Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, Radhika calls Janki for Pooja, Janki says don’t tell me what to do go call Raunak, Radhika says here he is, Janki says Raunak go sit for Pooja, raunaks friends wishes him, Raunak waits for Kajal to come before sitting for Pooja, Kajal comes in, Raunak sits for Pooja, Akshay sees Kajal standing aside n tells Raunak Kajal is standing go get chair for her, let’s do one thing we will vacant sit ahead u n then u can see her while Pooja or else shall we go for wedding direct.

Janki comes n asks what are u saying Akshay. Akshay says nothing aunty just saying that pray for ur wishes, Janki says yes raunak n tell me too if God cannot I will fulfill ur wishes, Akshay whispers today is ur day, Raunak says what my day see Kajal isn’t sitting in front of

me, kajal sees vacan sit n sits in front of Kajal, Akshay says dude guess ur good days are back see Kajal.

Raunak remembers the day he first saw Kajal in college, n how he follows her everyday in college, n the day when he once found her dress Latkan n he was so happy to have it, the song Dewana hua plays in background, n Raunak n Akshay together behind Kajal, n Akshay introducing Raunak to Kajal, Kajal calls him sir n greets him with a smile,Akshay asks Raunak to concentrate in Pooja.

Kajal looks at Akshay n smiles, Kajal prays God plz save Vinay from papas anger. Papa in Vinays school n says Vinay if I hear a single complain I will not leave u, principal calls papa in n says Vinay topped scholarships exams, Vinay says this is all because of Kajal di.

Janki asks Radhika to get sweets for Prasad, Kajal says aunty I will get it, Janki asks who is she, Radhika says ashokjis daughter, Janki says oh the one who studies on our loans, Akshay whispers Raunak today impress Kajal by asking ur ma to forgive her family loan.

Kamini says Janki all girls are behind Akshay n not Raunak, Janki says good after all these are pass away girls n I want a girl who doesn’t have her own voice, Kajal comes with sweets, Janki asks where is ur dad, Kajal says dad had to visit younger brothers school, n I am Raunak sirs junior too, Janki says good.

Kamini says Janki keep n eye on this girl she may try to steal ur Raunak, Janki says forget her she is an girl living on my favours, Janki gives Raunak sweet, Raunak has it n enjoys its taste n says it’s amazing very tasty never had such best sweets, Janki gets very happy seeing Raunak happy n says Radhika distribute sweets, uncle gives Raunak gift from Dehradoon, Kajal asks Akshay who gave this gift, Akshay says raunaks younger sister she stays at mamas place n couldn’t attend party due to exams, Janki very happy seeing Raunak happy.

Janki says Kajal ask ur dad to meet me tomorrow n as Raunak loved sweets all ur loan is forgiven, Kajal says thanku aunty n Kajal calls Ashok, Kajal says papa they loved sweets, Ashok says n Janki Devi, Kajal says she loved it too n called u tomorrow n has forgiven our loan, Ashok says thank them n Raunak sir too it’s all because of him, Ashok very happy n thanks god.

Radhika gives Kajal sweets n says ur dad has magic in his hands, Kajal says he is very happy, Radhika asks is Vinay studying well n what abt scholarship,Kajal says dad is gone school for that purpose, Akshay says Raunak don’t take too long go propose Kajal, Janki thanks everyone for attending party n says elders lets walk to garden for dinner n let kids enjoy here, Kamini asks if we leave how will we get to keep a watch on raunak, Janki says I wish u had brains like I do, don’t forget Janki always walks ahead of time.

.Precap: Janki n Kamini keeping an eye on Raunak.
Kajal says Raunak sir we always meet but never spoke abt our friendship so what do u think can we be good friends, Janki hears this n says so this girl is trying to make Raunak fall for her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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