Silsila Pyaar Ka 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak shares some information to help sakshis betterment, kajal says no risk with sakshis life, vinay says didi is right, raunak says sakshi has to react or else she will never get better, munshi says I agree to raunak baba, he is like akshay, so why not listen to him, he is akshay to me n I trust him, he will never do anything wrong, vinay shares this news with neeti, neeti says he just wants to help u, vinay says I am not really happy with his approach no one can take jijus place, neeti says vinay he is just helping u because he takes u all as his family plz stop getting frustrated
Everyone standing near sakshis room entrance n start singing happy bday akshay, raunak plays a voice note in akshays voice, calling sakshi, in darkness raunak stands in front of sakshi n plays the note

calling sakshi to answer to her papa, raunak opens his arms n calls sakshi, sakshi wakes up, she thinks its akshay in raunaks place due to darkness n gets off her bed, n starts walking to raunak, kajal looks at her n says after so long sakshi is walking on her feet, raunak starts walking away, sakshi keeps following him n says papa, everyone hiding n watching her, raunak takes sakshi to a bday cake, raunak stumbles n sakshi sees his face n asks wheres my papa n why are u calling me like my papa, vinay puts on the lights, kajal rushes to sakshi n hugs her.
Sakshi says uncle wheres my papa, ma where is papa, raunak walks to sakshi n says till u get all good, papa wont come, sakshi says n if I get better will papa come, raunak says papa will always be with u, if u get better, sakshi says ok I will get better n wait for papa, sakshi looks at akshays photo n walks to the cake n says ma if papa isnt here can I plz cut the cake, kajal walks to her, sakshi says everyone come here lets wish papa a very happy bday,sakshi cuts the cake, raunak n kajal give sakshi cake, but she walks ahead n raunak n kajal face eachother, sakshi eats cake on her own, kajal calls her near her n gives cake, sakshi says ma give uncle cake n uncle u give ma,raunak n kajal exchange cake.
Sakshi says papa a very happy bday, radhika says now sakshi will take her medicines, sakshi says ok n leaves, kajal says I am not liking all this, raunak says ok lets go tell her the truth n let her go back in dark, kajal says I didn’t mean that, raunak says kajal this lie will save sakshis life n to save her I can tell 1000 such lies.
Sakshi looks at raunak, kajal says sakshi eat ur fruits,sakshi says I want papa, raunak says can ur friend give u fruits today, sakshi says ok n eats one n says not tasty, raunak says lets see who finishes first u or me, sakshi gets happy n says ok, kajal smiles seeing sakshi happy after such long time, sakshi says friend why did u call like papa n I thought u are my papa, but ur his best friend, n will u tell him I love him so much, kajal gets upset n leaves
Raunak follows her, n says kajal this is first time I am lying n its for right thing, we slowly have to take her to reality, go to her she needs her ma, I will leave now, kajal says where are u going, raunak says I need some time alone I am missing my friend, kajal says sir our friendship u very well keep up with I, thanku.
Sakshi asks whats todays date ma, kajal says its 27, sakshi says when will I get better,kajal says take rest now, sakshi says papa will come right, kajal says cmon sleep now,sakshi says loori first, kajal sings for her, sakshi goes to sleep,
Raunak missing akshay n has his last wish going on his mind, next day sakshi gets ready for pooja, sakshi asks raunak how am I looking , raunak says just like princess, sakshi says this is for papa right can I talk to him now, kajal says sakshi today we cant speak to papa, sakshi says ma remember papa used to call when he wasn’t in town, kajal says now sit for pooja we will discuss this later, sakhsi sits for pooja
Everyone hears band noise, sakshi says I guess its papa.

Precap:raunak on call says to kajal I love u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Ab sakshi ke liye kajal will marry raunak

  2. Without akhshay.serial will not work long

  3. Please change the show timings of this serial … The serial is so boring and has no meaning..

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