Silsila Pyaar Ka 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki asks Kajal what’s wrong, Raunak says yes Kajal what’s wrong,Kajal thinks not right time to tell abt the burkha person n says I slipped of staircase,mama says so loud u yelled,Kajal says I’m so sorry, Vidhi says its happen n come lets have dinner,Raunak says ma I will come soon, Kajal leaves n Raunak follows her, mama signs Janki,Janki nods yes.

Raunak asks Kajal what were u trying to say,Kajal says how did u get to know,Raunak says I just realised,Kajal says sir I saw that burkha person, Raunak says why didn’t u tell downstairs,Kajal says sir this would tense others n the person is surely from this house,like u remember lights went off right away when I saw the person n this proves it was person from this house,Raunak says I get ur point but it’s just

unbelievable,Kajal says sir we have to keep an eye on every person without their notice n now we shd go down,n Sakshis medicine time too.

Raunak Kajal come down,sakshi Sanjana Sanket playing together, Raunak says Kajal look this makes me feel it’s no one from my house,Kajal says we shd hope for good, Vidhi says come on dinner ready, everyone sit for dinner,Neeti says Raunak Bhai sit near bhabhi n have food in same plate, Sakshi says why no extra plates,Vidhi says no princess it’s a ritual of this house so,Neeti says cmon,Sanket says how romantic.

Mama says Janki di, these people are forgetting Their limits after kajals entry, Janki says I can’t take any step until Raunak is here n once he is gone I will not spare this Sakshi, Sanket says photo, Kajal n Raunak share food,Sakshi gets very happy.

Mama n Janki in her room, Janki says tomorrow at any cost the keys will be in my hand, I’m so worried for Raunak, Janki sees Raunak coming n says raunaks big night today but don’t know why I’m a little scared don’t tell Raunak ok, I will manage some how, or else he will stay here with me, Raunak says ma,why are u hiding things from me, I will stay here tonight, I won’t leave u alone , I will inform Kajal n leaves,mama says didi wow ur so genius,Raunak loves u so much but this Kajal, Janki says I’m worried abt the secret key n if Kajal learns abt it, my Raunak will hate me n I can’t bare this at any cost, tonight Kajal will check every corner for the evidence harish keep an eye on her we can’t let her get to that door n shares a plan, Harish says don’t u worry didi.

Kajal In raunaks room,thinking abt the burkha person, Raunak walks in n seeing kajals awkwardness says relax this is ur room too n today I will stay with mom n where’s Sakshi,Kajal says she is in neetis room,Raunak goes to washroom,Kajal thinks Janki aunty now since Raunak sir isn’t here I can check every detail properly, Neeti walks in, Raunak says Neeti what’s wrong, Neeti says bhaiya I want 10 lakhs, Kajal says is all fine, Neeti says actually wedding shopping,Kajal says but,Neeti says bhabhi I had lot of dreams abt my wedding, Raunak says Kajal go give her money,Kajal says no sir u open the locker,Raunak says I trust u n don’t worry u only have to look after all this here after, kajal says ok.

Kajal counting money n putting it in suitcase,she picks the case n realises some one near the door, Kajal checks locker again n closes the door, Kajal gives Neeti money,raunak says need anything else, Neeti says thanku bhaiya n leaves.

Neeti calls Vinay n says bhaiya gave me money n will give u tomorrow,Vinay says Neeti thanku n I’m very sorry, Neeti says don’t be we are together n will always support each other n now go to sleep we will meet tomorrow bye, Neeti turns around n sees Kajal staring at her,Kajal walks to Neeti n says what all is this, I came here for Sakshi but what I hear, n what business was Vinu talking, let me talk to him,Neeti says bhabhi don’t plz,Kajal says how dare he take such huge amount n that too from u.

Vinay calls Nisha n says mow your is arranged, Nisha says thanks Vinay n cuts the all, Nisha is with her husband n the harassing guy,partying n having drinks together n Sanket along with them.

Pre cap:Neeti says Kajal bhabhi,plz after a long time Vinu n me are good n not fighting if u speak to him he will hate me, Kajal says ok but in return u have to do something,Neeti says what bhabhi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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