Silsila Pyaar Ka 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi says did princess loved prince, Raunak says princess never loved the prince n never will n now go sleep, Sakshi says plz papa full story, Raunak says tomorrow now go to bed. Sanket says so dearest Vinay if u do anything against me ur whole family will come on roads so do as I say, forget these things here n leave n abt this dead body I will manag b if u utter a single world u know what will be the result, Nisha plz give Vinay a fresh shirt he won’t utter a word, Nisha gets a new shirt, scared Vinay takes it goes to change,Sanket says we need to do something abt this dead body n don’t worry Vinay will be mum now n Nisha baby all will be fine don’t worry.

Raunaks house all arranged for the muh dikhai function, guest start arriving, Harish says Janki didi these two

ladies will do our work,Janki says God lets guide them, n says so u two know what u got to do, they say we know our work n don’t u worry we will insult her to full extent,Janki says good I want to show her that coming to my house was her biggest mistake n after this function her life will be a no better than hell.

Janki says Vidhi u attend the guest I will take clothes to Kajal, Sakshi dressed up asks mom how am I looking,Janki comes n says just like a princess, n tell me why are u ready, Sakshi says its function so dadi,n mom will get gifts n praise my ma,Janki says so true now go down n play ,Sakshi leaves, Janki says kajals here are clothes for u,Kajal says why are u doing all this, Janki says its for my sons happiness n so get ready all are waiting for u down n this is what u wanted right, come soon n leaves.

In Bhopal,Ashok sees Vinay disturbed n asks is he fine, Vinay says yes,Vinay gets a call from Neeti,she asks him when will he arrive, Vinay says I’m busy not today,Neeti says ok,Ashok says i want to talk to Neeti u go get ready, Vinay leaves,Ashok says Neeti what’s wrong with Vinay he looks so disturbed, Neeti says uncle don’t worry, he must be busy with new work,Ashok says he didn’t tell us abt it,Neeti says may be want to surprise u all,Ashok says ok take care.

Kajal all dresses up comes down along with Neeti,Janki begins with the function, Janki signs Harish n Harish signs ladies,everyone joins the function n take part in the rituals, one of ladies says wow so lucky this girl is on one hand husband dead n then found such a big wealthy house, the other one says Jankiji sorry but u have a ready made grand daughter like a free offer, this girl just changed her husband today’s girls God, just so wanna be,Kajal takes off her ghungat n looks at the ladies who insulted her in anger n says enough that is it, now u can see me very clearly n who are u I didn’t recognise u n u have no sindoor is ur husband dead n aunties u must have forgotten ur culture n manners but I haven’t n were u here to point at me n my character or someone invited u to do so n looks at Janki.

Neeti says how dare u point at my bhabhi n u go handle ur husbands n kids who are no less than loose characters, Kajal says Neeti relax n aunties we have no interest in ur personal life but u shd stay in ur limits,Vidhi says will ur leave or I shd throw u out,Janki says plz leave now,hairsh says forget these ladies n enjoy the function, the function begins again,Kajal n Janki share a cold look,Sanket asks Neeti for her phone for picnic pics n calls Vinay, Sanket says hi jiju, Vinay says what u want now,Sanket says I’m missing u so why not see each other nishas house, Vinay says I don’t wish to,Sanket says see u bye take care.

A dance show arranged for kajals function,everyone enjoys it,Janki looks at Kajal, Chachu n Vidhi push Kajal n Raunak to dance,the dancer looks at Raunak n goes in tears.

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