Silsila Pyaar Ka Review: Strong portrayals backups the concept


Star Plus’ Silsila Pyaar Ka which started airing from 4th January 2016, brings a tale of a over possessive mother who can’t share her son’s love with anyone. She starts the day seeing her son’s face. She fears of getting a open minded life partner for Raunak. She controls Raunak to extreme extent and dominates his life. She is happy that her son lives according to her. She writes every phase of his life. She feels she will always have his life’s remote control.


Janki decides who will be in Raunak’s life, but things change after Raunak falls in love with Kajal. Janki wants Raunak’s happiness to be related just to her. She can’t bear any girl to claim rights on Raunak. On the other hand, Kajal is vibrant, open minded and believes in freedom. Raunak is sure Kajal will bring happiness in his life and Janki will accept her.

Main Characters:

Janki:silsila2 Janki is a rich, dominating and egoistic woman. She controls everyone by the sole power she has, that’s money. She influences people by her rich status. Janki dislikes people with poor background and with independent thoughts. She does not want Raunak’s wife to have a mind of her own. She wants to control her bahu, so that Raunak remains always her obedient son. Janki is over possessive, selfish, insecure and controlling mother. She does not let Raunak choose his friends. She limits Raunak for everything he does and manages his life.

Raunak:silsila8 Raunak is Janki’s son. He feels much loved and pampered by Janki. He regards her an ideal mother. He does not know Janki’s real face, how she exploits people using their financial helplessless. Raunak feels Janki has a golden heart and she loves everyone around him. Raunak considers himself to be lucky to have such mother Janki, best friend Akshay and his love Kajal in his life. Raunak loves Kajal and hopes Janki accepts Kajal. Raunak is not aware of Janki’s plannings to make Kajal away from him, by using Akshay.

Kajal:silsila5 Kajal is a middle class girl, who has self esteem, independent thoughts and free lifestyle. Kajal got much freedom from her dad Ashok. She misses her mother at times. Kajal is Raunak’s friend. She does not know Raunak’s feelings for her, though Akshay tries giving her hints. Kajal feels Janki is doing wrong with Raunak to make him a puppet. She starts giving freedom of living to Raunak, by which they come close. Kajal brings a big change in Raunak’s life.


Shilpa Shirodkar as Janki Tiwari
Abhay Vakil as Raunak Tiwari
Chhavi Pandey as Kajal
Sehban Azim as Akshay
Khyaati Keswani
Sanjeev Jogtiyani

Story So Far:

silsila15Kajal and her dad Ashok are seen in the intro scene. Kajal’s dad asks his staff to deliver sweets at Janki Devis’ house. Its Raunak’s birthday celebrations at his house. Ashok tells Kajal that Janki is very strict and loves Raunak a lot, how Janki Devi does not open eyes if she does not see Raunak. Janki Devi is shown starting her day by seeing her son Raunak. Ashok wishes Janki cancels the loan amount he took, as she cancels one person’s loan every year on Raunak’s birthday. Ashok is a positive person, who manages his children well all alone and runs his sweets shop. Kajal is proud of her dad.

silsila16Raunak’s best friend Akshay is shown next. Janki tells Raunak that he is her strength and weakness. Akshay questions what will happen once Raunak gets married. She tells them that Raunak will decide whom will he see before starting his day, his mum or his wife. Raunak assures Janki that nothing will change. Akshay’s dad works as accountant for Janki Devi. Janki reminds Akshay his limits and his position in their lives. Raunak’s birthday party begins, Raunak can’t stop staring at Kajal. Akshay asks him to tell Janki about Kajal. Raunak tells Akshay that he likes Kajal, she is his junior and he likes her company. Kajal wishes him happy birthday. Janki wants to see Raunak’s college life and has invited all his college friends in the party. Janki can’t bear any girlfriend in Raunak’s life and goes to check. Raunak sits for the puja. Akshay teases him about Kajal.

silsila13Raunak recalls his first meet with Kajal in college. Kajal meets Janki and introduces herself. Kamini warns Janki that Kajal may steal her Raunak. Janki takes it light, as Kajal is studying by her funding. Raunak loves the sweets made at Ashok’s shop. Janki is glad seeing Raunak’s smile. She tells Kajal that her dad’s loan is forgiven. Kajal thanks Janki and happily informs this to Ashok. Akshay asks Raunak to propose Kajal. Janki keeps an eye on Raunak. Everyone speak good about Raunak in the party. Kajal remarks few faults in Raunak, which angers Janki. Kajal asks Raunak to share his feelings and asks out friendship. Akshay asks Raunak to grab this opportunity. Raunak shakes hands with Kajal. Janki can’t bear seeing this. Akshay tells Raunak that this is first step of love story. Janki tells Kamini that Kajal knows Raunak more than her, and feels failed today. Raunak and Kajal dance together. A drink falls over Kajal’s clothes. Raunak takes her to his room and asks her to clean her dress. Kamini thinks Kajal is very fast to reach Raunak’s bedroom so soon. Kamini alerts Janki about Kajal.

