Silsila Pyaar Ka 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki says kajal get lost from here, neeti requesting to spare her baby, munmun sees from window its kajal and says ma kajal is here,neeti starts shouting kajal didi, janki says kajal so u are here for ur brother, kajal says I am here for neeti,janki says because of ur brother we already are in mess get lost,kajal says I am here just to know why neeti did this to vinay, when they both loveeach other why did she back off and aunty why not forget the past and give it a new start,janki smiles and says neew start and that to with beggars like u never,kajal says aunty plz understand, neeti is ur daughter, janki says u don’t need to tell me what to do just get lost from here.
Neeti rushes to kajal and stands behind her, vidhi and kids come there too, akshay and lawyer ask inspector to free

vinay,raunak says vinay wont be spared,inspector says they are right u have no warrant we have to free vinay,raunak says I will not spare u all,akshay says raunak u ae doing ths in wrong way, raunak says u don’t need to open ur mouth and mark my words I will make sure this vinay,akshay says raunak once talk to neeti,raunak says u don’t have to talk abt neeti,akshay says ok then even I will stand for my family,raunak says u are a tratror and always will be.
Neeti says kajal didi save me, ma is forcing me for abortion, janki says neeti go to ur room, sanjana says ma but,janki says shutup,vidhi take them all to their room,and kajal u stay out of it and get going and neeti get in,neeti says no I wont kajal did plz I cant loose this child its my babay, its my vinays child, I am sorry I lied but not anymore plz save my baby, ma told me to do so or else she will kill herself,do something kajal didi, my baby is in danger,janki says enough and holds neetis hand and says I was soft on u but not anymore ,janki abt to slap neeti,kajal stops her.
Lawyer says vinay is safe just for now but if that girl says anything vinay will be in trouble, akshay says don’t worry we are with u vinay, vinay says I am worried abt neeti, raunak passes by them and splashes mud and leaves. Janki says I will not spare u for this kajal,kajal says I saved u form doing wrong aunty,neeti is pregnant and aborting against her wish is crime,janki says I am her mother and doing it for her good,kajal says I will not let u do so, janki holds kajals hand and says try stopping me, vidhi kamini munmun take neeti to her room,munmun and kamini force neeti to her room,neeti pleads to stop,janki says and u kajal get lost, kajal says aunty stops all this and don’t let me cross my limits.
Janki smiles and says go kajal do whatever u can and doctor give neeti the medicine right now,kajal says doctor u know its crime and aunty u will hae to pay for all this,janki says u beggars are good for nothing and like u went away 5 yrs back,get lost now as well and pushes kajal and closes the door, neeti shouts kajal didi plz save me, vinay says akshay jiju I need to see neeti, I am worried for her, she can never betray me,akshay says u go meet her tomorrow and don’t worry we will find some solution over this, akshay asks ma where is kajal, radhika says she went Bhopal to meet neeti,akshay says why did she and calls kajal,kajals phone is out of reach.
Akshay tries calling kajal, and says kajal why did u go I just hope u don’t learn the truth, akshay sees his and raunaks picture which he hide in his drawer and remembers raunak and his friend ship, munshiji and ashok come there and ask what is the past akshay , raunak kept insulting u but u didn’t say anything what is it, akshay says I cant tell u anything, ashok says see don’t tell us but kajal is ur wife don’t keep her in dark,she has all rights to know the truth.
Sanjana says plz don’t do this to neeti, janki says vidhi take kids away,doctor says janki ji don’t do this look at neeti she is so restless, janki says dont teach me lessons do as I say and go away,door bell rings, janki checks its kajal with police, inspector says janki devi we got information tht u are forcing ur daughter for abortion don’t u know its serious crime.

Precap: inspector says janki devi we have to arrest u for this crime, janki is hand cuffed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. wow.what a scene in precap

  2. day by day becoming interesting…

  3. but i want kanak[kajol raunak]

  4. loving the movie…..i actualy loooove akshay

  5. This is Interesting now…Hope this interest continues in this show….

  6. Don’t know about the episode but Precap is interesting finally that Janki Devi is arrested hope that’s not someone’s dream/illusions , n I like akjal(akshay-kajal)pair more 🙂

  7. Superb promo and I really want Kajal and akshay together

  8. Why Ronauk so hyper? Abusing,beating up people. The guy lacks personality,talent like to see more of Akshay,he is cool.

  9. Akshay cool? This guy is like a dead fish. He takes a beating from everybody without a word, ever. Can he even speak? He is like a silent statue. What a character? Hope they will give him some good speaking parts soon.

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