was about to go when ragini call him.
Ragini : Prince, u here
Prince : ragini, u live here.

Ragini : firstly u come in.
She take him in and they sit on couch in hall.
Ragini : u here? how?
Prince : i come here for my work so i was searching for a house. Broker tell me about a house so i come here for that he give me wrong address and i come here. She introduce her parents to him.
Ragini : oh now what u will do?
Prince : now I’ll go to any hotel.

Ragini : no need u will live here.
Prince : no need ragini I’ll get it solition.
Ragini : hmm y will u listen my talk? who i m to u? Pls Prince.
Prince : ok
Ragini : now i m leaving for collage. Mom will tell u ir room. Ok by
She left.
Ragini went to collage when her frend tell her about the music class.
Riya : ragini, today u r late u know music class is started lets leave fast.
Ragini : ok,
They went to class.
@music class.

A boy is talking with student.
Boy : let start the class with intro first let me introduce myself.
He was about to say further when he listen the sound of two girl.
Ragini : may we come come in sir.
Boy move toward her. And she get another surprise he is non other than sanskar.
Sanskar : ya come in. And take ur sit
They enter in class and take their sit.

Sanskar : so hope u all know me but let me introduce myself. I m sanskar a singer love singing I’ll take one month class of music. I’ll choose topper of class and who will be topper he or she will get a chance to sing with me in my next concert. Which will gonna be my first duet concert. So know u all give ur intro lets start with the late entry in class he point toward ragini and say u start the intro.
Ragini give her inro than class go on.

@parking of collage
ragini was going back to her home and she is murmuring smthng.
Ragini : how dare he talk to me like that. He is behaving as if he don’t know me idiot stupid. He call me late entry. What he is, he is rude arrogant stupid and has lot of attitude. She was mrmuring when someone hold her from waist and about to turn her when she hit him by her elbow and turn very next moment she saw that sanskar is holding his stomache. Firstly she get worried but than her anger took over his worry.
Sanskar : what the hell yr. Y u hit me?
Ragini : its ur falt y u hold me from behind it is actual reaction from me. And did i know u sir?
Sanskar : ragini that is just for class and i dont want them think that i know u so I’ll give u more imporatance.
Ragini : ok

And she was about to leave. When sanskar hold her hand. They had an cute eyelock.
Sanskar : now, why r u angry? I m sorry.
Ragini : who said i m angry wo its being late mom and dad were be waiting for me ok by.
She was about to go when sanskar pull her toward him she come near him their lips are just about to meet he leave her hand.
Sanskar : how r u? U forgot me after coming here u didn’t even call me.
Ragini : u r asking as if u call me.
Sanskar : ok my falt. Will u come with me for coffe.
Ragini : now i m getting late
Sanskar : than tommorow
Ragini : but tommorow is collage no its not possible.
Sanskar : after collage.
Ragini : but
Befor she would able to say further he put his hand on her mouth.they share an intense eyelock.
Which disturbed by sanskar phone.ragini was about to go sanskar hold her hand stop her from going. He is still holding her hand. Ragini was looking at their hand than at sanskar she is just looking at him

Sanskar (on call in irritatted tone) : who’s this.
Caller : sir i m ayan wo i have some persnol emergency because which i have to quit the job.
Sanskar : ayan I’ll talk to u after coming home ok by.
He dissconnect the call and move toward the ragini
Sanskar : ragini so its final u r coming for coffe ok.
Ragini : ok know i should leave.
Sanskar : yes by
Ragini : ok i m going
Sanskar : ok go
Ragini : sanskar
Sanskar : now what
Ragini : let me go

Sanskar : but i m not stopping u. U can go.
Ragini show her hand to sanskar is which he is still holding.
Ragini : when u leave my hand only than i can go
Sanskar immiedetly leave his hand and get embarrased.
Sabskar : sorry ok by
And they both had toward their home remembring their moment with a beautiful smile on his face.
So, frend This is diksha singning off the next epi of is it simple??? Hope u like it.
Piya: i m glad u like it. I m relly happy that u appreciate my ideas.
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Dhara : i’ll try my best to keep it intresting and i m glad u like it.
ammy : i m glad u like it.
himanshi : I’ll try my best for it. And i m glad u like it

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