Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kajal saying that I won’t hear a word against Akshay now n will say the truth. She says that janki knows the truth very well. Janki looks at her tensed. Raunak says why are always dragging mom in this how is she related to all of this? She says janki is related as she has only played all this game with u me n Akshay. She tells everyone the whole story that had happened 5 yrs ago n says she played with your, mine n Akshay’s life due to her insecurities about u. Raunak gets shocked hearing this. He says no its not true. Kajal says I knew you would say this but I have proof n goes to get it. Raunak says to janki this a lie right? She sheds crocodile tears and says I don’t know why is kajal blaming me n I am hurt today as she has raised finger on my love for

u n sheds more tears. Kajal comes n says wait I ll show u the proof n checks her phone for the video but doesn’t get it as its deleted by janki. She looks at janki n janki smirks. She blames her for deleting the proof very easily. Janki starts her acting n says I haven’t done anything n what are you saying? She goes n stands in a corner crying n showing to be hurt. Kamini comes to console her n hugs her n asks did u delete the video. She says yes n gets a sigh of relief. Raunak says enough kajal how dare u blame my mom n she is my god n I won’t hear a word against her. He says I can’t even think like this about her in my dreams n u said this? I am ashamed that I loved u at a time n thought u were a nice person. He says I won’t hear anything against my mom n from today I won’t enter this house but yes I will always be there with u people as I am related to u all due to akshay. He says in next 24 hours I all marry munmun. Janki looks at her victoriously. Raunak says let’s go from here. Akshay n kajal’s father go behind to stop them n apologize but they leave. Kajal goes in her room n cries. They ask her to open the door for sakshi’s sake n she opens the door n cries hugging akshay’s mom n says I was saying the truth n due to janki Akshay is not here today n I can’t hear anything against him. They say yes we trust you. Sakshi says where is dad. Raunak is driving the car n stops n says I all get water n goes to get water. Kamini asks munmun also to go. Janki says to kamini that are you mad n from next time don’t take out past topics u fool it was good that I deleted the video or it wouldn’t have taken a minute for kajal to prove us wrong. Kamini says sorry due to anger my brains don’t work. Raunak n mumun come n he apologizes to her as kajal slapped her. She says it’s ok but i felt bad as she said ill about janki. He says lets go. Sakshi says where is papa n wont he come back? Kajal says he will come but sakshi faints. They get worried. Munmun says to kamini that see how i will make kajal, raunak n janki dance on my fingers .

Precap: Doctor says deposit money we need to start her operation. Kajal sells her jewellery n her money gets robbed n she gets hit also.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. How can a video be deleted? Don’t they put code locks on phones. When will raunak find out the truth about his mom?

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