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Silsila Pyaar Ka 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak n kajals wedding rituals taking place, Vidhi says I will go get Kajal, Kamini says to munmun oh god I was waiting for Raunak n munmuns wedding n here look what’s happening, munmun says mom stop always hurting me plz.

Kajal comes down n Raunak keeps looking at her, n remembers how during clg days he use to keep looking at Kajal, Kajal n Raunak exchange garlands,Panditji asks brides father to step for kanyadan,Kajal says sir papa couldn’t come,Sakshi turns n shouts yeah dadu, Munshi walks in with gifts, Munshi says Ashok couldn’t come n Neeti suggested I shd be here n so here I’m for Kajal n she is my daughter too,Janki says sure plz come,Sakshi says wow ma ur so lucky u have two papa,Kajal says yes papa I’m very lucky thanku.

Munshi does the kanyadan

ritual,Kajal n Raunak take pheres, Raunak n Kajal repeat their promises n Janki thinks Kajal u will forget what happiness is ,I will never let u n Raunak stay together, Kamini to munmun says look at Janki she is burning in flames inside,Janki thinks using Sakshi U trapped my son n I will create such situation that Raunak will start hating u, I will make sure u learn at every step that Raunak is my son n u can never take him away from me,Panditji says phere sampanam,apply sindoor.

Raunak applies sindoor, Janki gets mangalsutra,Raunak puts it in kajals neck,Panditji says u can take elders blessings now. Raunak n Kajal take jankis blessings.

Sanjana takes Kajal to her room, the room is decorated for Kajal n raunaks first night, Sanjana says this is all for u n all the nest bye,Kajal gets a call from Neeti,Neeti says sorry we couldn’t attend ur wedding but our wishes are with u, Kajal says it’s fine n I’m very impressed with u, u are handling things so well, I will pray to god u n Vinay stay happy all ur life,kajals hears knock on door n puts of the phone n opens door n sees Raunak at the door.

Raunak walks in closes the door, Raunak n Kajal hear bhige hooth tere song,Raunak n Kajal start looking for must’ve system,Sanjana operating it from outside through a remote,Raunak finds speakers n puts it off, Raunak sits in the bed n hears cracking sound,Raunak looks n finds papad n looks at Kajal,Kajal says I did nothing don’t look at me,Sanjana knocks door,Raunak opens,Sanjana says have fun bye n leaves.

Janki in her room n says Kajal from today will forget what happiness n smiling is,Kamini walks in n says Janki u are here n there Raunak n Kajal are in their room alone do something or soon Raunak will be gone. Raunak hears knock n openes door n sees Janki,Janki walks in m says sorry to disturb u, actually hairsh is unwell plz go check , Raunak says sire n leaves.

Janki to Kajal says harish is fine I wanted to talk to u, u know I wasn’t happy abt this wedding but I accepted it for Raunak but there’s a problem,Kamini walks in n gives Janki kundali,Janki says Panditji told me if u n Raunak go head with ur marital life,Kajal sees kundali,Kamini says its in Sanskrit u won’t understand,Janki says I know u n Raunak love each other but I beg of u plz don’t,Kajal says I understand what u say,any other problem,Janki says I will ask Panditji,Kajal says wait let me check n checks online,Kajal says aunty here it is in English n ma this states there’s no problem with sir n his kundali u relax.

Pre cap : Janki slips off on oil while walking to raunaks room with closed eyes,Kajal says ma sorry bcoz of me,Janki gets angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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