is it simple??? epi 10

Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur preciouse lets begin the story.
Next day @saswat place
Saswat took out a bag from his almeera and open it And saw the things in it.
Saswat : its gud that i had took this prove safe for helping in sana case i want to reopen the case of sana after her death than i found that their is someone big behind it and even i can’t reopen the case without a person who is connected to her. And i know the name of person who is troubling him but the problm is that i don’t have any prove against him. May sana’s frend can help me.
After that he close the bag. And put it again in almeera.and call ragini to ask her to come back as he know that now their is no danger for her.

On call
Saswat : hii my heartbeat. How r u.
Ragini : i m angry with u papa u r talking with me after 2 days. U forgot me.
Saswat : i m sorry beta. I was busy in case and that stalker. Now their is nthng to take tension. I had saute it out all. Now u come back to me. Me and ur mumma is missing u alot.
Ragini : i am missing u too papa.
Saswat : i had book ur ticket for tommorow so be ready. And come back to us. I’ll email u the ticket.
Ragini : ok by papa.
They cut the call.

@ragini place
Ragini : now its my last day to Delhi. So I’ll enjoy it. But sanskar. Ok I’ll call Prince.
She call Prince. On call.
Ragini : hii prince.
Prince : hii ragini how r u?
Ragini : prince what happened last nyt. Y u left from their all of the sudden.
Prince : nthng ragini i m really sorry for last nyt. Actually had some work.
Ragini : its ok but u have to do smthng for me.
Prince : anything for u miss beautiful. U just give the order.
Ragini : Prince i wanna enjoy today’s day and as it is my last day in Delhi. So will u come with me for a dayout.
Prince : ur wish my command. I’ll come their. U, me and sanskar we trio go.ok
Ragini : ok but may ur frend will be busy.
Prince : ragini he is ur frend too. What happened do u both had a fight.
Ragini : no, nthng like that u come fast ok.
Prince : ok by
They hung up the call.ragini went to her room and start getting ready. Ragini go to washroom and get fresh and come out wearing a simple black tee-shirt and baby pink jacket and jaggy. She went to dressing table and do a light makeup. And make her hair in a ponytail with puff.
Ragini : am i looking gud? Will sanskar like it? What r u thinking ragini? And from when u start getting worried about ur look and thats for sanskar that rude person. Than she just play sun sathiya song in her phone and start dancing beautifully. While dancing her leg slip and she is about to fall when sanskar save her.
Sanskar : ragini are u ok? U didn’t get hurt na?
But ragini ignore him and sit on bed. now sanskar get angry.
Sanskar : what the hell is this ragini? I m talking to u and u r ignoring me y? Just because i denied to come with u. And did u can’t even take care of urself? What if u had fall? What if u had get hurt?

he was shouting on her. she get scared from his anger this is the first time she saw him in that much anger. She even had fight with him but he was not that much angry. And her eyes get teary.and seeing this sanskar anger dicreases. He went toward her but she run from their.
Sanskar : what had u done duffer u made her cry. U came here to ask her sorry or making her cry. He was going to her when he heard prince voice. He go to him.
Sanskar : how r u bro? Anything urgent u come here all of sudden.
Prince : man take a breathe. Yes i m fine i came here because ragini want to go out. Because she is going back to Delhi. So i m here.
sanskar : ok she will be in balcony u go their I’ll also come their in few minutes u go.
Prince : sanskar smthng happened between u and ragini.
Sanskar tell him everything from the restorant seen to his scolding.
Prince tell him smthing and say u go and get ready I’ll take her out.

Ragini is sitting on a chair hideing her face in her lap.
Ragini : y r u crying like this idiot u should have give him a sufficient answer but what r u doing crying. Crying like a dumb head. But y his everything has that much impact on me y. Y when he come close to me while dancing i m liking it. Y i m angry on him because he didn’t come with me but he has work. Prince also left me their but i didn’t get this angry on him.
Her thought get disturbed when someone tap on her shoulder.ragini without seeing his face.
Ragini : just go away from here sanskar i m not in mood to talk.
Person : what is this ms beautiful i m not sanskar he went to get ready for dayout.
Ragini : prince wo i m not in a moode to go anywhere. Lets drop the plan.
Prince : ok as u say but y r u sad.
Ragini : nthng
Prince : u tell me who has hurt u I’ll break his bone. U know i am a gud wrestler. And show her his muscles. And do some funny move.
Ragini smile a bit.
Ragini : will u really able to broke his bone
Prince : yes offcourse. But who is he not a fighter na otherwise i went break hia bone and come back with my broken bone.
He walk funnily. Ragini laugh seeing his walk. Their sanskar come and mesmrised to she her laughing. Prince side hug ragini. Sanskar feel bad seeing it.
Sanskar : y i m feeling bad. They r just frend.
Ragini : Prince u r just a amazing and great frend thanq to make my mood gud.
Prince : thats mean our dayout plan is on.
Ragini : yes i’ll be back in 5 minute ok.
Prince : ok.
Ragini left to her room. Than they trio go out for dayout prince and ragini in one car and sanskar on his bike. They roam around the city. Sanskar try to talk with ragini but she is much angry. Than at evng they went to yamuna river bank to saw the sunset.

@yamuna river bank
They were enjoying the nature when prince get a call. He come back after sometime i m sorry yr i have some work without letting them speak and went from their and show sanskar thumbs up. (Yes frends its their plan for sansker apology)
He left than ragini try to go when sanskar hold her hand. Ragini turn to say smthng but she see sanskar knelt down in fron of her holding his ear with one hand.
Sanskar : ragini pls forgive me i m sorry i hirt u na u can give me punishment but talk to me. Pls forgive me.
Than he signal her near river she saw their and found so much balloon with sorry written on it.
Ragini : its ok. And i m too sorry i overreacted.
She took him to near the river and saw him with a mischivious smile and push him in river. Sanskar was holding her and so she also fell in water.
Ragini : what is this sanskar y u pull me. See i m wet now.
Sanskar : that was ur falt u has push me in river. Y u did this?
Ragini : u only say na to give u the punishment so it is ur punishment. She said making a innocent face.
Sanskar : is it. So now ur turn saying this he throw water on her.
They both start water fight when ragini says pointing toward sun
They both were enjoying the beautiful sunset when sanskar eyes went on ragini. She is looking really beautiful in deem light of sun. And her wet hair is increasing her beauty.
Sanskar : beautiful.
Ragini : what
Sanskar : i mean beautiful sunset.
Ragini : yes lets leave now
She sit behind sanskar on bike and they head toward home. Ragini had sit without holding him.
Sanskar : ragini hold me otherwise u will fall.
Ragini put her hand on his shoulder and suddenly bike has a jerk and she hold him tightly.and than they reach home.

This is diksha singning off the next epi of is it simple??? Hope u will like it.
sonya : i m glad u like it. And hope it will be worth for reading.
Sindhu rm : i m glad u like it.
lovely : i m glad u like it.
rakhi : i m glad u like it
Piya : i m glad u like it.
Joy : opps its my mistake but i promise ill never repeat it. And i am u like it.
himanshi : i m glad u like it
Chahat : i m glad u read it and like it too..
Nusz : its my plsr to have a great frend like u.

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