Silsila Pyaar Ka 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor says medicines are given but we have to keep her under observation, Kajal goes to meet Sakshi, Kajal sits beside sakshis bed n says Sakshi wakeup look ma is here, remember u never left my hand, u are my life baby don’t leave me n go, my daughter bravest n she will fight her illness n get all well for her ma,Kajal goes out.

Kajal gets emotional n starts crying. Raunak in his room standing in front of his love letter for Kajal n thinking abt kajals blame over Janki. Janki asks Kamini are wedding arrangements going well, Kamini says yes off course, Janki hears glass breaking noise n rushes to raunaks room, Raunak not anger breaks the framed letter, Raunak says I made a mistake that I loved Kajal, I trusted her but she insulted u in front of everyone n broke everything, I am

sorry ma, I never thought Kajal would do anything like this, good I didn’t get married to her I can’t stand anyone going against my ma,Janki says Raunak u are so caring, Raunak says ma nothing against u, Janki says Raunak if u feel pressured we can slow down a bit, Raunak says ma this is all for u n I trust ur decisions.

Neeti cakes Vinay, Vinay answers her rudely, Neeti says seriously ur anger is bigger than us n our child, what’s ur problem, why don’t u never think abt us, forget it, Vinay says fine n cuts the call. Janki in front of God says my life is all for Raunak, I can’t see him in pain, plz don’t Raunak suffer bcoz of my mistakes I know he isn’t happy but this is just for his good, give me strength that I keep him away from all pain.

Neeti calls Vinay back n says I am sorry, Vinay says Neeti Sakshi is in hospital , she is very critical n tells her the whole situation, Neeti says she will be fine, I will tell bhaiya abt it, u stay strong.

Janki asks Neeti why is she so upset, Neeti says ma Sakshi is very critical, I have to tell bhai abt it, Janki stops her n says do they need money, n don’t tell Raunak n even u won’t go there, Neeti says ma but, Janki says Raunak is in depression past 5 yrs, his wedding is close, Neeti says ma Sakshi has just 24 hrs, Janki says Neeti Raunak is already a lot in pain n is broken u gonna be a mother soon I have to understand abt my pain n I will arrange the best for Sakshi but u just keep mum n leaves.

Doctor says we need money for her further treatment, plz deposit 5 lakes, Vinay says I have 250000, Ashok says I have 2 lakhs, Radhika says shall we call Raunak, Kajal says no need, I will sell my jewellery they aren’t more worth than my daughter.

Kamini sitting with bundle notes, munmun joins her n both get excited, Kamini says wow look it’s so exciting, munmun says mom this is just the beginning, n then just see the fun all money will be ours.

Kajal sells her jewellery, she collects the money, she gets a call n says I will reach hospital soon, she gets a call from Raunak but cuts it n leaves for hospital,on kajals way to hospital she drops her bag n few men around see money in her bag n start following her, Kajal realises that they are following her n starts rushing to hospital, the men attack her, Kajal says plz I need this money for my child plz, they snatch the bag from her, in the argument,raunaks number get dialled, Raunak gets angry n throws the letter, the men push Kajal on pole n runaway, Kajal gets hurt, she gets up n rushes behind them n calls out for help.

Raunak thinks of his promise to Akshay that he will take care of Kajal n calls her back, Kajal all scared n disturbed keeps looking for help.

Pre cap: Kajal begs to the robbers to give her the money back, she needs it for her daughter, robber say we don’t care let ur daughter die we just want the money.
Doctor says Sakshis condition is very critical.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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