Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal runs behind the robbers to get her money back, Raunak remembers his promise to Akshay that he will take care of Kajal n so calls her back, Kajal busy searching for help n doesn’t receive call, Raunak says why did she call me when she didn’t receive my call, Kajal finds a lady n asks her for help, she shows her a way, Kajal finds inspector n goes along with him.

Vinay tells Neeti that Sakshi is very critical n why aren’t u here yet, Neeti says I will come tomorrow I have to take rest in this condition, Vinay says ok ok u take rest, Kajal n inspector find the robbers, inspector asks robbers to give Kajal her bag back, robbers n inspector get into a fight, one of them hits inspector on head n beat him hard, Kajal says plz stop , I need this money my child is very ill,

inspector faints, robbers play around with Kajal n make fun of her, Kajal keeps begging them to give her money, robbers say u won’t get money, let ur daughter die, we don’t care, anyways girls are burden better she dies, instead we were saving ur expenses.

Kajal says to robber,ps, how dare u n picks the rod n hits them n says never play fun of anyone’s emotions n takes her money, Kajal checks inspector, he says I am fine I will look after them u go save ur daughter, Kajal thanks him n leaves for hospital.

Kajal reaches hospital n deposits the money, Kajal rushes to Sakshis room n checks whether she is fine, Vinay asks how did u get hurt, Kajal says relax I am fine.
Raunak looks at kajals picture n the letter, he keeps them under files n locks it in drawer.

Kajal gets emotional seeing no progress in Sakshis health. Next day, Raunak wakes up n finds his room arranged very well, n goes to freshen up. Neeti calls Vinay, Vinay says no progress, Neeti says don’t worry God is with us nothing will happen.

Everyone at raunaks house ready for his haldi, Janki says Raunak u made me very happy today n applies haldi, Raunak says always be happy this is all for u, all siblings apply haldi, Raunak notes Neeti is very upset.

Sanket clicks the ceremony pictures, Neeti walks aside n calls Vinay, Vinay doesn’t receive her call, doctor says Sakshis health is going down, There are very few chances left to save her we are trying our best, Kajal says plz do something save her, doctor says she has saw her fathers death n so she is very upset n this is costing her life, Radhika says I think we shd ask Raunak for help.

Neeti crying in her room, Raunak says Neeti are u fine, Neeti says I am fine, may be just a little cold, Raunak says tell me what is it, Neeti says ma has asked me not to tell u but this is very imp, Sakshi is in worst condition, doctors have almost given up, Raunak says when did this happen, Neeti says last night, Raunak says why didn’t u tell me,Neeti says ma said it wasn’t right time to tell u,Raunak says marriage isn’t imp than anyone’s life, may be this is why Kajal was calling me.

Raunak says I can never forgive myself If something happens to Sakshi, Raunak calls Vinay, vinay says plz stop all ur drama, ur fake care won’t help Sakshi, stay away from us, Raunak says Vinay is very tensed I guess, I shd be leaving , Neeti says bhaiya wait.

Munmun comes its band Baaja, Janki welcomes here with Aarti, Raunak n Neeti see them from corridor, munmun shows her Mehndi to Janki, Janki says very pretty, munmun says to Kamini she is so fussy, Kamini says Shut up, Raunak calls Janki n says one minute, Janki says oh god plz keep ur eye on us.

Pre cap: Janki tells munmun n Kamini, Raunak isn’t home. Sakshi says to Raunak u are In wedding outfit will u marry my ma plzzz.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Sakshi is so cute

  2. I like kajal, how she beat robbers was amazing. She is very strong. She shouldn’t become weak before anybody

  3. Raunak &kajal…

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