Silsila Pyaar Ka 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak says Kajal I need a favour,why don’t u look after the house for few days so that ma can rest,Janki thinks Kajal dare u say yes, Kajal thinks I don’t wish this but this will help me find Akshays murderer, Raunak says Kajal will u, Kajal says sir it’s a big responsibility,Raunak says I know but I trust u,Kajal says for ma I will do this n I am sorry if I go wrong n plz keep guiding so that I never go wrong,Raunak says we all are very happy Kajal,see ma Kajal will take care u just rest now,Janki says Kajal is new in this house how will she manage,let me, Raunak says ma no u just rest cmon give keys,Janki very dis heartedly hands keys to Raunak,Raunak gives them to Kajal n says now u are the responsible person here till ma gets well,Kajal says I will take full care of this

house I promise,Vidhi says come Kajal I will guide u basic things,Kajal says sure Chachi n ma u plz take care.

Nisha crying says Vinay I’m so scared,Vinay says what’s wrong,Nisha says see look at this,Vinay opens the envelope n sees his pictures with Nisha while he was trying to help her In drunk state which looked like intimate pictures,Nisha says that guy is blackmailing me for 15 lakhs or else he will give these photos to my husband n I will loose case,I just have 5 lakhs,Vinay says God me too have no money.

Raunak busy taking care of Janki,Vidhi comes with Kajal n says didi don’t worry Kajal is very good she will take care, Raunak says ma u rest I have to make calls n Kajal u stay here till I come, Kajal says sure u go make ur calls,Janki gets off her bed n closes the door, kajal says oh aunty u shd rest,Janki says stop this drama u very well know I’m all fine,kajal smiles n says I know u plotted this against me but it backfired, as u bribed pandit I bribed doctor, Janki says give my keys back they are my pride, Kajal says sad they are in my hands now n how come these are ur pride n what must be in these keys let me guess all important papers n jewellery n it’s all normal let it be with me,Janki says I worked very very hard to make this house,Kajal says oh u n sirs papa built this house, Janki says Kajal this shdnt bother u this is my house,Kajal says house, this is a drama set where ever things fake n only one persons opinion is given importance n so aunty there’s nothing like home in here.

Janki says Kajal u n ur thoughts don’t matter to me, all I know is tomorrow u will in my feet give me my keys, Kajal bends down,Janki says what are u doing, Kajal says u are like my mother n so I don’t find it shameful to bow to u n for today these keys are mine n if I find any evidence even God may not help u.

Raunak opens door n says ma u standing plz go sleep,Kajal says sir ma doesn’t listen u plz tell her, I’m going kitchen to help Chachi,Raunak says ma plz , Janki thinks what if Kajal finds it.

Vinay at nishas house, talking to Neeti, Neeti says business plan,Vinay says yes for our future n so I’m taking loan,Neeti says take from bhaiya , Vinay says no Neeti, neeti says see I will tell him I want for shopping n later we will return,Vinay says ok bye,Nisha says sorry Vinay, n what if Neeti gets to know the truth,Vinay says right now that blackmailer is important n u will get money tomorrow n then we will meet never n leaves,Nisha gives wicked smile.

Janki very tensed n worried if her secrete comes out n Kajal learns abt it, Kajal checking each n every room for evidence, mama Jim slowly gestures Janki,Janki signs him to keep a watch an Kajal,mama leaves,Janki thinks God let him reach before Kajal.

Kajal walking feels like someone’s keeping an eye on her,she checks around n gives a call asking whoes it n sees a lady in burkha n shouts Raunak sir, Raunak hears her voice n rushes to her, Kajal runs behind the burkha person but the person goes out of the house, Kajal abt to slip,Raunak holds her,n says are u fine,lights go off, Kajal gets scared n hugs Kajal,everyone gather in hall hearing Kajal scream,Janki says Raunak what’s wrong,Raunak says ma u why did u come,Janki says how did lights go,Vidhi gets candle, lights come back,mama has a cunning smile on his face,Kajal thinks all are here then who was in burkha.

Pre cap: Raunak n Janki ask Kajal what’s wrong,Kajal thinks if I tell them I saw a person will burkha all will be worried n also know my motto to be here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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