Silsila Pyaar Ka 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Silsila Pyaar Ka 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal walks to the car n asks security guard is this car the new, he says no it’s old one, it was in garage this is Janki madams favourite car, Kajal sees from mirror someone keeping an watch on her, n thinks I’m right Akshays death is related to this house, Neeti comes their n hugs Kajal n asks how is she, Kajal says very good n u, Neeti says I’m so happy now u will stay here at my house for ever, Raunak with Sakshi, Sakshi is asleep, Sanket calls Raunak, Sanket says bhai food is ready so come soon, Raunak says Kajal hasn’t eaten anything let her have first then, Sanket how abt lunch date I will arrange for a single plate,Raunak says good idea n do as I say, Sanket says okay bhai, n not bad u are totally in love with her ,Raunak says go now,Sanket says look at ur blushing

cheeks,cutie n leaves.

Raunak walks to jankis room, Janki is asleep, Raunak leaves,Neeti says didi Raunak bhai n u are finally together n he loves u a lot, n now ur my bhabhi n here u will be bhabhi n in Indore my didi, Neeti says look bhai is here, Raunak walks to them,Neeti says I’m so happy u got Kajal bhabhi here, n look he has made arrangements for a lunch party,wow bhai very impressive.

Mama standing alone,Chachu asks him to join for lunch, Vidhi calls Raunak Neeti n Kajal n says come fast all are ready for lunch cmon,Sakshi comes n shouts ma,Raunak n Kajal together says what’s wrong Sakshi, everyone tease them Raunak says Kajal she’s calling u go,Kajal gets Sakshi to lunch table.

Janki wakes up n calls help to get water for her, no one answers, Janki herself gets up n walks to kitchen n finds no one is home, everyone in garden for lunch enjoying, Janki sees them n walks to them, Kajal looks at Janki,mama sees Janki n gets choked up n shows Chachu Janki standing n starring at them, mama says didi actually Raunak wanted Kajal, Raunak says ma I came to call u but u were asleep I hope u aren’t upset,Janki says no dear instead I’m very happy with this idea of urs,Kajal says ma come soon we are waiting for u, Chachi has cooked such delicious dishes n u are looking so fresh plz join na, n I wouldn’t like if u won’t be there, janki says I will join in sometime n thinks Kajal I will make the worst of u,Kajal thinks aunty the time will decide who will win.

Kajal looks at Raunak n thinks sorry Raunak sir, this acting is just to bring Janki aunties true face out. Radhika gives tea to Munshi n says sorry I hurt u but I didn’t want to hurt u n now since I’m alone all day how abt getting Neeti home n then I will spend time with her baby,Munshi says good to know u are trying to move on n ur right Neeti will bring happiness with her n we will have a change,Ashok n Vinay join them,Vinay says aunty I think we shd forget past n move on n I promise I will get Neeti soon here, Radhika says thanku Vinay, vinay says aunty u are like mother to me plz don’t thank n hugs her,Radhika thinks ones Neeti is here Janki Devi will move according to my wish n game will change.

Kajal tells Raunak that someone was keeping an eye on her, Raunak says what, Kajal says sir I didn’t see who it was n says Janki aunty is going inside n may be that person is still in house I don’t find it safe, Raunak says ur right n calls Janki n says ma plz don’t go come join us,plz ma,Janki says ok dear,Raunak says I will get u food n leaves,Kajal walks to her n says sorry aunty I told Raunak sir to stop u, n so I lied him n asked him to stop u.

Janki smiles at Kajal n says Kajal U are so silly n girls like u just ur eyes n not brains , I mean Raunak did stop but he stopped me for concern, Kajal says n u old aunties we are the new generation, Janki says of course u are n don’t u know old always work,n my plans never fail, Kajal says not anymore since u are gaianst me now n now u can trouble no Akshay n Kajal for ur happiness, Janki says no Kajal even this time I will win, Kajal says aunty over always looses n now I will being ur true face n at right time u n ur whole family will know n now go sit I will get u some water n leaves.

Mama walks to Janki n asks what was she saying, Janki says she was warning me n she knows some hidden truth, mama says today I saw her talking to security abt some car thing why would she do so,Janki says this Kajal I have to do something or else all will go in vain.

Pre cap: Vidhi says Kajal come let me show u ur new room, Sanjana says n yes Sakshi is gonna stay with me we gonna play tonight, Sakshi says yes.

Janki thinks I can’t let Raunak n Kajal to stay together.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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