silsila4Janki asks Akshay is Kajal after Raunak, or whether Raunak likes her. Akshay tells Janki that Raunak likes Kajal since one year. Kajal misses her mum, seeing Janki’s love for Raunak. Raunak feels Janki will love Kajal. Janki takes Kajal along and passes taunts on her character. Janki shows the necessities she bought for Raunak’s to be wife. She tells Kajal that she has to choose the right girl for him. Janki asks Kajal to advice her on Raunak’s choice of marrying a poor girl like her. Kajal replies her well and understands what Janki means to say. She walks out. Janki asks Akshay to make Raunak against Kajal and reminds Akshay that he is living on her favors. Akshay refuses to do this. Kajal tells Akshay how Janki treats Raunak, she wants to make him her puppet. Raunak tries talking to Janki about Kajal. Janki acts to faint and avoids the topic.

silsila10Raunak writes his feelings for Kajal in a letter and asks Akshay to give it to Kajal. Janki sees this and hides. Kajal asks Ashok to have medicines. Ashok tells her that he is happy that Janki has forgiven his loan. Janki sends Akshay’s dad Munshi to Ashok. Munshi gives the bad news to Ashok. He tells Ashok that Janki wants Ashok to repay the loan within a month. Ashok gets shocked. He asks why did Janki change her decision. Munshi tells what Janki said, that she will auction Ashok’s house and shop if he does not repay amount. On the other hand, Akshay gets shocked seeing police at his house. Janki troubles Akshay by threatening him to get his father arrested for 10 lakhs rs theft blame. Janki gives a demo and then tells inspector that she forgot keeping the money in her drawer. She apologizes to Munshi and talks sweet to everyone. Akshay gets her sign. Akshay helplessly agrees to help Janki in making Raunak and Kajal away.

Our Take:

silsila12 The show is about two different ideologies. Janki and Kajal are opposite personalities. They have clashes being in Raunak’s life. Though concept looks old, the actors give a fresh feel to the story. Actors are very convincing in their roles. Shilpa Shirodkar as Janki is superb in her dialogue delivery and perfect calm-clever expressions. Her screen presence is very strong. Abhay Vakil is okay in his role, while Sehban Azim looks more appealing. Abhay is earthen likewise his character Raunak. Hope his acting skills are more seen, once his character starts living independent life. Chhavi Pandey as Kajal is impressive. Chhavi and Shilpa’s scenes are good to watch. Story line is good. Scene formation and pace is going well. The title track and background score fits fine. The show has much to offer with coming episodes. Romance and drama are moderate, but still show brings filmy feel in it. Silsila Pyaar Ka can be loved most for Shilpa’s acting prowess, that’s the USP of this show.


silsila11A good show by its start. It has romance, scheming, extreme emotions and drama. Star Plus is trying many concepts at prime time. This show can be a good runner at 8.30 PM by its strong characters. Concept wise not much to offer, but watching dramatic rightful fights is fun. It has strong Filmi feel in every scene, which makes it much watchable. The show has good potential and can do well if track does not deviate from main concept.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. Starplus has again given a Saas bahu chik chik only. They ended sooo many gud shows like Nisha aur uske cousins, Manmarziya n sooo many n now showing such stuff! this serial Is not even interesting. U can actually predict the whole story. I don’t think this serial can gain hood trp

  2. Good*

  3. its really a nice concept… i like the concept

  4. i feel this story as a true.. there r some who was over possisive n make their children just puppets
    they always want children to do as their like dont ask childrens feelings

    sry if i hurt anybody its only my point of view regarding some overpossive parents only… not all parents

  5. I cnt believe this review lol. Some1 was smoking something whilst watching the Janki scenes so hence thinking the actress was doing a good job. The actress is about as entertaining as an annoying fly in her scenes.

  6. Welcome to star plus family

  7. They are giving 3 out of 5 for this story… Ridiculous…..
    What starplus shows other than this saas bahu… concepts are not given chances at all…..
    Only show am watching now is siya ke ram…. Because. Of their good casting good
    picturisations and a new concept of ramayana through sita s perspective….
    The effort they put on it is appreciable….

    But this silsila sorry I can’t take it

  8. lovely reader LK

    This is really a worst story one can think of .
    I want more stories n concepts like NAUC n BADTAMEEZ DIL

  9. ek wakt tha jaab starplus waale awesome serials dikhate the jeseki “EK HASINA THI” , “EVEREST” , “MAHABHARAT” , etc. par abb aisa lagta hai jese STARPLUS ne OATH lia he ki “HAM LOGONN KO HAR MAHINE MEIN NAYE NAYE SERIALS DIKHATE RAHENGE , CHAHE WO STORY ACCHI HO YA FIR BURI , HAME KOI FARK NAHI PADTA

  10. Shraddha Sharma

    This show has no new concept…..
    As ab is show me evil ko jitte hue dikhayenge fir maafi mangeenge, fir acche log unko acchai dikhate hu un sbko maaf kr denge….
    Or to or Raunak ko kbhi apni maa ki sachai nazar nhi aayegi, or jb aayegi tb Kajal maaf krva degi…
    Iska concept mother son ka h but show me kuch na kuch batameez dil ki tarha hi hoga… aisa ab tk review padh kr lga hai

  11. story is similar to thapki….

  12. This story will not go for long… that’s for sure… 3 out of 5 is ridiculous… just like other saas bahu concept… In a way show is very much similar to thapki and easily predictable…

  13. What is different in this story…again Saas bahu..difference of opinions and all…The most irritating part is Shilpa’s acting…she has no expressions on her face…just the same way of talking…she is trying hard..but it is irritating for me…

  14. The concept is awesome. I love the concept a lot. It’s just amazing.

  15. Its new concept but suddenly a leap of 5yrs that is undigested…!! you should bring akshay back ASAP….!!

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