Silsila Pyaar Ka 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 6th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor says Sakshis heart is very weak n she is lot in stress, she needs to be happy n she needs prayers, Vinay says didi don’t worry Sakshi will be fine, Kajal walks to Raunak, n says plz save my daughter, I have seen she was getting better with ur efforts I beg of u plz save my Sakshi, I can’t stay without her, Raunak says Kajal what can I do, Kajal says I want my Sakshi, I am sorry for whatever I said, for giving u all pain, sorry, save my daughter, Raunak says Kajal what u want, u want me to marry u, everyone gets shocked.

Janki n others waiting for Raunak, munmun says aunty don’t worry I will wait whatever it takes today I will get married to Raunak, Janki walks to her room in tears, she walks to her wardrobe n looks at her picture with Raunak n his father n remembers

raunaks childhood: Raunak says ma I hate this vegetable, Janki says Raunak for ur ma eat it, Raunak says ok just for u ma.

Janki gets emotional, Raunak as a kid says ma u n papa have to come school, Janki says Raunak papa will be busy I will come, Raunak says ma, papa never comes, Vidhi says Raunak come lets go play with Chachi, Raunak says first promise me u will talk to papa, Janki says yes promise, Raunak playing with Vidhi, Raunak says papa is here, Vidhi says lets meet him later, Raunak says ma why don’t u allow me to meet papa when he comes late, why u do this, Vidhi says papa must be tired from work so, now come lets make plan for ur vacations n show ur papa tomorrow morning,Janki in her room, raunaks father comes drunk home, he stumbled every where on his way, n says what house is this, this jankis rotten face why do I have to see her, useless women, I drink because I don’t have to be in senses n have to meet n hopeless wife like u, I hate u Janki, move out of my way.

Janki tires to help him, he says dare untouch me n get out I can’t bare u n walks to a photo n says ma n papa see bcoz of ur choice of this lady my life is hell now, my business is ruined, all bcoz of this lady, I hate u, Janki says plz calm down Raunak is still awake, he says I don’t care, go to hell u two, Janki says I will get u food, e pushes Janki says get away n leaves.

Raunak goes to bed, Vidhi leaves, Raunak wakes up n says I will go n request papa for school n goes to jankis room, raunaks papa all drunk lying on bed, Janki gets clothes for him n abt to remove his shoes , he pulls jankis hair n says u I can’t bare u, why u come in front of me, Raunak enters n says papa why are u hitting ma, Janki says son, papa is just, he pushes Janki away n says listen I am hitting ur mother, what will u do,Janki says plz he is a kid, papa says I hate u n ur mother u n this women, Raunak says why papa, papa abt to hit Raunak, Janki holds his hand, n says how dare u, I bared everything but not a single thing on Raunak, bcoz of him I am quite or else I would have killed u by now, papa says u are warning me, what will u do n pushes Janki,Janki gets hurt,maps lifts Raunak n abt to throw him out of window, janki lifts a rod near by n hits him on his head, Vidhi rushes n saves Raunak n walks away with him.

Papa falls down, Janki walks to him n sits beside all scared , she finds that papa is bleeding.

Raunak says Kajal plz, Kajal says u promised u will get back happiness in my house,I promise u, we will have no new relation this will be just an contract for my daughter plz, sir plz save Sakshi, try understand ,y situation.raunak remembers his promise to Janki n then Sakshis request n says okay.

Pre cap: Kajal n Raunak get married, munmun sitting in Mandap, Janki calling Raunak, Sanket reaches location n sees Raunak abt to apply sindoor in kajals forehead n says bhaiya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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