Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal says ma I cant wait any more, the hidden truth is slowly affecting everyones life , if I tell akshay he wont allow so I will go alone,radhika says ok u go I will take care of sakshi. Munmun goes to neetis room and says vidhi aunty I will stay with neeti janki aunty Is calling u,vidhi leaves,munmun asks neeti do u need anything.janki asks vidhi to take kids with her to station and tell uncle that he shd return there wouldn’t be any functions now and slowly janki sends everyone out of the house.
Neeti is thinking abt jankis warnings and threats and then says munmun plz get me some water,munmun leaves,neeti locks the door. Raunak in jail calls commissioner and requests to transfer the case to Bhopal jail, akshay comes with lawyer,raunak says how dare u, akshay says same way u did

arrest vinay,lawyer says there isn’t any evidence abt vinay,lawyer says raunaks sister is 18 above so there isn’t any harassment signs,raunak says my sister told me,lawyer says ur sister must be scared to reveal the truth,lawyer says ur sister is loose character,vinay says dare u speak abt neeti in this language.
Kajal leaves for Bhopal,raunak gets into argument with the lawyer,lawyer keeps insulting neeti, raunak gets physical,akshay calms raunak and says raunak this step of urs will spoil neetis life calm down,this act will question neetis character and I know u will not want anyone to do that calm down raunak,u have forgotten whats wrong and whats right,kajal calls ashok and listens to all this fight,akshay says raunak vinay and neeti love eachother, raunak says I don’t trust u akshay,akshay says I swear on sakshi,vinay had no idea abt neetis back ground, neeti and vinay love eachother a lot, try understand, u are dragging this to 5 yr old incident think abt neeti first,kajal thinks what must be the truth.
Doctor comes to jankis place,doctor asks is neeti wiling to do abortion, janki says u are getting any amount u ask for so u shd not be interested in any more details, munmun comes and tells neeti locked herself, janki and everyone runs to neetis room,janki says neeti this is for u good plz understand,neeti says theres no good in this, why kill the innocent baby,janki says break the door,mamaji breaks the door,neeti says plz ma don’t do this, this is my child don’t do this, how can I kill my baby, doctor says janki madam don’t force her, its crime, janki says doctor I will cancel ur license kamini says yes just take the money and do as janki says, janki asks mamaji and chachu to leave.
Neeti says I am requesting ma plz, janki says neeti this baby will spoil ur future and ur character , neeti says ma I did as u said now plz not anymore, janki says vinay neeti is fraud, this baby will bring only insult and nothing else, neeti says this baby Is sign of my love ma, janki says doctor how will u do this,doctor says here is the medicine,there wont be any pain and by morning she will be normal.
Janki asks kamini and munmun to hold neeti,and neeti plz agree don’t let me force u,neeti says kamini aunty plz understand,neeti starts requesting everyone not to do so,neeti tries to escape.kajal reaches jankis house,mamaji says I am feeling bad for neeti,chachu says we cant go against bhabhi,janki says kamini go get her,munmun and kamini get hold of neeti and forcefully hold her,door bell rings, munmun says I guess its raunak,janki says u make sure she takes medicine I will go check,janki leaves and walks to door, janki opens door and sees its kajal,kajal says sorry aunty to come so late,janki says this is my house get lost kajal.

Precap: neeti says kajal didi plz do something my baby is in danger here,janki says enough neeti till now I was soft on u but u don’t understand,janki abt to slap neeti kajal stops her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Who is the hero and heroine here! Raunak? Askshay or Kajal or munmun …. Very bad… The name Silsila pyaar Kaa doesn’t suit for this bullshit drama

  2. really yaar finally akshay got trapped janki worst mother of world i think she does not love her children but only money and status

  3. Cannot figure out what the heck is happening here???? Who are the leads… can they at least make this clear or is it just all about Janki???

  4. aly goni is perfect for rounak role….

  5. Everything is so confusing

  6. common people

    Where is love

  7. m ssooo confused with this serial….

  8. vertan actress shilpa has only one expression here ; any situation same exprssion -still her husband is not identified that story will.come.if serial has TRP else icchadhari haathi will come and tell truth , then enters baba , daayan , terrorist , devi maaand some murder mystery happens – All serials can be mixed and made into one story ;

  9. rounak’s acting is not good..especially when he getting angry his expressions are bad…

  10. Shraddha Sharma

    Show name should change from silsila pyar ka to confusion or pagal serial banne ka

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