Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal says ma someone tried to kill me,Raunak thinks Kajal I’m very sure this is mamaji but I can’t says anything right now,mamaji walks in Raunak looks at his shoes n recognises it to be same as burkha person,Raunak says mamaji where were u, mama says I was out for work,Janki says I sent him out to make arrangements for muh dikhai, mamaji says n I have made very good arrangements u will see it tomorrow,Janki says we will discuss this matter tomorrow now we all shd go to bed,Raunak says ma I need to talk to u, Janki says sure come to my room we shall have a talk.

Vinay thinking abt Nisha n blackmailing incident, n how Sanket got all pics n why he helped him,n stops car. Sanket fighting with his friends for money,Nisha try to stop them,Sanket says when all money is to be divided

how can these take all money,Nisha says guys calm down let’s remove some solution,Sanket says I have solution n it is u will get no money now, the argument gets hitter up, one of the friend gets injured badly n they find Vinay behind them watching all this drama.

Raunak says ma why all this ceremonies,Janki in tears says Raunak all I want u to be happy n Kajal is ur happiness n so I’m doing all this, n am I not allowed to celebrate my sons happiness look here, Janki shows him wardrobe n says I made these all for Kajal,Raunak says ma u can cross any limits for my happiness,Janki says yes Raunak anything for ur happiness, I can’t live without u son,Raunak says ma u know I will never leave u alone,Janki says Raunak I have seen this world n I know and have seen relations break n I don’t want us to go through it n so tomorrow’s function will take place n Kajal will never forget it now go Kajal must be waiting for u,Raunak leaves,Janki smiles.

Vinay pushes door n walks inside angrily n says Sanket n Nisha u two played such dirty game,n Sanket ur sister gonna marry me n Nisha u are such a cheap girl,n now I will not spare u two n for this u will face life imprisonment, Sanket says we wanted money ,Nisha is my girlfriend n now forget all this n move on,Vinay says u could take money from ur brother,Sanket says go call police or do whatever but dare u ask me to beg in front of Raunak,Vinay says ok now police handle all this.

Vinay calling police, Sanket pushes him n Vinay falls on his injured friend, Sanket clicks photo n hands rod to Vinay n says n now u are trapped again Vinay.

Raunak goes to him,Kajal with Sakshi,Sakshi asleep, Raunak says I have to sleep here n thinks Kajal I’m here to save u but u will not understand this, Sakshi wakes up n says papa come sleep on bed why sleep on sofa, Raunak says Sakshi I have cold n so sleeping here,Sakshi says ok good night.

Raunak thinks Kajal whenever we come a little close incidents take place n we go away again, mamaji attacked u but u think it’s me n I can’t tell u this bcoz I have to save my ma, I wish I could explain u what I’m going through, Kajal sees Sakshis drawing book n sees a family picture , Raunak looks at Kajal , Sakshi Wakes up n says ma I’m not sleepy shall I go near papa, Kajal says Sakshi papa must be tried we will talk to him tomorrow come go to sleep.

Sanket checks his injured friend n says he is dead n u killed him Vinay n now go call police,Nisha gets scared,Sanket says don’t worry baby evidence says Vinay killed him, Vinay says liar u killed him,Sanket says see this photos n this rod with ur finger prints are proof n so now the blackmailer is dead n photos are of u n Nisha n u took money from Neeti n so where do I come from n Nisha baby u relax n Vinay it’s clear u killed him,Vinay says stop it Sanket,Sanket says police won’t believe u Vinay.

Sakshi walks to Raunak n says papa plz wake up,Kajal says Sakhi he is tired come her, Raunak says Sakshi wait, Sakshi says papa I’m not sleepy,Kajal says come here I will tell u story,Sakshi says ma plz I want papa to tell me story,Raunak says ok I will n tells her his n Akshay n kajals whole story in form of prince n princess story,Sakshi says why did princess marry prince friend,Kajal says it was their destiny so,Sakshi says oh but did prince n princess love each other, Raunak says no princess never loved the prince n never will.

Precap: muh dikhai,function going on,Janki to mamaji says I will insult her to that extend that she will be left with no option then hiding her face , I will make hell of her life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Feeling bad for Vinay…but Vinay is so stupid , he must record that drama which was going on in his presence first and file police complaint against them before chalenging them face to face even after knowning how dangerous and cunning they r

  2. I agree with you. But then these people will not have anything more script to drag the show.

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