Silsila Pyaar Ka 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamaji asks raunak is he fine,raunak says just a little headache, kamini and munmun come there,kamini says raunak don’t u worry munmun will apply ointment and u will be fine,munmun says ma what nonsense is this, kamini says shutup and do as I say, raunak says aunty I am fine thanku,kamini says this is my munmuns charm and where is janki, raunak says shes gone indore to fix vinay and neetis marriage.
Janki says sakshi is so pretty may god bless her, sakshi says thanku and leaves, janki says is sakshi fine now are her medicine going well,munshi says yes she is good now, janki says I always wanted to meet sakshi and gift her but after akshays past anyways lets hope after neeti and vinay all will be fine I guess, munshi says janki devi we don’t know the past if u know plz tell us and I

shall forgive on behalf of akshay, janki says forget the past lets hope for a new beginning and neeti come lets go,kajal thanks for the kundali and good to know u and neeti share such good rapport, neeti says kajal didi I am leaving and will be waiting for u in Bhopal, kajal says don’t worry neeti I will not let anything bad happen, take care,neeti says sure and leaves.
Akshay and radhika together, rashika says I am so happy for vinay, akshay gets a message I know the past secret and if u don’t want me to reveal it meet me in the park with 5 lakhs, kajal looks at akshay and realizes her plan has worked and her message has reached akshay, neeti thanks janki, janki gets the same message as akshay,kajal thinks I am sorry akshay but this is the only way to know the past.
Janki and neeti reach home, seeing neeti smiling all relax,sanjana hugs neeti, sanket says neeti we missed u a lot, neeti meets everyone in house,kamini says janki what all is this,janki says kamini I know ur concern and dare u question my decisions, kamini says yes yes I know u are always right,janki says I know u all are concerned abt neeti but thanks to raunak he convinced me and made me positive for neeti and vinay,neeti remembers janki saying raunak wasn’t willing to agree at kajals place,neeti walks to raunak and says thanks bhai,raunak says its fine, don’t hide anything from me next time, janki says vinays family will come tomorrow, vidhi says thats great what time, neeti says by tomorrow morning by 10 and since sakshi has holiday they will come in time, janki says look at neeti she is already so well gelled with vinays family, raunak says wait I have a condition, akshay will not take part in any function in this wedding.
Neeti says but bhaiya, raunak says this is my final decision,janki says don’t worry raunak as u say, raunak walks away, neeti feels very bad, munmun says ma what to do now,kamini says u leave I have to listen to whole story yet, sanket sanjana and neeti tease eachother and have fun,janki walks away and kamini follows her.
Akshay getting ready, kajal comes there,akshay says kajal my green shirt, kajal says its in ur hand, u look upset and worried, is it at tomorrow, akshay says tomorrow what,kajal says I mean u and raunak sr the past and then janki aunty agreed to vinay and neetis relation and so may be u are worried,akshay says I am getting late, sakshi must be waiting for me and leaves.
Kamini says janki what all is this how come u agreed,janki gives her a cold look and walks to kamini and says its all politics I went alone so that the past remains a secret and I am not going through a bad phase that I will agree a relation with that beggar family,kamini says oh all this was a drama and what happened in indore,janki says kamini leave me alone, kamini says whats wrong and what are u hiding and sees the message and reads it alound, janki says shutup kamini and is it who u sent the message because this number is private and no one else knows the secret other than u,kamini says janki why would I wait for 5 yrs if I want money and starts crying u insulted me janki,janki sits beside her and says sorry kamini ,it was a mistake, kamini says I call u my best friend and u pointed at me, janki says cmon kamini forget it and I promise I will never doubt on u,kamini says ok ok I forgive u and now tell me whats ur next plan, janki says we have to find out who this person is.

Precap: radhika says I feel so nice to be back here,plz take a sit, kamini says wait a minute janki wont sit nor give any confirmation abt vinay and neeti, all get surprised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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