Silsila Pyaar Ka 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

kajal says akshay I know everyone is resting but I couldn’t specially what happened today, akshay sits besides kajal, kajal says akshay I want u thanku for standing by vinay, akshay says why thank me,kajal says what abt the truth, akshay says kajal its good that the truth is hidden, kajal says I trust u and will never force u to tell me the truth,aksay says thanku, kajal says oh u can thank me ad I cant both smile.
Janki gets call from kamini,kamini says are u fine janki, I was hopping raunak doesn’t jump to kajals side,janki says raunak trusts kajal,kamini says oh not good at all and if vinay and neeti marry u will loose the whole game, janki says never janki I cant let anyone create differences between me and raunak, and neeti and vinay that will never happen.
Neeti joins

kajal and radhika for morning pooja, ashok asks are u fin neeti did u rest well,neeti smiles and says yes, munshi says neeti u hd visit doc I will take appointment, kajal starts getting busy with serving everyones needs, sakshi asks neeti who are u,vinay says ur mami, sakshi says wow even I have a mami now ,kajal says yes u do now finish ur milk and neeti u have milk too,vinay says I got fruits for u neeti, kajal says that’s impressive, akshay calls kajal and asks wheres my wallet, and says raunak is coming today right, what time he is coimg, kajal ays he didn’t mention the time,why are u so worried, akshay says because I know raunak and janki aunty,kajal says comes lets have breakfast all will be fin.
Raunak goes to jankis room and doesn’t see her,mamaji says raunak she went indore,raunak says why did she go alone. Sakshi rushes to open the door,its janki at the door, akshay gets very angry,neeti gets scared, everyone gather near janki,sakshi says hello aunty I am sakshi how are u,janki says I am fine child, how are u radhika, hello everyone, akshay gets very angry, janki say si know u all are surprised to see me, but u all are mine so I didn’t inform and I am here to tell u all my decision and I am here to give neeti and vinay blessings and support their relation,neeti dear I am sorry I couldn’t see ur love can u plz forgive me, neeti starts crying an goes hug her, janki says I couldn’t understand ur emotions neeti, I am very sorry but now I have realized ur pain, kajal thanku, u know after the jail incident, I was thinking that kajal whom I saved from the jail incident she sent me jail,akshay very angry holding knife hurts himself and his hand starts bleeding.
Akshay walks away from there, janki says anyways people change and situations too change,kajal says aunty I am orry I didn’t want to hurt u, janki says I will forgive u dear but will never forget the two hours,radhika says plz forgive her,janki says anyways I know u are right kajal,neeti and vinay shdnt be separated,raunak wasn’t willing too but I spoke to him and so why don’t u all come Bhopal tomorrow and we shall do the further discussion and neeti u will come with ur ma right,raunak gives her a call and asks ma did u reach kajals place and why did u leave me, janki says raunak I am fine and u were resting so I didn’t wake u up,raunak says ma u calm down and don’t stress I will come and do everything fine, janki says u don’t have to son I have decided that vinay and neeti will get married soon.
Janki walks aside and says son everyone is happy here and have invited them Bhopal and I a getting neeti home bye now,kajal says janki aunty very sorry, janki says its fine kajal and now go get vinays kundli,radhika says kajal its in ur room,kajal sees akshay in room and asks why did u walk away, ashay shows hr his hand, kajal says how did this happen and helps him clear and bandage the wound, akshay says u are upset I can see it, kajal says I don’t understand why do u get so upset with janki aunty, and I know u are a person who hides all the pain and keeps it to u so that no on gets hurt and so how can u hurt anyone, kajal takes kundli and says akshay I don’t know the truth and now I am happy for vina and neeti and may be this is a new beginning,kajal walks away, akshay says kajal u don’t know the truth if u learn the truth our whole world will shatter, kajal hears this and thinks abt akshays words and says this truth looks very sensitive and I have to find the truth may be this will give akshay a little relief.

Precap: akshay and janki get message I know the truth and if u don’t want me to reveal it get 5 lakhs and meet me in the park.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. good story…they r running the story with perfect screenplay without dragging heavily…

  2. I like this serial but I want Raunak and kajal to be together ,not Akshay and kajal

  3. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    akajal scenes are awesome

  4. Kajal and akshay are the best not raunauk

  5. I like akshay and kajal they have the best understanding

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