Silsila Pyaar Ka 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi says to Janki u are my dadi he told me, my papa, my papa always said u are like his ma to him, Janki says Sakshi u are good girl n u shd take rest go, Sakshi says ok n leaves.raunak sees Vinay tensed n asks him what is it, Kajal helping munmun get ready, Neeti calls her, Vinay says Raunak I fought with Neeti, Neeti tells same thing to Kajal, Raunak says come with me n Kajal takes Neeti along with her to Vinay.

Raunak says good u two came here we were coming to u, all four get into argument, Raunak says Vinay is right, Kajal says Neeti is right , Vinay says stop it, Neeti says yes listen we have resolved it n both leave, Raunak says look we were fighting for them, Kajal smiles, Kajal says even me n Akshay use to fight like this n then gets upset, Raunak says don’t stop

tell me, it will be for ur good, tell me, Kajal says yes Akshay use to always pampered n spoilt Sakshi n we use to fight over it.
Once we went shopping n kept fighting on what to buy n the dress I wanted someone else chose it n then Akshay convinced them that this is a bad dress n got it for me, Raunak says Akshay was very convincing, Janki sees them talking, Raunak says next time I will charge it takes lot of efforts to make u smile.

Radhika asks Kajal to get munmun, munmun asks Kamini to chill n not to worry n says don’t u worry abt that stupid Janki aunty, she is a dog, n u her elephant, Kajal reaches there n listens to them, munmun says all I want is Raunak n nothing else n I don’t care abt Kajal n Raunak will be with me n even if he doesn’t show any interest in me I have his bank balance, Kamini says oh so intelligent, munmun says ma u saw how I tricked Raunak n now I will be a rich wife .kajal leaves from there,Kamini sees someone walking n says who it was, munmun says its Kajal I spoke all this purposely n now see my next step, Kamini says stupid girl,munmun says ma just wait n see my game.

Kajal says God, munmun is bad girl, who shd I tell this too, Kajal is thinking abt raunaks help to her family, everyone waiting for engagement to begin,Kajal thinks of telling abt munmuns plan to Janki, kajals internal voice says don’t tell her she won’t believe, Kajal decides I have to do my job n tell Janki aunty next is her decision.

Kamini calls Kajal n says come lets go the engagement is gonna begin, come u will feel good, Kajal Ignores them n leaves, munmun says mom our new bank balance is waiting come lets go. Kajal thinks I have to stop this or else Raunak sirs life will get ruined, time comes when Raunak n munmun gonna exchange rings, Kajal thinks oh god what will I do, the rings getting exchanged, Kajal acts as if giddy n faints, Raunak drops his rings n helps Kajal.

Doctor checks Kajal n goes out n says Kajal is fine, she was just stressed, she wants to meet Janki Devi,Janki gets surprised, doctor leaves, Janki walks into kajals room, Kamini says why she wants to meet Janki, munmun says to break my engagement, Kamini says I told u munmun, munmun says ma relax.

Kajal says aunty I wish to talk to u in private plz close the door, Janki closes the door, Kajal gets off her bed n says aunty, the information I am gonna share is related to Raunak sirs life n tells what munmun said n says plz believe me aunty, Janki says wow Kajal, Raunak is struggling to help u all n u are behind his happiness, Kajal says no aunty I am not lying, Janki says girls like u a characterless n remember Kamini is my best friend, I will not hear a single word against her n her daughter, munmun is taking ur friendship in good way n u are pointing at her, girls like u are good for nothing n u proved me right, my decision of u keeping away from Raunak was so right.

Precap: Raunak n Kajal together, Raunak says I fought with ma to talk to u, Kajal says Janki aunty has asked me to not talk to u n said I am creating problems in ur life, Raunak says what where did this come from.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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