is it simple??? epi 11

Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur precious time. So, lets begin the story.

Next day
Ragini wake up get ready and took her stuff and start leaving her room she passed out from sanskar room she unknowingly touch the door which is close but for her surprise it is not lock and the door open she saw sanskar sleeping like a kid his blanket was on floor and he had almost occupied the hole bed. Some pillows are at floor and one pillow is near his leg. She enter in room she took pillow and arrange them. Than she took blanket and cover him. She just move to go when she found her bracelet is get attached with his blanket she go near him and free her bracelet. She look at his face and her heart skip some beats she unknowingly carreses his hair. And she is just adoring him. When her phone disturbe her. She than come out of his room and close the door. Its her phone alarm she bid bye to caretaker and thanx him for his care. And she sit in car. When Prince come from behind and went to her.
Prince : what is this ragini u r going without meeting me.
Ragini : i m sorry.
Prince : what sorry wait i m also coming with u to till the station.
Ragini : no, Prince pls.
Prince : y ragini.
Ragini : Prince i hate saying by to mr dear ones it is the only job which i hate the most. And i avoide too.
Prince : ok as ur wish but do inform me every hour ok.
Ragini : ok I’ll.
Prince : where is sanskar he didn’t come here to say u by? Wait I’ll see him.
Ragini : no, he is sleeping. He didn’t even know i m leaving now. And u don’t tell him this know. He sleep late yesterday we both were talking late nyt. And as i tell u saying by is a tuff job for me. Acha i should leave now by and take care.
Prince : u too.
She leave in car and in hole journey she is just thinking about sanskar. She didn’t know that she is falling in love.
@sanskar place
Prince enter in his room and try to wake him up but its look like sanskar is really busy in his dream. So Prince let him sleep and sit in balcony and he was adoring his love his sana. And start talking with her phone.
Prince : sana i never thought that i can live my life withoit u. U r the reason of my life. When i got to know about my disease i was broken because it is talking me far from u at that time i never thought that I’ll be ever feel gud for it. Yes, know i feeling gud that i have to not live long without u. Dr. has tell me i have 1 or 2 years he is finding treatment for it. But now i don’t want to be ok. I just want to meet u their i never thought death will be ever this pleasurable. U r the one who give me happiness in all thing know also u r doing same i happy for my disease also. I will come to u. But after giving those bastered punishment for their deeds and he kiss her pic and and than he was just staring at the pic. When je hera a sound from sanskar room. He went their.
@sanskar room
He fall from his bed and wake up smiling. He murmured what kind of dream was that. And here prince come in his room and ask
Prince : what happened sanskar than only he noticed him on floor. And say
Prince : yr what were u thinking that u fall from the bed any naughty dream hmm he says this narrowing his eyes.
Sanskar face expression like he has caughth him while thiefting.he immedietly say.
Sanskar : w..what w..what r u telling. Y will i get dream like that. And leave this what r u doing here at this time smthng urgent.
Prince : y r u stammering i was just joking yr. I m came here to see off ragini. But she denied me to go with her till station so i m here with u.
Sanskar : what she left from here without meeting me. How can she do that?
When he see Prince staring at him in disbelive.
Sanskar : what, y r u staring at me like this?
Prince : y r u overeacting. U never behave like this and u r the one who don’t like bidding by with people than y?
Sanskar : nthng like that. Leave this did u think what should we do next to know about those criminal.
Prince : i m thinking that we should keep our eyse on saswat may we get to know more about them.
Sanskar : i had setted man outside his home and in office. But no use.
Prince : what about in his house.
Sanskar : but how its possible.
Prince : i have an idea he tell him smthng which is muted.
In train.
Ragini is sitting in her berth. He is just thinking about sanskar and their moment sanskar concert, their meeting at park and fight, than all moment in Delhi house, restorant dance, his scolding his sorry and at last morning moment. She smile.
Ragini : what is happening to me y i m thinking about him so much? Y i behaved like this in morning? Y i m behaving like a love sick? M i love sick? What love, no it cant happened? But…
Her thought get disturbed when she listen some sound and all of sudden a girl come their and sit beside her covering her face. And after sometime some goons come behind her and hold that girl hand and try to take her some where.
Girl : leave me. Leave me i dont wanna come with u leave me.
Ragini : hey u all leave her. Y r u behaving like this.
Goon : hey u stay away from it. Otherwise it will be very bad for u.
Ragini : oh really.(poor goons didn’t know that ragini is a gud marshel artist. But hope u remember i had told u it in earlier epi right )
Saying this,She free the girl from the goon hold. and slap the goon hard. Goon hold her hand and about to slap her when ragini give him a tight punch in his face that it start bleeding. When second goon come and was about to hold her when she give him a hard kick on his knee that he fell on floor. Than two goons hold her hand and the goon who got slap come to her when she just move her one hand toward him and both goon bump into each other and the goon who is holding her hand she give him a punch in his stomech. He also fell down. Than ragini says.
Ragini : want more action or u will get out from here blo*dy idiots, busterds.
police who take round in train she hand over goons to them.
Ragini to girl : what happened? Y r they behind u?
girl : u r a brave girl. They r behind me. Actually i m going to my relatives. When they start eve teasing me. And when i oppose and slept one of those they come behind me.
Ragini : ok u relax.
Next day
Saswat and madhu come to recive her. She went home with them
@ saswat home
Ragini : mom dad i miss u both so much and hug them.
Madhu : we too beta but i have a comlpaint against ur father.
Saswat : no, madhu u promise me that u will not tell her.
Madhu : but i promised her that I’ll not tell her on phone. So ragini
Ragini : hmm mom
Madhu : u know what ur father was missing u that much that he was crying by holding ur pic as if u will not gonna come back.
Ragini move toward her father.
Ragini : what papa is ma saying truth. U were really crying.
She noticed that his father was on the edge of crying. She sit near him
Ragini : offo papa who will belive that a strong police officer like u can cry on this tiny thing. What people think about u. None of crimenal gonna fear from u.
Saswat : let people think what they think. And what being police officer, police officers also have heart they miss their daughter. U r far from me for the firat time after ur birth that to for almost 2 week.
Madhu : ragini, i m thinking what will happened to ur father when u go to ur in law’s house. Hmm.
Saswat : oh stop ur drama know get some food my daughter is hungry.
Ragini : and mom u don’t take tension i m never gonna leave my father ever Ok.
Madhu : let time come we will see.
Ragini : ohoo mom go na get some food I’ll be back after being fresh.
Madhu : ok.
@ a bunglow
Some goon were taking the same girl their while almost draginig when a person come.
Goon : boss we get her. She again try to run away.
The person come near the goon and give the goon a tight slap. How dare u hurt my sis. Than he move toward the girl.
Person : so my dear sis u again try to eascape. Y?
Girl : bhai, I’ll tell the police about ur deeds. how u torture sana that she attempt suicide. Just let a chace come to me till that I’ll not stop my try.
Person : oh my little sis become that much big that she start threatning her bro.
He hold her hand took her to the room and lock her.
He go toward goons and says keep ur eyes on her ok. Than he get

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