Silsila Pyaar Ka 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neeti calls kajal and tells everything is fine here,sakshi asks is it mami on phone and when will she be back, neeti says oh sakshi is back and I am missing her too,kamini says janki look at neeti she was talking to kajal and why do all ur children are behind this kajal anyways I am leaving u take care, janki calls ashok,munshi asks what happened, ashok says nothing janki devi had called, we have to leave tomorrow and we have to buy gifts for everyone, kajal says papa dint worry I will manage and if any problem neeti will help us,radhika says kajal is right and I will help her,radika and kajal discuss what gifts to buy, kajal asks papa anything else that is bothering u, munshi says yes look at him he is so worried, ashok says janki devi called and told raunak has one condition and it is akshay

shdnt be involved in this wedding, vinay says how is this possible,kajal says I will talk to akshay abt this,akshay comes there.
Akshay comes with vegetables, munshi says akshay finish up this past incident and ur hatred with raunak baba, don’t tell us the truth but go talk to raunak baba, akshay says i am busy and as raunak wishes things will go that way,I have no problem.
Kajal is with sakshi, sakshi falls asleep, akshay very tensed and goes to bed,kajal comes there and goes to bed too, kajal thinking I have just taken first step I hope I get to know the truth . everyone reach Bhopal, radhika says I came here after so long,munshi says yes all old memories, sakshi says whose house is this,munshi says I used to stay here with ur granny, vidhi comes out and says so good to see u all back, and greets everyone and welcomes them, sakshi says ma can I play here in garden, kajal says ok stay but don’t go out of gate, panditji already present in hall.
All kids welcome radhika and munshi and take their blessings, ashok asks where is janki devi, raunak says she will be here soon, raunak looks at radhika and smiles and abt to leave, vidhi says raunak stay here, raunak says I have to make a call will join u all soon and leaves.
Sakshi chasing a butterfly, raunak comes there,sakshi asks him to be quite, the butterfly goes, sakshi says oh no see my butterfly went away, and then scolds watchmen for littering the garden,raunak says look at her she is so intelligent cmon throw the plastic in dustbin, sakshi calls raunak ‘sir’, raunak says why didn’t u call me uncle , sakshi says i did call one uncle as uncle but he scolded me so I call everyone sir, raunak says look ur butterfly and helps her get it and says this is gift from ur sir, sakshi thanks him.
sakshi says thanku and my mama will be happy to see my new friend, kajal comes there, kajal says she is my daughter sir, sakshi frees the butterfly, raunak says why did u let it free, sakshi says because I love it and mama says u shdnt trap anyone and holds raunaks hand and says come lets go, raunak says later, sakshi says plz, raunak says ok come lets go.sakshi enters house, holding kajal and raunaks hand.
Akshay reaches the place with money,janki getting ready, kamini comes there and says janki come lets go how long will u take, janki says I am leaving for the park and now how will I manage,kamini says I have an idea.
Panditji along with mamaji says kundli match very well, radhika says vidhi where is janki didi, vidhi says here she is, and says didi kundli match very well, radhika says so good to be here back and meet u janki didi, kamini says one minute janki will utter nothing now,kajal says but aunty,kamini says kajal dear janki has kept maun vrat for vinay and neeti so that all goes well and so she has to go temple now, munshi says we will wait for janki devi, kajal thinks this mean janki aunty is going to park, I have to find the truth.

Precap: akshay says 5 yrs back all happened because of janki aunty, raunak loved kajal but u didn’t want kajal and so u forced and threatened me to write my name on raunaks love letter,kajal hiding and listening to this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    atlast the truth is coming out………….

  2. sakshi enters house, holding kajal and raunaks hand…they showed this it means they want to unite kajal and raunak ? If this will happen no one will watch …disgusting



  3. Akshay sincere,honest after all the trauma Janaki Devi put him through,he deserves happiness with his wife Kajal and askshi. If it changes not going to watch. Ranuk not a hero to me.
    Janaki Devi so fat and big how much she must be eating? Costing quite a lot to feed her?

  4. noooooooooooooooooooooo….. dont let ranuk n kajal to get re united 🙁 dont do that to akshay.. plz plz.. dont know whats wrong with writers now a days… they united the wrong couple in several inidian dramas i used to watch n made me stop watching them :/ :/ guys please recommend me a gd drama. m sick of watching YHM also n now feel like this also going wrong way :/

  5. OMG Kajal gets to know the truth I wanted akshay to tell her , I like this show only for Akjal no Akjal no silsila Pyaar ka I just hate Ranuak 😛 this janki Devi is getting on my nerves

  6. I hate so called janki n raunak pliz dont seperate kajal n akshay

  7. Nyc episode may I ask is sakshi kajal and akshay child?

  8. Plz upload nxt episode

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