Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak goes to janki and says ma why are u hiding ur eyes from me, janki says raunak son today I see hatred in ur eyes and I cant bear this, raunak says ma I just have one question, ma neeti loved vinay why didn’t u let her marry him, why do they have to suffer because of me and akshay and why did u ask neeti to lie, janki says remember raunak in childhood u loved guava but u had allergy due to it, sanket loved them because of ur allergy I never allowed him to eat just for ur happiness and u shdnt feel bad and this time akshay betrayed u and u want me to send neeti to akshays house.
Akshay says kajal u have invited trouble by sending janki aunty to jail, this problem is gonna get worse and neeti u relax, kajal says akshay the truts issue u are talking abt has been lost 5 yr back and abt

present we cannot put neeti and vinay in this trouble, akshay says I think we shd arrange neeti and vinays marriage.
Janki says I cant let u suffer raunak, if neeti goes to vinays house u will have to face akshay and kajal and that will hurt u and just for u I can let neeti suffer and not u, and so I asked neeti to lie and I cant let neeti suffer too because I know akshay will take revenge and torcher neeti.
Akshay says neeti u are our responsibility now and by neeti and vinays wedding may be everything will be back to right. Janki says raunak by allowing neeti marry vinay, we are pushing her to hell, akshay already snatched ur happiness and now not neeti and now raunak plz I beg u and today I see hatred for me in ur eyes, raunak says no ma u don’t have to do so and ma promise me u wont hurt anyone for my happiness and I am sorry that I questioned u and now lets go home, I spoke to inspector all is resolved, janki says raunak I am worried abt neeti.
Kajal says akshay without neetis familys permission how can we go for this marriage, this will worsen the situation, neeti says kajal didi ma wont agree, kajal says neeti trust me I will talk to janki aunty and all will be fine.
Janki comes home,kamini sits beside her in tears and says janki I am feeling so bad, let that kajal go to hell, look raunak what that girl did to ur mother,janki says kamini,kamini says no janki today I wont be quite how can that kajal send u jail, what will people talk now, now all will question u,raunak says aunty u shd go home its late, kamini says ok we will leave janki take care, mamaji says raunak kajal took neeti with her home, raunak says I will take care of that now ma needs rest, janki says vidhi how come raunak was so quite today, he wasn’t burning in fire of revenge but was so calm I hope my plan isn’t going the other way round, vidhi says didi u rest now we will find other solution for neetis case.
Neeti says kajal didi , I cant stay without vinay and ma she will nevr agree isn’t there any other way, kajal says neeti calm down and call raunak sir, neeti says no we will force me to come home and I can never see vinay then,kajal says neeti I am with u call raunak sir, raunak thinking abt jankis words that she did this to neeti for sake of raunak, raunak looks at his and neetis pic ,he gets a call, neeti says bhaiya I am sorry I lied to u, I love vinay,I did this because me asked me to do so, bhaiya plz don’t separate me and vinay,raunak says u married vinay,neeti says no bhaiya kajal didi said I shdnt without ur premision,raunak says oh is kaja there give her the phone, kajal says raunak sir don’t worry neeti is fine here,raunak say si am coming tomorrow to pick her and plz take care of her and don’t take advantage of her situation,kajal says raunak sir neeti will be fine here, raunak says kajal right now I need time and janki aunty I am sorry about that,raunak says later kajal I need time now,kajal says raunak sir u always stood for the right thing plz think abt neeti first plz, raunak says take care of neeti.
Kajal says neeti raunak will be here today tae rest now,kajal sees akshay standing aside and hearing all conversation. Janki asks raunak who it was,raunak says ma it was neeti,janki says god knows how is my daughter and raunak lets go get neeti, I don’t want neeti to suffer,raunak says ma she is fine u shd rest now and ma akshay snatched my love and I know how painful it is and I cant let neeti go through that same pain,janki says raunak neeti is alone there,raunak says ma kajal promised me she will take care of neeti, janki says and u trust her,raunak says yes ma I trust kajal.

Precap: janki says if neeti marrys vinay,it will create differences between me and raunak and I cant let that happen.
Sakshi opens door ,its janki at the door,neeti gets scared seeing janki.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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