Silsila Pyaar Ka 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 28th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hearing band noise, sakshi gets excited n says papa is here,janki comes in with all raunaks family members n munmun kamini, everyone at kajals house are surprised n confused, raunak gets angry n says what all is this, janki says cheerup raunak, panditji said there is no Murtha so we have to get done with engagement, raunak says a pooja is going on here, janki says oh I am sorry,raunak says panditji plz begin with pooja,pooja finishes.
kajals phone rings, sakshi things its akshay n says its papa but its for ashok,sakshi gets upset kajal says sakshi come have medicines, sakshi says no I want my papa first why isn’t he calling us I am so upset, kajal says sakshi first medicines then papa, sakshi says no papa first, vinay says come lets share medicine with teddy, raunak walks out n calls

kajal n says talk as if u are talking to akshay this will cheer sakshi kajal agrees n says hello akshay n good u called sakshi has become very stubborn she isn’t listening to me anymore, sakshi says a I want to talk to papa,janki walks out to check wheres raunak ,kajal gvies phone to sakshi, raunak talks to sakshi as akshay n says I have cold so my voice has changed, sakshi says papa if u promise to come back I will listen to ma, raunak says good, sakshi says I love u papa ,raunak says I love u too ,sakshi says now says I love u to ma, kajal says sakshi papa must be busy, sakshi says no he has too, raunak says I love u kajal, janki mumnun kamini hear raunak talking as akshay ,sakshi says ma now I will have medicines.
kamini gets angry n says see this janki , my daughter is here to marry raunak when he still loves kajal, munmun starts crying, janki gets angry n walks to raunak, kamini n munmun follow her ,janki says raunak what all is this u are getting engaged to munmun n u what all is this, u are trapping urself into wrong things, why don’t u think abt munmun n raunak what must be akshays family thinking, see raunak I am here for engagement n if u deny my head will be down in shame n I cant see u in pain anymore too, its good ur helping akshays family but raunak there is a thin line which u shdnt cross, don’t forget u have ur own life too, raunak hugs janki.
janki says raunak lets go in, munmun walking in janki says where are u going, munmun says to meet kajal, munmun walks to kajals room n says u kajal, janki n kamini follow her munmun sees raunak with them from mirror n says I know kajal this is all for sakshis happiness n I know raunak still loves u, kamini thinks what is she doing, munmun says n I also know u n raunak will never cross the limits n I am ok with ur friendship I can understand ur pain n if raunak as a friend an reduce ur pain I will be very happy, raunak says ma munmun is the right choice for me n walks to kajal n munmun n says I’m sorry, munmun says u don’t have to u were just helping her n I am ok with ur friendship,kamini says how understanding is my munmun, janki says ask her to shutup n get her to guest room.
kamini says munmun come out n takes her to janki,munmun says I thought this will impress janki aunty, janki says shutup n says have u lost ur mind, I don’t want that kajal in my sons life not even friendship n says don’t dare u use ur brains again n after 5 yrs she is back again n now u have to be the throne in her life n kamini teach ur daughter to work as I say n leaves in anger.
janki in front of everyone n says I am so sorry to spoil pooja I wasn’t aware n was just here to share happiness, radhika says plz don’t embarrass us we will be so happy to see raunaks engagement here n kajal go help munmun get ready,kajal says ok n leaves, janki walks to raunak n says go get ready n neeti go help him, neeti says here is ur dress sakshi says where is my friend going plz let him stay with me, janki says raunak I will stay with her u go get ready, vinay plz help raunak, vinay says ok, neeti leaves too janki sits beside sakshi, sakshi says dadi shall we play, janki smiles n says I am not ur dadi sakshi says he told me u are my dadi, raunak walking from akshays picture janki thinks raunak asked her to call her dadi.

precap :raunak kajal n janki together, raunak says to kajal nice dress, kajal says thanku n smiles, raunak says next time I need money ,it takes lot of efforts to make u smile.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Amazing episode…impatiently awaiting for tomorrow’s episode
    Love you raunak and kajal
    You guys rock!!!

  2. Ranuak loves Kajal…. He will be able to make her happy and sakshi, hope they end up together:)…. I still believe there love will be an epic one.

    This munmun character is shaddy AF!!

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