Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki opens door and sees kajal with police, inspector says janki devi we have information that u are forcing ur daughter for abortion and that’s a serious crime,kajal says inspector come with me, neeti hugs kajal and says thank god u came back didi or else they would have killed my baby, kajal says inspector u have seen with ur own eyes,janki says I am her mother and doing for her good,kajal says I am a mother too and what u are doing is a crime, inspector says neetiji are u really forced, neeti says yes they were forcing me to eat this medicine and kill my baby,inspector says janki devi u are under arrest,chachu says this is our personal matter,inspector says not anymore arrest her.
Janki is hand cuffed, kamini says how dare u do this to her, inspector says oh u come with us to police

station and do this act,vidhi says we will come with u didi,janki says no stay here and make sure raunak Is unaware of this,doctor is arrested to and taken along with janki,while leaving janki turns around and gives kajal a cold look.
Vidhi says clear this all before raunak comes,sanjana says ma why are we hiding the truth from raunak bhaiya,vidhi ays we have to listen to janki ma and so raunak hd know nothing abt this, raunak says what are u hiding chachi, vidhi says what happened abt vinay did u take him to jail, raunak says chachi tell me what is it,vidhi says no raunak I was saying not to stress u anymore, raunak asks where is ma and neeti and starts searching for them,vidhi says didi took neeti to hospital,raunak says u guys are hiding something,sanjana tell me,vidhi says sanjana come help me,raunak says sanket tell me, sanket say I don’t know come lets do the cleaning.
Vidhi says sanjana u will not tell raunak anything, raunak comes there and says chachi something is fishy here tell me,sanjana slowly pushes medicine near raunak,raunak picks it up and says what is this tell me enough of this hiding thing,vidhi says raunak calm down don’t stress, sanjana tell me what is it, sanjana says bhai ma tried to abort neetis baby forcefully and tells the whole scene, vidhi says sanjana shutup, sanjana says no I wont bhai neeti was begging not to do so and not kill her baby and kept saying she loves vinay and not to do so, and bhai if vinay has fooled her why will neeti do so,raunak says but why did ma do this what all is this confusion where is neeti,sanjana says kajal didi took her along with her.
Ashok and everyone worried abt kajal,kajal comes there and neeti follows her,vinay smiles looking at her and rushes to her,neeti says vinay are u fine, I am sorry and hugs him, I didn’t want to betray u but ma forced me and so I had to do this,kajal says neeti its ok, they all know I told them the truth come take a sit and relax, munshiji asks are u fine neeti u need something, have some water, kajal asks where is akshay, radhika says he was worried for u,ashok says kajal u call him,kajal calls ashay, akshay says kajal where are u and are u fine, kajal says I am fine and I got neeti home,janki aunty was forcing her for abortion, but I stopped her and she is arrested now, everybody shocked hearing this, akshay says god kajal u shdnt have don’t know how raunak will handle this,kajal says u come home and then we will talk.
Kajal in police station very tensed,kamini says what if raunak learns the truth,I think this is ur karma taking revenge, jnki says no never raunak will never learn the truth,janki has raunaks angry face and his hatred on her mind and says raunak will hate me if he knows the truth ad all my plans will go in waste,kamini says janki u look so scared, I mean ur eyes are red face so pale, janki says kamini shutup I am already very angry,mamaji comes and says raunak is here and he is insisting on meeting u,kamini says oh no if he gets to know the truth he will put u behind the bars.
Raunak meets janki.

Precap: raunak says ma u know neeti loved vinay, why didn’t u let her marry vinay.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. This show is getting interesting day by day can’t wait to see what happens next

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yip n so it is…cryel though hey!? Mothers dat do these tings are obsessive.. huh

  3. janaki devi deserves it …in fact she need more…poor rounak..

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