Silsila Pyaar Ka 9th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The dancer stops dancing n looks at raunak in surprise n leaves,Kajal catches the awkwardness between Raunak n dancer. Nisha at her house n gets scared n starts shouting, Sanket says Nisha relax, he is alive,n u stop shouting,it’s their dead friend n Sanket says he was just unconscious, we made this plan to stop Vinay from going to police n none of us want to go jail,Nisha says this is all such a big mess n what are u upto now,Sanket says I know it’s a mess but we can’t step back now, Nisha my family I have to prove myself n this is our life now we have to accept it,door bell rings, Sanket asks His friend to hide,n says its Vinay ,Nisha says why did u call him now.

Other dancers ask Aarti what’s wrong, Arti says was it a mirage I shd check once,Arti walks out n says

it was the same guy n starts looking around, Kajal goes to her n says why did u stop in middle of dance, what’s wrong,Arti says I forgot my steps, Kajal says don’t lie tell the truth,Arti says let me tell u I’m from a very poor family n today I saw something which related to a past incident n I don’t wish to get into police matter n so will share nothing sorry,Vidhi comes there n says Kajal come I need to talk to u n both leave.

Raunak thinking why Kajal was talking to dancer n why was she so tensed. Vinay says Sanket have u lost it n what made u think I will help u, Sanket says u shd thank me u are a killer but I’m quite, vinays ays Sanket stop fooling around,Sanket says I have evidence n that’s what matters n so u need to support us,Vinay says I won’t help u, Sanket says ok don’t n then don’t blame me, I may tell the whole story to my sister n then ur family,Vinay says ok tell me,but why are u doing this to me this isn’t easy, Sanket says it’s very easy for u bcoz I know u are very expert in hacking n so u will hack Janki finance accounts n put all money into our account n so will u help me dearest jiju, Sanket gets call from Neeti n picks it n says yes Neeti I called u by mistake,Neeti says fine where are u,n guess who I met Vinay jiju, n he is here shopping for wedding,Neeti says really give him phone.

Neeti says Vinay if u have bunked office come home na,Vinay says I would love to but have to go for urgent meeting, Neeti says ok bye. Raunak asks abt lead dancer to other dancers, Kajal too goes to see her,she sees Raunak near dancer n stops n looks at Raunak,Arti with mamaji,she asks him for payment soon,mamaji says here take it,kajals sees them n says I have to talk to her before she leaves, Kajal sees Sakshi playing n calls her, n says go to papa n play with him, Sakshi goes to Raunak n says papa u called me,ma said so,Raunak thinks so Kajal sent Sakshi to stop me from talking to dancer n I hope she isn’t into new plan against ma,Sakshi u go play I will see u later.

Kajal goes to Arti no ays plz tell me what’s the matter,Vidhi comes again takes Kajal along with her,Arti sneaks out n Raunak follows her, Kajal sees that n get tensed. Sanket says so Vinay u ready,Vinay says yes but I have a condition ,sanket says what is it,Vinay says I will do this work after my marriage n secondly u will give me in written that mine n nishas picture were fake n clicked by u,Sanket says I’m impressed jiju n agree to ur condition,Vinay thinks Sanket ur face will be exposed by me.

Janki says Kajal I praised ur food in front of guests n now they wish to have food made by u,Vidhi n Neeti hear this conversation ,janki says Kajal I can’t upset the guests so can u cook food for around 200 people,n don’t worry this kitchen is well equipped n I’m so happy all my guests will have home cooked food n so what will u cook dear n don’t worry sweets I will order them,Neeti says cha I how will bhabhi do this all alone, Janki says Kajal I hope u won’t let me down.

Mamaji comes n says Janki didi guests are waiting for u,Janki says go I will come,Janki says Kajal all want food made by u so don’t take any help start now n sees Vidhi n Neeti n says what are u doing here,Vidhi says didi shall we help Kajal,Janki says wow Vidhi loving new bride,n now go attend the guests, n Neeti u too go help ur Chachi, Janki looks at Kajal n gives wicked smile.

Kajal thinking, Raunak sir went behind the dancer, but befor he meets her I have to talk to her but how will I.

Pre cap : Kajal gets off auto n sees Raunak already there n asking kids are u sure Arti didi stays here,kids say yes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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