Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak calls Janki, Janki panics n says I hope all goes well. Radhika near Sakshi n says after Akshaya has gone everything is slipping from our hands, Munshi says we so wish Akshay was here, Sakshi would be alright too, he always lived for others, see Ashok trying to help Raunak baba he left us alone.

Kajal to God, why is my life with so many hardships, u took my love away from me n now my daughters life is at risk , I beg of u, plz give me my daughter back, don’t take her away from me. Sakshi starts showing movements n breathes heavily, Ashok calls doctor.

Raunak says ma I have to go see Sakshi, Janki says sure ,go but after u get married, Raunak says ma it will be too late, I have to go, Janki says Raunak that is very risky God knows what’s the condition there, Raunak

says ma u don’t get tensed plz let me go, Janki says Raunak I beg of u, don’t leave mandap n go, I somehow managed with neetis wedding disaster n can’t with urs I will die so it’s upto u.

Raunak gets ready for wedding, Janki says u are looking just like a prince, Chachu says he was so little n used to go weddings for icebreaker n now see all grown up, Raunak wishing that Sakshi is all well.

Kajal near Sakshi, Sakshi wakes up n looks at Kajal, Kajal gets very happy, Vinay goes n calls others, Radhika n everyone get very happy, doctor checks Sakshi n says this is a positive sign, sakshi asks ma where is Raunak uncle I want to meet him, plz call him, Kajal remembers how Raunak got upset n walked away n says Sakshi Raunak uncle will. Sakshi says plz call uncle, n starts coughing heavily, doctor says she needs no more stress plz, call whoever she wants to meet.

Radhika says Kajal plz call Raunak, Sakshi says yes call uncle, I have to talk to him, it’s imp, Kajal picks up her phone n walks aside n calls Raunak, Sakshi keeps looking at Kajal with a hope,everyone hears the ring, and get surprised, Raunak opens the door n walks in, Sakshi gets very happy.

Raunak walks to Sakshi, Sakshi says I knew my friend will come, ma see he came, Raunak says I am sorry, I got a little late, Sakshi says it’s ok, Raunak says I am sorry bcoz of my lie abt ur papa, u got hurt sorry, Sakshi says if u need forgiveness u have to do my work, Raunak says anything for u, Sakshi says ok then plz marry my ma.

Raunak m everyone steps back n get shocked, Raunak says this can never happen, Sakshi says u are wearing wedding outfit then get married n dadu even papa wanted this right, Kajal says Sakshi we will talk later abt this now we have to get ready, Sakshi starts breathing heavily n says u all are liars, my papa will never come back, no one listens to me, Kajal says go call doctor Vinay, Sakshi says ma, even I will go near papa, Kajal says no.

Janki tries calling Raunak, Chachu comes there n asks where’s Raunak, Janki says God knows, I think he went to see that Akshaya daughter , Raunak knew I would get very upset if he goes but still he went, Vidhi comes n says everyone is asking for u down n are gossiping, Janki says stuff food in their mouths they will be quite, oh god plz don’t repeat neetis wedding scene here.

Janki walks down with Chachu n Vidhi, she walks to Kamini n munmun n take them aside, n says munmun do u trust me, munmun says yes aunty, Kamini says Janki why are u so tensed, Janki says Raunak isn’t home, Kamini says what he ran away, Janki says no he went to see that Sakshi, I have sent Sanket ,he is getting Raunak n don’t u worry munmun will get married today I promise.

Janki walks to Neeti n forcefully takes her away with her to her room n says bcoz of u Raunak isn’t here, can’t u keep shut, Neeti says sorry ma, Janki says stay here n locks her n leaves, doctor checks Sakshi n asks everyone to leave, Kajal doesn’t move, Vinay says come lets go be strong we have to go.

Everyone waiting for Raunak, Janki asks Chachu did Sanket reach, ask him to be quick, Chachu says ok, munmun says aunty don’t worry all will be fine, Raunak will never go against ur wish I will wait till he comes don’t u worry, Janki says u too don’t worry.

Kajal looks at Sakshi being treated n then at Raunak.

Pre cap: Kajal says Raunak sir plz save my daughter, Raunak says what do u want, u want me to marry u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Sakshi is going to make janki furious

  2. Runauk pls marry kajal for your love and to save sakshi’s life

  3. Hope Janki can understand little Sakshi’s plea and reunite Kajal & Raunak!

  4. Do they make the actress who plays Janki look old? I’m older than her and she looks like my mother. Holy! LOL

  5. idk…this serial..i just cant understand ..kajal is very strong i must say….why janki likes her son soo much neeti not her daughter….why does she ill treat neeti to show her love to raunak…a mother can never compare nd give love to only one child….impossible…..raunak should get married to kajal…only then he would come out of the lies that bounds him…………………i mean seriously the entire family knows what happened 5 years ago..still they pretend like akshay was guilty..nd even neeti knows janki is double faced….. really bad janki thats not how a mother should be like…..u cant love anyone sincerely if u keep secrets from them….whoever stands against the son u should be supporting him…very bad janki…. now u will live your entire life keeping the truth away from raunak…u have complicated your own life

  6. kanuk is getting married ….oh i am really happy

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